Rustic Fall Home Decor

Rustic Fall Home Decor

Rustic Fall Home Decor

We are full into the fall season and thought it was time to feature some rustic fall home decor.  Everyday it seems like as the leaves fall from the trees the temperatures also drop.

There is something truly beautiful about the fall season. The leaves changing from green to different shades of yellow and brown. It seems that as the natural environment changes we get inspired to  deck out our homes with complimentary colors and styles.

Walnut Cake Stand, Turned Wood Cake Platter, Cake Pedestal

Set of 3 Knit Pumpkins- Fall Home Decor- Rustic Pumpkins

Rustic Fall Decorations

It is hard to believe that we are almost through another year. Fall is definitely hear and it is time to get your home decorated for the season.  When it comes to fall decorating you only have to look out your windows for inspirations.

Fall seasonal decorating has and probably always will be inspired by the natural environment. It is the reason that we use so many different shades of oranges, browns, and yellows when we decorate.

For a lot of the crafty Do It Yourself out there fall is the perfect time of the year to work on your craft as we have so many materials around our homes and yard to make some truly wonderful decorations.

Elegant FALL Sign

Thankful Wood Sign, Thanksgiving Decor

10 Of The Most Popular Natural Fall Materials To Use As Autumn Home Decorations

Below are just some of the wonderful fall decorating materials that you probably have around the home, yard, or community.

  • Acorns
  • Pumpkins
  • Orange and Brown Leaves
  • Corn Stalks
  • Deer Antlers
  • Reclaimed Barn Boards
  • Tree Branches, Twigs, and Sticks.
  • Pine Cones
  • Birch Bark
  • Fall Flowers

Sweaters, Boots & Pumpkin Spice Everything – Fall Pillow Cover – Autumn Home Decor

Farmhouse Fall Home Decor

It is hard to not think about rustic fall home decor without think of farmhouses, cottages, Victorian style homes. In the past a lot of people relied on their own craftiness to decorate their homes. Their wasn’t the mass produced products like their is today so a lot of people had to make due with what they had around their environments.

Handmade goods are a popular trend in fall farmhouse décor. With the invention of the internet you no longer have to do the crafting yourself. Their is a whole market place out there to support your rustic decorating.

Farmhouse Pumpkins Thanksgiving Table Runner

Set of 4 Wood Mason Jar Tops, Four Wood Canning Jar Lids

Farmhouse Decor Vase, Vintage Milk Bottles Mustard Yellow

Autumn Cushion collection , Squirrel and maple leaf cushion

Autumn Wood Crafts

A big trend in fall decorating is the use of repurposed wood. Barn boards, old wooden fence posts, and wood pallets are popular mediums in autumn home décor.

If you are looking for different inspiration on this style of fall decorating all you have to do is visit Esty. You are sure to see an almost unlimited supply of fall repurposed wood decorating ideas.

SAWYER-42″ Jointed Scarecrow Craft Pattern

Wood Waffle Cone Roller

fall leaves wood craft kit

12 Wood Acorns for Crafting, Painting, Dyeing, Stamping or Assemblage

Rustic Fall Outdoor Decor

As important it is to decorate the interior of your home it is just as important to decorate the outside of your home. Not only does it beautify your home it also contributes to the overall community feel of your neighborhood.

Popular items to use when decorating the exterior of your home for fall is 1) Wreaths, 2) Door Mats, and 3) Wooden Signs.

Burlap scarecrow wreath

Large Turkey Pumpkin Pokes Thanksgiving Decor Pilgrim Turkey Kit

Fall Party Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Gather Doormat | Fall Doormat

As soon as October 1st hits we know that the holiday season is almost upon us. Two of the most popular holidays in fall are Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both have their individual decorating style but you can be sure that you will be using some oranges, yellows, and browns in your rustic home decorating.

Hopefully you have enjoyed our selection of rustic fall home decor. Stay tuned for more great fall and winter home decorating ideas we will have coming up over the next couple months.

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Decorative Wall Hooks

Decorative Wall Hooks

Decorative Wall Hooks

Every home these days need trendy decorative wall hooks.  For most of us our homes are our castles and we have our own individual tastes. Every little piece we add to our home highlights our own character, quirks, and charm. The way we choose to decorate our homes speaks to our guests about who we truly are.

Entryway Organizer Wall Mounted Floating Shelf Mail Storage Key Rack and Coat Rack 

We all want to have a beautiful place to hang our hats. Actually a place to hang our hats, coats, umbrellas that keep our homes looking well organized.  The wall hooks of today are a great way to achieve that clean organized look. They also a bit of design flare to our homes that can only be achieved in the small details.

Let us now have a look at some of the great places to add wall hooks to your home.

7 Great Places In Your Home To Hang Decorative Wall Hooks

  • Children’s Bedroom – From little hats, coats, jeans, and dresses wall hooks are a great accessory for children’s rooms. They will keep the little guys or gals room neat and tidy. Wall hooks for children’s rooms usually come in adorable shapes, themes, and colors.
    Monochrome nursery Animal wall hooks
  • Master Bathroom – A great way to keep your robes, towels, and fresh changes of clothes off the floors. They will help to dry your wet towels as they allow air to flow around the wet items.
    Colorful Metal Wall Hooks
  • Mud Room – Off the garage the mud room for a lot of us is one of the primary sources of entry for your home. It is a great place to hang jackets, ski pants, and umbrellas as soon as you walk in the door.
    Wall Hooks Decorative Umbrella Key Hooks
  • Front Entryway – Wall hooks are not just great for clothing. Wall hooks can be used to hang up keys upon entry. This will stop you from experiencing the panic we all get when we have somewhere to be but we can’t find our keys.
    Mint Beach House Cast Iron Hooks
  • Garage Or Porch – A garage or porch is a great place to add wall hooks to. Wet muddy clothes are bound to dirty the entire house on the way to the laundry. Hang wet clothes before you get into the home to allow them to dry. Then take them to the laundry.
    SUPER HUGE Jumbo Rustic 12″ Decorative Clothespin in dark walnut finish
  • Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet – Wall hooks are a great way to lay out your clothes for the next day. They will keep the clothes from getting wrinkled and keep you organized during the morning rush.
Hexagon wall hooks set with knobs
  • At A Finished Basement Entryway – Walk-in basements are another of the great places you can hang a wall hook or two. Any point of entry is an opportunity to provide a wall hook. Wall hooks are a courtesy you can share with your guests. It shows you care about their clothes and their visits.
    Rustic Branch Wall Hooks

The Wide World of Wall Hook Options

If you are new to decorative wall hooks you are going to be truly surprised about the various types that you can find online. No matter the home décor theme you are after either vintage or modern you are sure to find that perfect piece for your design tastes.

As we will see below the possibilities are endless in the line of home décor accessories. From handmade items to mass produced plastic options you will find exactly what you are looking for.

On to some of the different themes of wall hooks!

Unique Wall Hooks

From funky, unique, to downright strange wall hooks come in such a wide array of styles your guests won’t be able to help themselves and ask where did you get that crazy thing.

They are sure to be eye catching and a great way to keep clothing off the floors.

Decorative Animal wall hooks

Cast Iron  Mermaid Hooks
Ice cream wall hook – fun wooden hooks – modern kids room decor

Rustic Wall Hooks

Look for old barn board, cast iron, and creations from your local black smith. Rustic wall hooks are not only perfect for the cottage but they also look great in modern homes looking for rustic décor.

Rustic Cast Iron Wall Hooks
Industrial Pipe wall hooks on wooden base

Hipster Wall Hooks

These ultra-trendy decorative wall hooks are not only chic but they are also unbelievably functional.  They are the perfect accessory for small spaces like bachelor suites and dorm rooms.

Bohemian Gold Feather Wall Hook
Tribal Arrow Wall Hooks

Country Wall Hooks

Look for different styles from repurposed or reclaimed items. Old nails, barn board, or items from the blacksmith to keep to your country home décor theme.

vintage metal bath sign , rustic french country Towel Hook
Walnut Wood Acorn Wall Hanger

Vintage Wall Hooks

The internet is a good starting point to find vintage wall hooks. There is a world of possibilities with this class from modern recreations of vintage items to straight up gems found in your Grandmas attic.

Vintage 1960’s Red Wood Rack with Rosmaling

Modern Wall Hooks

When you have a modern home it is sometimes incredibly hard to add some vintage decorative wall hooks.  Sometimes modern homes just need modern accessories.

Minimalist Modern Wall Hooks
Bamboo Honeycomb Magnetic Key Holder 
Mountain Peak Wall hooks, Woodland Nursery Decor

We hope some of the decorative wall hooks we have featured find their way into your hearts and homes. They are trendy, chic, and a great way to keep your home clean and tidy.

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Rustic Household Storage

Rustic Household Storage

Rustic Household Storage

These rustic household storage ideas are the perfect way to remove some of that clutter from your home. For a lot of us we strive to improve our organizational skills.

When it comes to your home and decor nothing looks better than a well organized clean space. Over time we all build up clutter. It seems a lot easier to add home accessories than it is to get rid of them.

Acorn Wall Hanger, Wood Wall Hook, Kitchen Wall Hook, Stocking Stuffer, Hostess Gift, Kitchen Wall Decor
Acorn Wall Hanger, Wood Wall Hook
Wooden garden storage Crates
Rustic Wooden garden storage Crates

Let’s look at some of the best ways to get that junk out of your home.

Great Ways To Reduce Clutter In Your Home

  • Out With The Old In With The New – A great way to reduce the amount of clutter in your home is to have a yard sale. Being that it is summer we are well into yard and garage sale season. Your clutter is someone else’s treasure.
  • Kick It To The Curb – Your goods that are still good can be given away to neighbors or people passing through your neighborhood. Add a free sign and the mobile treasure hunters in your area will find your stuff.
  • Let The Bidding Begin – Online auction sites like Ebay is a great place to list your goods for sale. One of the benefits to using these sites is you won’t have tire kickers visiting your home to only browse your goods.
  • A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed – The eye sore in your home may be the apple of someone else’s eye. Offering your old home decorations to friends and family is a great way to reduce your clutter. It also keeps the circle of friends close.
  • Toll Free Junk Removal – Not all of us have access to pickup trucks or want to spend our free time at the local dump. Give one of your local junk removers a quick call and have it all hauled away.
  • Donate It To Your Local Charity – A lot of local families and charities are in need of household goods. Not only will you clear your home of clutter but you will also help someone locally who needs a hand.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Feeling a bit crafty these days? Finding ways to re-purpose your wooden furniture is not only fun but it can turn into big business for you. The re-purposed furniture market is ultra trendy these days and you maybe able to sell those goods for more than you originally paid.
  • Sometimes Trash Is Just Trash – Sometimes there is not way around it. That thing you fell in love with in the nineties just has to go. The trash is the most permanent way to rid your home of clutter.

Let’s have a look at some of the rustic household storage items every home could use to organize your life.

Ice Cream Toy Basket, Nursery Hamper

Rustic Storage Bins

From your classic wooden boxes to those trendy vintage tins rustic storage bins are a great way for your to hide those loose items that need hiding.

Wooden caddy
Vintage Milk Crate, Wood Crate, Metal Crate, Farmhouse Decor, Rustic Storage
Vintage Milk Crate
Farmhouse Wood Crate Set of 6


Natural Storage Baskets

If cared for wicker baskets will last a life time. They are great for throw blankets, magazines, and mail.

The Stair Duffel, soft storage basket, stair basket, staircase bin, housewarming gift, wedding gift, deck accessory
soft storage basket, stair basket, staircase bin
Burlap and rope storage basket
Burlap and rope storage basket
Geometric paper bag storage, Storage Bin, Storage Basket, Toy Storage, kids decor,paper bag
Geometric paper bag storage

Vintage Metal Storage Bins

Metal tins and storage bins are great for small items like batteries, pens, nail clippers, and sewing items. Add them to the kitchen and bathroom for that vintage organizational style we are all after.

Lancia Pasta Spaghetti Tin - Quality Since 1930 - Noodle Storage Container - Vintage Advertising Box - LANCIA BRAND PASTA - L3
Lancia Pasta Spaghetti Tin 
Vintage Metal Canister Sets Faux Wood Chrome Lid Boxes Kitchen Counter Gift Container Storage Box Made In Canada Four Dish Retro Brown
Vintage Metal Canister Sets Faux Wood Chrome Lid Boxes 
French Enamel Kitchen Cannisters..White and Blue..Set of Five.......Nordic Home....Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic French Enamel Kitchen Cannisters


Reclaimed Wooden Bookshelves

Nothing leave a home looking more cluttered than books not on a shelf. Boxes of books and books laying around everywhere look completely shabby.

Single 24 inch Children's Book Shelf, Wall Book Shelf,Shelves, Reading Book Shelf, Rustic Shelf, Nursery Shelf, Floating Shelf, Spice rack,
Barn Wood Children’s Book Shelf
Cloud Shelf for Kids Room Baby Nursery Wall Decor 
The CUBOT: modular wooden cube in modular MLDesign 2. Glove box, table, bookcase, wooden bedside table. Handmade product
modular wooden cube bookcase

Primitive Household Accessories For Staging and Storing

Rustic household storage comes in a variety styles, shapes, and materials.  Below are just a few more types we think you will really love.

Rustic Floating Shelves, Pipe Shelf, Wood Shelves, Industrial Shelves, Floating Shelves, Floating Shelf, Wooden Shelves, JustKnotWood
Rustic Floating Shelves
Tea, coffee, sugar kitchen jars, kitchen storage, kitchen decor, new home gift, canister sets, tea gift, shabby chic kitchen, gift for her
Tea, coffee, sugar kitchen jars, kitchen storage tin
Storage Bins Woodworking Plans
Storage Bins Woodworking Plans
26 Alphabet Storage Bins Fabric Bins Kid's Bedroom Playroom Nursery Organizer for Toys or Clothing Great for Schools and Play Groups 0FB003
26 Alphabet Storage Bins Fabric Bins Kid’s Bedroom Playroom Nursery Organizer 

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She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas

These she shed ideas will help you answer the question of why you deserve your own safe place that you only have access to. For too long men have had their man caves where they can get together with friends and watch sports, play pool, and host the odd card game every here and then.

Cottage Farmhouse Wall Clock
Irish cottage bud vase - miniature house structure - white washed historic building model - flower vase centerpiece - mint green door
Irish cottage bud vase – miniature house vase

Uses For Your She Shed

When it comes to she shed ideas I think the first question we have to answer is “what would I even use a she shed for?”. For a lot of us a she shed is a great place to escape the stresses of daily life. After a long day at work we come home and start our real jobs as Mom, wives, sisters, and daughters. Family commitments take their toll just as much as those deadlines at work do.

Having a place to escape from time to time decorated to your tastes is a great way to unwind after the stresses of life.

Oversized WELCOME Y'ALL --bench pillow -Extra long lumbar burlap pillow for the front porch
Oversized Burlap WELCOME Y’ALL bench pillow
China Cabinet/ French Country Hutch- sold
Shabby Chic Floral French Country Hutch
Vertical garden > Wall Planter > portable indoor/outdoor herb planter > watertight vertical planter > Laser engraved motif: Dandelions
Vertical garden Wall Planter

10 Great Ways To Enjoy Your She Shed

  • A Comfortable Place to Read Your Favorite Novel.
  • An Open Area To Practice Your Yoga Poses.
  • An Inspiring Place For Painting.
  • A Place to Hang With Your Girls.
  • A Quiet Place When You Need a Break From the Husband and Kids.
  • A Great Place To Nap On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon.
  • Tea For Two With Your BFF.
  • A Screaming Child Free Area To Do Your Weekly Craft Project.
  • A Calm and Serene Area to Listen to Music.
  • A Beautiful Place You Can Decorate Just For You.

The Cost of Your Oasis

A she shed may only cost you a bit of time and effort or it may cost you thousands of dollars. For the lucky ones you already have a shed in your backyard that needs a little elbow grease to turn it into your hidden oasis. These older sheds really only need a good cleaning a bit of decorating to bring it up to the she shed standard.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint | NEW Color - SWEETWATER | Farmhouse Cottage | Chippy | Rustic | Primitive | Furniture Paint | Home Decor | Brown
Sweet Pickins Milk Paint SWEETWATER Farmhouse Cottage Colors
Burlap XLarge 24" Pouf/Ottoman, Floor Pillow
Burlap Ottoman, Shabby Chic Floor Pillow

For others though you may want to put in your own shed. A new one. With new sheds you have a couple of options. For the super handy out there you may want to order a wooden shed package from your local home improvement center. You can either put it together on your own or hire a local contractor to do the install. It might seem like an easy project but it may involve a lot of work to build your she shed.

Indian crate storage bench/||
Bohemian crate storage bench
Little square Wire mesh metal storage basket

Another option is to go the plastic shed path. Plastic sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are vented and sometimes even include windows and skylights. The one issue is the smell. All you are going to smell is plastic especially in the summer heat.

The next cost of owning a she shed is decorating it exactly the way you want it.

Decorating Ideas For Your She Shed

The beauty of a she shed is it is your own space. It is a space were you can go and escape the stresses of your days. It is also a space you can decorate to your own tastes and styles.

Starting with the interior of your she shed you can quickly move from the indoor decorating to the outdoors.

Interior She Shed Decorating

Great Things You Can Add To The Interior Of Your Shed

  • Patio Chairs or Couches with soft waterproof seat cushions
  • Storage
  • Art Work That Is Appropriate For The Outdoors
  • A Trendy Welcome Mat at Your Front Door
  • Chic Household Accessories
Macrame Hanging Chair / Hammock Chair
Macrame Hanging Chair / Hammock Chair
Shabby Chic Floral Wood Mug Rack
Personalized photo on wood, wedding gift, free shipping, home decor, wall art, vintage, wood art, wood decor, gift for men and women,
Personalized photo on wood
Vintage Wooden Tote Large Green Painted Caddy
Vintage Wooden Tote Large Green Painted Caddy

Exterior She Shed Decorating

Great Things You Can Add To The Exterior Of Your Shed

  • A Deck Or Porch
  • A Rock Or Flower Garden
  • Decorative Iron Works
  • Lawn Ornaments
  • Solar Lighting
Wooden Camper Birdhouse,Caravan Bird House,Unique Birdhouses,Outdoor birdhouse,garden decoration,Bird Feeder,3 available styles
Wooden Camper Birdhouse,Caravan Bird House
Wine Bottle Wind Chime - Garden Decor - Gift for Mom - Outdoor Decor - Patio Decor - Gifts for Her - Wine Decor - Wine Bottlechime - Garden
Wine Bottle Wind Chime
SHE SHED Sign,custom license plate signs
Gardening tools set- 2 garden tools and a pair of gloves ,Gardening gift,Painted flowers,Garden tools,Spring gift,gardener gift,Cute gift
Floral Gardening tools set
white crown hooks shabby cottage hooks crown nursery hook wall hook set paris apartment french country coat hook tiara hook MADE TO ORDER
white crown hooks shabby cottage hooks

Hopefully these she shed ideas have helped you not only plan to buy yours but also what you will use it for and also how you will make it yours.
















Upcycled Rustic Furniture


Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Upcycled Rustic Furniture For Your Modern Home

When it comes to Upcycled Rustic Furniture you can’t help but think about the old saying “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure”. Although when most people are looking for new furniture they typically look for brand new. Which is fine every home is going to have a good mix of old and new pieces. A better alternative to buying brand new is buying something that will be brand new to you. Like furniture and household accessories that have been crafted from older or unwanted goods.

Go to any landfill today and your are bound to see mountains of plastic and particle board that someone no longer had any use for. A fair sized portion of this plastic and particle was used in manufacturing cheap furniture that was not designed to last throughout the years. These stores that manufacture these goods not only want you to buy their furniture but they also want you to replace it fairly regularly.

Take a step back 30, 40, 50 years and more and craftsmen and craftswomen made items that were built to last with natural materials. Even though the design may not have held up the tests of time the products and materials these people made did. It is no wonder that we spend countless hours scouring local sales and auctions looking for these pieces or that true artists are looking to rebuild them and reuse them to fit into modern homes.

Coffee table, antique dolly, upcycled furniture, handmade furniture, rustic furniture, refurbished firniture, up cycle

upcycled Coffee table, antique dolly

Types Of Materials Used Is Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Barn Wood and Old Weathered Barn Boards  – No one ever said that life on a farm was easy. Especially when it comes to being a barn. Rarely treated in comparison to today’s standards barn boards faced countless days in the sun, snow, rain, and really anything in between. This is where the character and charm of the boards is earned. Keep your eyes open for great barn board flooring, tables, bookshelves, and T.V. stands to incorporate into your own home.

Zoria Crate Coffee Table with Rope Handles - Reclaimed Wood Top & Vintage Crates

Zoria Barn Wood Crate Coffee Table with Rope Handles

Old Ropes and Used Fishing Nets – Country is a great look but not always the look we are all going after. Beach, Nautical, and cottages on the water typically have a piece or two that are accessorized with a set of old ropes are used fishing nets. A work desk draped with an old fishing net not only looks great but is also creates a conversation piece for the next time you have company over.

Hammock Table - Hammock Table - Garden Table - Suspended Table - Rope

Rope Hammock Table – Rustic Garden Table

License Plates – One of the best places to build memories is on the open road. License plates signify freedom and fond memories of vacations and days gone by. Its no wonder that we look to these pieces to accessorize our furniture. You can find vintage license plates on everything from coffee tables to household bars.

Reclaimed Wood and Vintage License Plates Table

Junk Metal – From old signs to wire fencing almost any piece of old junk metal can be recycled into some truly beautiful accent furniture or statues.

Old Suitcases – Yes! Old Suitcases are becoming a popular tool in the world of upcycled rustic furniture.  Not only do they provide a stable piece perfect for a coffee table but they also have their own built in storage. If you are one for the open road why not let your guests see it as soon as they walk into your home.

Vintage sidetable/upcycled cream suitcase/Vintage Luggage/coffee table/Boho decor/interiors/quirky living room storage/suitcase table

suitcase sidetable/Vintage Luggage coffee table

Wall Shelf made from Vintage 1960’s Suitcase Luggage


Old Pipes and Plumbing Materials – From custom made shelving to lighting we are are seeing more and more designers using old pipes and plumbing accessories in modern homes.

Industrial Beer Lamp - Bottle Lighting - Steampunk Fixture - Faucet Switch - Table Lamp Furniture - Bar Decor

Industrial Beer Table Lamp -Steampunk Fixture Faucet Switch

Vintage Jars and Bottles – Go to any furniture or home accessory store and you are bound to see a re-purposed mason jar or two. Mason Jars not only look great in most modern homes but they also act as a tremendous way to store your house hold goods. For the ultra-crafty DIYers out there why not pick up a case of canning jars and little bit of paint and try your hands at designing your own storage. Antique bottles and glasses make great accessories as well. Another trend you will find today is how vintage bottles and jars are being used as lighting covers. These covers provide a character that and warmth that most of use are in search of for our homes.

Mason Jar Pendants Light Fixture With Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood – Although barn wood and barn boards are great it doesn’t mean that all of our re-purposed wood needs to come from the farm. Vintage milk crates, damaged antique furniture, and trim and moldings can all be used to make some stunning modern pieces perfect for almost any home.

These are just a few of the items that modern furniture designers are using to do their part in a more eco-conscious where we should all be trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle more.

Barn Doors in Reclaimed Wood - Tracks Included

Reclaimed Wood Barn Door 

Types Of Upcycled Rustic Furniture That Looks Good In Almost Any Home

Below are just a few of the very many items you can have built or purchase that are made with recycled materials. Again if you are in the market and struggling to find a place to purchase upcycled rustic furniture it is best to start at local farmers markets, carpenters, and then take your search online.

Kitchen and Dinning Tables – The center piece to any kitchen or dinning room is the table. A lot quality family time is spent around a kitchen table for everyday dinners and also during the holidays. A re-purposed dining room table will make a strong statement in any home and bring the character and charm that only old weathered wood could deliver

Farmhouse Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Tables

Wardrobes – The one thing that most of us need is more storage. Wardrobes are perfect for storing not only clothing but they are perfect to keep your towels, sheets, and blankets.

Impressive Antique Heavily Carved French Style Painted Wardrobe Compactum Combination Hall Cupboard Armoire

Impressive Antique Heavily Carved French Style Wardrobe

Dressers and Nightstands – One of the best ways to accessorize any bedroom is to add some matching upcycled dressers or nightstands. It may be a challenge to find that perfect matching set but a mix and match of furniture can also bring your bedroom to life.


Desks and Workstations – It is said that memories are trapped in everything past and present. Why not tap into those past memories as inspiration for your next project or work and buy yourself an upcycled desk or workstation.

Accent Tables – Even in modern homes and condominium units re-purposed accent tables will add a rustic charm and style to your home. They can be easily made from almost anything. Old milk crates, wood pallets, barn wood, and even vintage license plates.

rustic farmhouse entryway table.

rustic farmhouse entryway table

Storage Units – Everything from filing cabinets to books shelves can be made from re-purposed materials.  Mason jars are a great way to keep all your smaller goods tidy and in order. They are perfect not only for the kitchen but also will look great and keep your bathroom organized.

Samantha White Washed Reclaimed Scaffolding Board and Galvanised Steel Pipe Industrial Open Wardrobe/Dressing Room Shelving and Hanging Unit

Samantha White Washed Reclaimed Scaffolding Board and Galvanised Steel Pipe Industrial Open Wardrobe

Shoe Racks – Keeping to our theme of having upcycled rustic furniture in the home for storage next we will look at re-using items to make shoe racks. Old barn boards or wood pallets can easily be turned into a shoe rack to keep your foyer’s closet neat and tidy.

Industrial Style Clothing Storage Unit

Industrial Style Clothing Storage Unit

Outdoor Furniture – Re-purposed furniture is not only a great way to make a statement inside of your home but it will also look amazing in your yard. Picnic tables, lawn chairs, and planters are all great ways to to re-use old materials that would more than likely just end up in our landfill. They will function the same if not better than the plastic items that you can buy in you local department stores and they have already stood up to the test of time and elements from their original use.

Wood Beer Cooler/End Table - Reclaimed Barn Wood, Washtub Cooler - Outdoor Living, Outdoor Furniture, Home & Living -MADE TO ORDER

Wood Beer Cooler/End Table With Reclaimed Barn Wood

How To Accessorize Upcycled Rustic Furniture To Maintain A Rustic Theme

Finding the perfect re-purposed piece of rustic furniture is only half of the battle. The other half is finding a way to accessorize it. When your base is built upon old wood, metal, or glass their are two approaches to accessorizing it. #1 Look to compliment it and  #2 look to contrast it.

Complimenting Upcycled Rustic Furniture

To compliment an upcycled piece of rustic furniture you will want to look for similar tones. These items should be handcrafted, made out of natural materials, and be lighter or duller colors. This may not be the desired look you are going after. Some of us just want to live in a bright and vibrant home. Well their is no rule that you can not accessorize your accessories.

Below are a few ideas on how to compliment your upcycled rustic furniture

PotteryHandcrafted pottery is beautiful as it gives a warm homey feeling to your home. Looks for pieces that have natural earth tones to complement your “new to you” furniture. These would include but are not limited to vases, bowls, and figurines.

Pottery Bowl - Seafoam Green Dot Bowl with Handle - Noodle Bowl

Pottery Bowl – Seafoam Green Dot Bowl with Handle

Mason Jars – Again a great way to decorate a living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Mason Jars add a old time feel to your room but they also you help it keep less cluttered and jumbled. They are great for storing small items in as you can use or not use the lid at your discretion. They are very popular for bathrooms for this reason as they have uniform look and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chalkboard tones of paint look really good on these pieces and for your crafty DIYers you can easily put together your own set choosing the color that best suits your room.

Vintage Style Melted Mason Jar spoon rest soap dish

Custom T-Shirt Quilt

Contrasting Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Although the furniture itself may look old, weathered, and lacking life does not mean that you can not bring it back to life with some color, feminine charm, and life.

Below are a few ideas on how to contrast your upcycled rustic furniture.

Fresh Flowers – Flowers are a great way to bring life into any room no matter if it is fresh living flowers or plastic ones that you could not tell the difference if they are living or not. A pottery vase with neutral colors and an assortment of fresh flowers can bring your re-purposed furniture to life and make it a focal point in your room.

Mason Jar Flower String Art

Lace – One of the best ways to contrast old barn board is to add a little bit of lace to it. Lace table cloths and doilies on old barn wood are contrasting pieces. The old lines and weathered marks of the wood stand work very well with a lace pattern.

Glass – The one thing you can count on when you are accessorizing with an item of glass it that what ever it is applied to will almost always create a contrast especially when we are talking about. Glass always looks clean, for the most part have straight lines, and are crystal clear. Which is a stark contrast to weathered wood or rusted metal.

Cardinal stained glass suncatcher

Cardinal stained glass suncatcher

Where To Buy Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Again it can be a challenge to find the perfect upcycled rustic furniture. But as we all know that anything worth having is worth working for. One of the keys to decorating your home is to take your time and add pieces as you go. Their is no point in stressing about not seeing what you are looking for as you can easily find someone help you build that perfect furniture item you are looking for.

Below are just a few of the places you can look to find your upcycled rustic furniture

Local Cabinet Makers and Furniture Craftsmen – Time to open up your local phone book or hit up your search engine to find someone in your area that builds re-purposed goods. I did a search for re-purposed furniture makers and it returned a result of almost 600 000 results. You should be able to find someone locally or someone that can build you the perfect piece and get it shipped to you.

Farmers Markets and Flea Markets – Plan a weekend with your friends to hit up the local farmers markets or flea markets. These are great places to start your search for re-purposed furniture and accessories. Start your day off by grabbing a coffee and the farmers market or flee market stands running. Its a great way to bond with friends and you will also be supporting local businesses.

Yard Sales Or Garage Sale – Yard Sales and Garages sales may help you find the furniture you are after but they are also a great way to find the materials you may need to DIY your own upcycled goods.

Antique Hand Painted Coat Rack Hall Stand Cloaks Hat Stand

Antique Hand Painted Coat Rack Hall Stand

Online – Online specialty shops and market places are a great place to look for upcycled rustic furniture. Etsy and Ebay are some of the larger companies that you can find quality repurposed items. Don’t forget the little guys though. Some of the smaller guys and gals out there are making beautiful works of art but may just not have the tech savy that a large tech companies have for marketing.

Custom Built Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

Custom Built Reclaimed Wood Barn Door