Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017

Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017

Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017

These Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017 are a great way to accessorize your summer outfit. During summer we don’t always wear a lot of clothes. Most modern women dress lighter in the summer. It just makes sense to dress for the weather or the activity that you are going to take part in.

Typical summer outfits for women in the summer are shorts, t-shirts, dresses, bathing suits, and casual athletic wear. As the summer heat intensifies we typically look to dress down a little. You want to be cool during the summer but you also want to look great. That is why it is so important to accessorize your outfit with these trends in summer jewelry accessories.

Let’s have a look at some of these great summer time jewelry accessories to make your outfit no matter what activity you are taking part in.

Navajo Sterling Ring, Turquoise, Ethnic, Boho Chic, Cocktail, Chunky Ring, Precious stone, 925 Sterling Silver Ring, Boho, Rings, Tribal
Navajo Sterling Ring, Turquoise Ethnic tribal jewelery

Bohemian Hair Jewelry and Accessories

Hair jewelry is a wonderful thing. Not only does it look incredible but it also helps to keep your hair out of your face and eyes.

Anything time you can find something that looks good and also serves a purpose it is hard not to buy it. Bohemian summer jewelry is the perfect accessory for any outdoor event of summer festival.

Turquoise Butterflies Crown Tiara Wholesale Butterfly Hair Accessory Decoration Butterflies Coronal Wedding Bridal Birthday Prom Hair Vines
Turquoise Butterflies Crown Tiara 
Ivory Flower Comb- Rustic Wedding- Dried Flower Comb- Ivory Floral Comb- Lavender Hair Accessory- Rosemary Greenery Comb- Summer Wedding
Boho Chic Ivory Flower Comb

Summer 2017 Earring Trends

Earrings are a great little accessory for your summer 2017 outfits. Earrings draw attention to your face and come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and price points.

The best thing about earrings is they are affordable. Almost every women can afford to have a collection of different styles of earrings to match whatever summer outfit you plan to wear.

Below you will find a collection of earrings that suit our handmade summer jewelry trends 2017.

Unique Long Clip-On Earrings, Teal Earrings, Soutache Earrings, Handmade Earrings, Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Soutache Jewelry
Turquoise Teal Soutache Earrings
Fringe Tassel Earrings
Beaded Feather Arrow Industrial Barbell Scaffold Piercing
Beaded Feather Arrow Industrial Barbell Scaffold Piercing

Summer Beach Ready Necklaces

The king of the summer time jewelry hands down has to be the necklace. A necklace does not have to be super expensive to highlight how beautiful you are in that new summer outfit.

A necklace is a great tool to draw attention to both your face and eyes. Even a boho chic summer necklace that is not designed to catch light will catch an eye or two.

Gold seashell pendant necklace, conch shell necklace, pearl jewelry, beach jewelry, seashell necklace, gold pendant, nautical beach necklace
Gold seashell pendant necklace, conch shell necklace
Body Chain Silver, Sterling Silver Chain, Leg Chain, Cowrie Shell, Boho Jewelry, Wedding, Bridesmaid, Bohemian Jewelry, Beach, Festival
Sterling Silver Body Chain, Bohemian Leg Chain
Body Chain with CZ | Dainty Body Harness | Gold Body Jewelry | Silver Body Chain | Crescent Waist Chain | Jewelry For Women | Body Necklace
Crescent Waist Chain

Formal Armlets for Hot Summer Nights

To contrast the beauty of your summer time outfit why not throw on one of these amazing metallic armlets. Metallic jewelry is a great way to catch eyes of both men and women. You have spent the winter and spring months in the gym and why not show off all of that hard work.

Bohemian inspired armlets are a great way to set off your nature inspired outfit. These great armlets are inexpensive and the perfect summer accessory.

Hand Embroidery Cuff, Shibori Silk Bracelet with Crystals, Bead Embroidery
Bronze Chain Armlet

Womens’ Summer Ring Trends 2017

These are not your mother’s rings but they are beautiful enough for her to wear also. Rings are a great accessory piece for close quarter’s interactions.

Look for one of these rings to wear to an important dinner date or evening social event. They are just not for nighttime though. Rings look just as great in the day time as they do at a night.

Two strand twisted knot ring - silver and yellow gold filled ring, promise or friendship ring
Two strand twisted knot ring
Sterling Silver Stackable Birthstone Rings and Initials.Design your own Custom Family Ring!
Art Nouvea Flower Ring

Tribal Inspired Summer Fashion Bracelets

Not to move too far away from those ring fingers we will look at some summer inspired bracelets.

Bracelets are one of the most inexpensive pieces of jewelry you can add to your look. Feeling craft? Why not try and make your own bracelets this summer?

Arm Cuff, Upper Arm Bracelet, Turquoise, Sterling Armlet, Sterling Arrow, Body Jewelry, Gypsy Bracelet, Wanderlust Jewelry, Bohemian Jewelry
Upper Arm Bracelet,Gypsy Turquoise Sterling Armlet
Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace, Feather Pendant, Statement Necklace, Boho Jewelry, Personalised Necklace gift for her, Christmas Gift
Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace, Feather Pendant

Belly Chains Perfect for the Beach

Belly chains are typically reserved for the fittest in our society but to be honest almost any women can wear them and look good.

The belly is a hard area to expose and even harder to highlight.

Belly Necklace With Gemstone
Double Waist Chain Body Chain

Bikini Weather Belly Rings

After a long winter in the gym a lot of women want to draw attention to their midsections to show off all of the hard work they have done throughout the year.

Belly rings are eye catching pieces of jewelry for those daring women who want to get their belly button pierced. The belly button can be a sensitive area and it is very important to keep the area clean after you have had it pierced.

Below are just a few different styles that we will predict are going to be big for summer 2017.

Black Opal Belly Button Ring 
Reina Belly Ring Chain
 Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring
Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

Anklets To Catch Eyes At All Levels

Gold and metallic anklets are a great way to shine in a pair of shorts or in your bathing suit. These summer appropriate anklets are an inexpensive way to show everyone that even though you are dressed casually you are still dressed up.

Enough of the yapping. Let’s see these cute summer anklets perfect for our handmade summer jewelry trends 2017.

Dance of the pearls with frilly guipure beach wedding barefoot sandals
Barefoot Sandals/Rose Gold Anklet
Anklet, Anklets, pair of anklets, silver anklet, wide anklet, Boho anklet, tribal anklet, beach jewelry, ethnic, tribal jewelry, (Ank-10)
Tribal Boho Anklet

Toe Rings to Highlight Your New Sandals

So from head to toe we are now at the conclusion of our handmade summer jewelry trends 2017. The toe ring although not a new idea is making a comeback in a major way.

2017 is going to be all about the toe rings. Accessorizing anything is all about making it beautiful. Feet in general are not overly beautiful but paint the nails and throw on a nice pair of sandals and a toe ring and you have a work of art that you can walk on.

Let’s see some of these great toe rings.

LOTUS Flower Toe Ring GLOW in the DARK
LOTUS Flower Toe Ring GLOW in the DARK
Toe ring sterling silver
Love toe ring
Love toe ring

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Bohemian Kimonos

Bohemian Kimonos

Bohemian Kimonos – A Great Addition to Your Spring And Summer Apparel

Bohemian kimonos and the bohemian-inspired apparel in general is probably the most low maintenance yet most effortlessly chic apparel you can find. As you walk down the aisles, you will notice a wide array of colors and textures with a general chill vibe. Boho chic lines are laden with all sorts of colors ranging from spunky, vibrant hues to muted pastels. Abstract prints dominate in the most flattering style. There are flares and ruffles and interesting textures like lace and chiffon that make the line so versatile yet so relaxed and graceful. They scream fun and excitement. The best part is that you can wear them wherever and they will look super chic.

Bohemian kimonos are no different. They are so versatile that you can literally wear anything, throw on a kimono on top and you are good to go. The sheer range of designs and the ways in which you can style your favorite kimono are endless. Are you in need of some inspiration? We are happy to help.

Kimono,Cardigan,comfy,Beach cover up,Bohemian,fasetival,Black kimono,Oversized kimono, Summer boho jacket , Boho kimono
Bohemian Kimono,Cardigan,comfy Beach cover up

You are rocking your most body-hugging flattering pair of skinny jeans with a tank top or a crop top; however, there seems to be something missing. For that little extra kick, throw on your most spunky kimono and watch your look transform from boring and uptight, to fun and hip in a matter of a few seconds.

Summer dresses can often get monotonous and plain. If you have to meet your friends but you are running late and don’t have time to change, the best way is to wear a kimono on top. Style your hair. Instead of the uptight ponytail, let your hair loose in messy curls and voila, you are good to go.

Feather Print Kimono, Beach Cover up
Cocoon Kimono

Hipster Chic Apparel

A pair of jeans shorts, white tank top, and an abstract print colorful kimono, is the current definition of hipster chic. It is such an easy and relaxed look. Pair the whole look with ankle boots and you are ready to turn heads. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable. This is as relaxed and comfortable as it gets.

If you wish to go for something more girly and flirty, skirts look great with kimonos too. A mini skirt with either a plain or a graphic t-shirt is so trendy and cute. It is your choice whether you opt for a long kimono that goes down to your ankles or a short one. Play with different combinations for an edgy and unique look.

Pamuk Kimono | Boho Kimono Bohemian Kimono Boho Dress Kimono Robe Bridesmaid Gift Swim Cover Up Cover Up Kimono Jacket Boho Beach Wear
Pamuk Kimono | Boho Kimono Bohemian Kimono
Sunflower Children's Kimono Cardigan // toddler flower Kimono // baby floral Cardi
Sunflower Children’s Kimono Cardigan

Kimonos are great bikini wraps. Summers are almost here and surely, there will be trips to the beach. To look hip and trendy, whilst helping you stay protected from any possible sunburn, just grab your favorite kimono.

Bohemian kimonos are by far the most versatile item you can grab if you are afraid of being too outgoing. Trust me when I say this, you can never have one. It’s a lazy girl’s best friend. The mere variety of designs is astounding. From ruffles, flares, net, chiffon, and lace, there is surely something for everyone. Go grab yourself one and join the party.

Velvet Boho Kimono Cardigan
short kimono flower girl robe, blush dove grey satin robe, blush grey lilly floral, shiny satin wedding dress, flower girls wedding dress
flower girl kimono robe, blush dove grey satin robe
Nunozôri, Slippers, Indoor flip-flops, Men slippers, Women Slippers, Japanese, Kimono fabric, Christmas gift, Gift for him, Gift for her
Nunozori Slippers,Japanese Slippers








Positive Vibes Clothing

Positive Vibes Clothing

Positive Vibes Clothing

Positive Vibes Clothing is about letting the world know how good you feel on the inside and sharing that message with those around you. We all to a certain degree wear our hearts on our sleeves.  You may not realize it but our feelings are being broadcasted to everyone around us. These vibes we send out can actually influence other people around us. When we live a balanced and harmonious life the people around us start to feel better about themselves and the lives they live.  On the contrary though when we are upset or bothered it may upset or bother those around us.

I am a very firm believer that everyday we choose our moods. If you decide to be positive today, well you can almost bet that things are more likely to go our way. When we choose to be negative or dwell upon negative things you can almost bet that you are going to have a bad day.

So why do we let bad days happen If we have a choice?

Why wouldn’t we choose to have a good day and inspire others to have one to?

A Little Motivation For Those Days When You Need it Most

When you dream, dream of great things and dream big.

Positive Vibes Clothing & Accessories That Will Inspire Everyone

One of the best ways to feel great about yourself is to help others feel good about themselves. A positive message or image on your shirt may be enough to change that persons day. And one good day may be enough to change that persons life forever.

The Best Times To Wear Positive Vibes Clothing

Anytime really is the best time to wear positive vibes clothing. But the best time to wear it is when you really feel your best on the inside. People can tell right away if the message you are trying to send is 100% legitimate or not. If you really want to show the world how good they can feel also on the inside.

Sometimes though the positive message you need to send is to yourself. We all have those down moments where we need a little bit of inspiration or spiritual pick me up. Even though you might wake up on the wrong side of the bed or you have had a bad day at work it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn your day around into a positive one. Positive vibes clothing can also act as a reminder to you that you have to choose your attitude. A quick look in the mirror or a look down at your outfit could be all the reminder you need to choose to make today great.

Below are some of the times I try and share a positive message.

The Best Times to Wear Positive Vibes Clothing

A Day of Lounging Around the House – Again sending positive vibes doesn’t mean just to others. Sometimes we need to make changes in our own lives and turn ourselves around. After a long day or stressful event it can be nice to put on some comfortable clothes that share a positive message. Take some time to recoup and relax. Grab a good book and allow yourself to escape from what went wrong. Once you have allowed yourself to calm down and achieve your center again it’s time to turn the day around into something more positive.

A Saturday out Boutique Shopping with Your Girls or Guys – Again part of being positive is being comfortable. One of the best ways I find to be positive in my own life is to spend a day out with some good friends and have a good day out on the town. Start off meeting a coffee shop in the morning and grab a coffee to go and hit up some local shops. Make a day of it and surround yourself with some good people.

To And From Your Next Yoga Class –Yoga is not only good for finding your inner piece it is also great for getting in good shape. When you feel your best on the inside it is impossible not to radiate it on the outside. There are a million hobbies out there where you can not only achieve a Zen like state but you can also improve your physical wellbeing. Swimming, Walking, Hiking, and Running are all great actives to help you download your daily stress and also keep you at your best physically.

Why People Respond So Well To Positive Vibes Clothing

It is no secret that people in general respond more favourably to positive people than to negative types of people. Positive Vibes Clothing allows people to see your inner spirit and positive nature from what you are wearing. It may not be well know but the clothing you wear on the outside is a reflection of how we are feeling on the inside.

Today more and more the news we hear is for the most part negative. If it bleeds it leads is they saying in the media. The tragedies of the world are way too easy to dwell on when we have opportunities all around us to create and promote the positives.

Although it is nice to wear positive vibes clothing it is very important to also act in a positive way to the people around us in our daily lives.  As we feel better about ourselves and we learn to manage the stresses in our own lives we can begin to inspire and help others.

Below Are Some Great Pieces Of Clothing That Will Inspire You And Others Around You

Vibe With Me Crew Neck, Zen, Positive Shirt, Positive Saying, Positive Vibes, Positive
Vibe With Me Positive Vibes T Shirt

Positive Vibes Shirt, MEDIUM, Radiate Positive Vibes, Tee, Good Vibes Tshirt, Graphic Tee

Radiate Positive Vibes Tee

Cozy Spiral Bat-wing Sweater
Cozy Spiral Bat-wing Sweater

We Rise By Lifting Others - Yoga Top - Yoga Tops - Yoga Shirt - Yoga Shirts - Yoga Long Sleeve - Long Sleeve Yoga Top - Gift For Yoga Lover

We Rise By Lifting Others Sweater

Short Arctic Necklace, signature necklace, snowy mountain pendant, Scandinavian design

snowy mountain pendant statement necklace

gold name necklace

Namaste ring - Yoga ring - Positive energy jewelry - sun peace love flower ring - Hindu Indian Sanskrit greeting ring
Namaste ring ,Yoga ring ,Positive energy jewelry

Positive Vibes Clothing For Yoga Class

It’s no secret that Yoga is a great outlet for releasing stress. If you take a look around your yoga class you are going to see others not only there to look better on the outside but also feel better on the inside. Next time you take in a yoga class wear something or bring something that will motivate the other people in your class.

Aside From Wearing Positive Vibes Clothing These Are Ways You Can Be More Positive

It is fair to say that we all have an inner intuition and should we should all be able to read people. For most of us it is pretty easy for us to pick up on it when someone is being insincere. If you really want to project positive vibes to other people around you than you would seriously need to be at inner peace with yourself.

Below are just a few ways you can improve your inner self so that you can absolutely radiate positive energy to the whole world.

  1. Understand That We All Have Stress in Our Lives – The first key to being more positive is to understand that every day you are going to have to manage a certain level of stress. Once you understand that it is normal to be stressed during your day you can begin to respect it and begin to deal with it. Acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and reading a good book are all great ways to deal with and manage the stress in your life. The key to it is to realize you need to take time throughout your week for yourself.
  2. Take Time for Yourself and Others – The more you understand the areas in your life that cause you stress the more you are able to deal with it. Once you have your stress levels under control you can actually help others understand their own. It is very important to take time out of your day to relax. A few moments of meditation or a quick walk through a beautiful park is all you will need. Hobbies are a great way to reduce your daily stresses. If you can find yourself a hobby that not only reduces your stress but also keeps you in tip top physical shape you are well on your way to peace healthy lifestyle. Hobbies are also a great way to meet new people just like self who are trying to change their lives. That new friend from your yoga class may be a dependable shoulder to cry on when times are tough but you may also be the motivation they need in their lives to make their own changes.
  3. Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others – This is a very important step in becoming a peaceful and positive person. So much of the time we spend in our own heads is dedicated to self-reflection on negative thoughts and negative interactions with other people. When you are able to forgive yourself and others easily you free up a lot of time in your thoughts to move towards more positive goals.
  4. Set Achievable Healthy Goals – People respond very well to people in their lives that are driven and have a clear path in life. It is really hard to be inspired by people who are negative and seem to have no direction in their lives. All of your goals in life should point you to a healthier lifestyle than you have now. Pursue things that you love and challenge yourself to have a better life.
  5. Show The World The Qualities You Want To Have – It is all too often we see others that inspire us through personal qualities they have that we wished we would have. You hear it all the time. People will say “I wish I was more like Amber” or “People really look up to Jennifer”. If you see a quality that someone has that you wished you had why not adopt that quality as your own. Eventually with a bit of practise your friends and family will be saying they wished they were more like you.
  6. Try New Things – One of the worst things people do to themselves is hold back who they really are and what they can really do. Sometimes this is due to fear of being not being great at it in the beginning or not knowing anyone. Well one of the most important factors of success is commitment. No is great at something the first time they try something. Everything takes time. Most people who are great at something will tell you they are successful just because they kept showing up to something.
  7. Take Chances – We just want to reinforce how important it is to try new things and gain new experiences that we talked about above. Work related stress seems to be one of the biggest issues most of us face on a daily basis. It is important to pursue what you want to do in this life so that you don’t feel trapped and create even more stress in your life. Work hard towards what you really want as it will create a sense of Hope. As long as you work hard and have hope you can overcome any of the daily stresses today. If you pursue your passion long enough it will become a reality.
  8. Take Care Of Yourself – Whatever it takes spend the necessary time, money, and effort to take care of yourself. Making sure you are well rested, well fed, and happy will have you radiating positive vibes in no time. By replacing the toxins we take in everyday with healthy habits you will feel better about yourself and the world you live in.
  9. Surround Yourself with Great People – One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is to learn how to dictate relationships. All to often we get stuck in relationship ruts. These ruts could be with friends, family, coworkers or our neighbours. These ruts are usually caused by a person in our lives who openly dwells about negative situations. Although you can try and help these people get through their own challenges you have to also live your own life. If someone is reluctant to accept your help you have to manage the time you spend with them and spend more time with the people in your life who want to be happy. I am not saying that if your friends is going through something bad in their lives to cut them lose. What I am saying is we all have those people in our lives who just like to complain. They really don’t hear what we are saying to them they just continue to make poor decisions and look for us to sympathize with their constant mistakes. It doesn’t mean that you can’t still be friends with these people but you have to manage that amount of time you are spending with them. The reality of life is some people just want to be negative all the time. That is very taxing not only on your mental health and it also brings us down.
  10. Give Help and Accept It Graciously – If not me than who is one of the greatest personal mottos every conceived. If we all just took at second out of our days to hold a door open, help someone who has fallen, or offer a sincere piece of advice when someone is struggling would be living in a Nirvana. Unfortunately most people don’t though when presented with the opportunity. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Taking the time out to help someone in need will inspire them to help someone in return. When karma comes back and someone helps you one day accept it graciously and play that good dead forward to someone else in need.

Below are just a few great motivational items that will send a positive message to your yoga class.

Galaxy Forest Yoga Leggings
Buddha t-shirt
Arya Yoga Tank Top
FREE SHIPPING- Namaste In Bed Off Shoulder Shirt, Slouchy Tee, Women & teen girls, Unisex Tee (Put size in message to seller section)
Namaste In Bed Off Shoulder Shirt, Slouchy Tee

Positive Vibes Gift Ideas

Give the gift of peace, serenity, and goodwill.

Dissolving thought bubbles notes ~ Unload Negative thinking, feelings & emotions ~ Melting clouds Paper ~ Let it Go ~ Stocking stuffer
Dissolving thought bubbles notes , Unload Negative thinking, feelings & emotions Melting clouds Paper

Love this cute dissolving negative thoughts note idea! You can write down whatever is bothering you and watch it disappear in cup of water, it’s super therapeutic when you feel sad and vulnerable.

Positive Quote Pencils - Pastel Round, Set of 4
Positive Quote Pencils
Color in Motivation Quotes ~ Adult colouring book pages ~ 10 motivational Positive Affirmations ~ Printable Coloring books ~ motivation
Color in Motivation Quotes, motivational Positive Affirmations
Large 24" Wood and Teal Hamsa Wall Art
Large 24″ Wood and Teal Hamsa Wall Art
Roundie Mandala Tapestry Gypsy Beach Throw / Hippie Wall Hanging
Roundie Mandala Tapestry Gypsy tapestry
Black and White Boho Dreamcatcher Mobile

Let the bohemian dream catcher bring you all the sweet dreams you can imagine.