Boho Summer Dresses

Boho Summer Dresses

Boho Summer Dresses

We are well into the middle of August 2017 and it is still a good time to shop for and wear boho summer dresses. From now on you will start to notice the weather beginning to cool in the evenings and early mornings.

Although it may be cooling slightly there is still a lot of hot summer days left this summer. Hot days that are perfect for wearing bohemian themed summer dresses.

tribal print overall one piece suit

Why Is The Bohemian So In These Days?

The resurgence of bohemian styles of dress we feel comes from tech. People these days spend so much time of tablets, cell phones, and computers that the contrast of nature seems incredibly beautiful.

THE ZALINKA Wrap Crop Top in Ivory

10 Summer Occasions Perfect for a Bohemian Summer Dress

  1. A Day Boutique Shopping With Your Friends – Nothing beats spending quality time bonding with your girls and looking amazing in a new dress.
  2. To and From The Beach – The beach is the perfect place to be on a hot August day. A killer boho dress is perfect to throw over your swimsuit on your way to and from the beach.
  3. Enjoying a Cup of Coffee at a Local Café – Enjoying a cup of iced coffee on an outdoor patio is an amazing way to start your day.
  4. Attending or Hosting a Backyard BBQ – Summer is BBQ season. You can almost guarantee you will be invited to a couple outdoor BBQs throughout the summer.
  5. Wear to a Casual Friday at Work – Although they are bohemian they are still beautiful enough to wear to most offices during the summer.
  6. Attending a Outdoor Summer Wedding – Outdoor weddings traditionally have an natural feel. A great way to supplement that feel is with a natural flowing summer dress.
    Boho Embellished Maxi Dress
  7. Wear to a Summer Concert or Festival – Summer is all about the summer festivals and concerts. Attending one is about mixing fashion with function. Boho dresses do just that.
  8. While Taking a Casual Walk Through a Park – Parks are peaceful places we should all spend a bit more time in during the summer.
  9. During An After Shopping at a Farmers Market – Like boutique shopping, farmers markets are a great place to spend a day with your girls.
  10. Anywhere You Choose To Go For Your Summer Vacation – Hopefully you can get away this summer for a vacation somewhere warm. Be sure to pack some boho summer dresses as they are quick and easy while you are on the go.

Boho Summer Dresses For Young Women & Girls

Girls and young women are unbelievably adorable in summer dresses. Add a flower to their hair, a pair of sandals, and a natural necklace and you have the perfect summer outfit for a young girl.

GYPSY SOUL fringe dress skull antlers feather baby boho dress
Aztec Ethnic Rows Criss-Cross Summer Girl Dress
PRIESTESS Night Tripper Dress, Tribal Dress
Dream Catcher Boho Wild and Three Birthday Dress 

Bohemian Summer Dresses For Women

Below are a collection of Boho dresses perfect for all women. They are cute, naturally flowing, and could probably fit most budgets.

Sea wave color embroidered dress Ukrainian vyshyvanka Green long linen dress 
Bohemian dress, tent dress with bell sleeves

Boho Summer Dresses For Plus Sized Women

The internet has made it opened the doors better plus sized options for women. In the past shopping locally for plus sized woman was usually a challenge. The selection was limited to a couple designs. To make matters worse every plus sized woman would have the same clothing as you.

Dashiki maxi dress, African dress
Secret Garden Dress, Floral Hippie dress
Plus size Kaftan tribal dress

Now though the internet has provided us a lot of options for all types of women.

So before you unpack your winter boots and jacket and write off summer for another year you should know that we can expect a lot more hot days of the summer.

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Sizzling Summer Dresses For Everyday Wear

Sizzling Summer Dresses For Everyday Wear

Sizzling Summer Dresses For Everyday Wear

Today we are featuring 10 of the most Sizzling Summer Dresses For Everyday Wear.  The best thing about these summer dresses is that they are affordable, beautiful, and perfect for the summer heat of June, July and August. Being able to keep cool on those hot days and look great is challenge for even the most fashion forward women out there. These dresses are not only beautiful but they are coming from some of the best up and coming dress designers from all over the world.

Looking Hot When It Is Even Hotter Outside

Although sitting in air conditioning all day is probably one of the best ways to keep cool during summer a little bit of sun is good for you. But for most of us we want to venture outdoors during the summer months. A lot of women spend countless hours in the gym during the cooler months just so they look good when you dress down for the summer months.  Not only do you get a healthy dose of vitamin D when you go outside but it also feels good to get a little bit of sun on your skin. These sizzling summer dresses for everyday wear are perfect for a day in the office, a walk down the boulevard, and a hot night out on the town.

tunic coverup boho dress bohemian dress kaftan beach cover up beach swim cover up womens gift for women summer dress women womens clothing

tunic coverup boho dress bohemian dress

 What Makes A Great Summer Dress

To put it in the most simple terms a great summer dress has the following characteristics.

  • Beautiful – Colors, patterns, lines, and length are all the factors that make a great summer dress.
  • Inexpensive – Usually made with a lighter material breathable material your summer dress will limit the amount of days you can wear it. That being said your summer dress should be less expensive.
  • Flowing – A great summer dress flows with the wind and moves while you do.

Top 10 Sizzling Summer Dresses For Everyday Wear

Below are 10 Of The Hottest Summer Dresses To Keep You Cool and Turn Some Heads.

Summer Dress Pin Up Dress Red Floral Dress Sun Dress Rockabilly Dress 1950s Dress Retro Dress Swing Dress Bridesmaid Dress Plus Size Dress

Retro Dress Red Floral Dress

Linen dress Pink dream

Wedding dress maxi chiffon dress prom dress women dress (1028)

Floral maxi chiffon dress


Vintage 1960s Chiffon Dress

Nije Dress. African Dress. Female Black Dress, Gold embroidery, Plus Size Dress

Nije Dress Gold embroidery Dress
Bohemian maxi dress crochet cotton boho dress halter
Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Vita Kin Style Dress-White
Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Vita Kin Style Dress


Tropical Floral Maxi Dress

Turquoise caftan dress , maxi dress , kaftan , oversized dress , abaya , summer dress, COVER UP DRESS, beach dress, casual dress

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