10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

These 10 ideas to make your outdoor BBQ entertaining a success are sure to turn your annual BBQ into the talk of the town. Throughout North America you can almost expect to be invited or host a BBQ during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Although the weather can start to drop in September there will still be a few great autumn days left to host your BBQ. To be honest though you can host a BBQ anytime of the year not matter if it is rain, shine, snow, or sunny days.

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Backyard Wedding I DO BBQ Backdrop

Serving Cold Drinks on Hot Days

One of the best ways to greet any guest to an epic BBQ on a hot day is to meet them with an ice cold drink. As we all know the devil is always in the details. Even your glasses are going to be judged by your guests. Although most won’t care if they are greeted with your classic disposable red cup.

The problem with these cups is they are plastic and bad for the environment. Most of these cups are plastic also but they are not meant for a one and done party. They can be used year after year at your annual BBQ.


6 Coconut-Lime Margaritas - BarCountry Dehydrated Cocktail Mixers
Coconut-Lime Margaritas – BarCountry Dehydrated Cocktail Mixers
Chili Lime Salt - Green Chili salt | Lime spiced | Spicy margarita salt | Flavored cocktail salt | Flavored rimmer salt | Peppers Rim salt
Spicy margarita salt
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Wooden Round Wedding Drinks Tokens

Rubs, Spice Mixes, Seasoning

There is just something amazing about a meal that is entirely prepared on the BBQ. To truly top it off add some cold salads like tossed, potato, or pasta salad.

The key to any great meal is to accessorize. A well-seasoned, marinated, spiced piece of BBQ is a beautiful thing.

Although these spices are meant for meat they also taste great on different vegetarian and vegan options.

Chicken Hot Wings BBQ Dry Rub - sugar free spices, chicken wings rub for grilling
Chicken Hot Wings BBQ Dry Rub – sugar free spices, chicken wings spice rub for grilling
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Wine for When You Need To Stay Hydrated

As the summer heats up a lot of us reach for a beer, wine cooler, or mixed drink. Well summer 2017 is going to be the season of wines.

No matter if you are into reds, whites, or roses you have to make sure you present it well to your guests. Having a nice set of wine glasses probably isn’t necessary for your backyard BBQ. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on new wine glasses and have them break on your deck or backyard patio.

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Custom Mini Champagne Bottle Label for Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower
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pineapple rustic floating wine rack
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HUGE Safety First Drink With A Nurse Wine Glass

Picnic Table Storage

Keeping your cutlery and napkins is essential during a summer BBQ. All it takes is one strong gust of wind to send your guests scrambling for their napkins.

Salt and pepper shakers, wooden napkin holders, and glass holders are perfect way to keep your tables organized and everything together.

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Marquee Engraved Wooden Beer Carrier – Personalized Beer Caddy
Indoor Outdoor Nesting Serving Station / Patio Bar Storage
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Custom BBQ Utensil Holder – Beer Bottle Opener

Aprons for the Pitmaster

Juice and grease splatters are bound to happen while you are working the grill for a large group of people. Aprons are the perfect accessory for your Pitmaster doing the grilling.

From funny to vintage these aprons are sure to impress your guests.

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Warning concealed sausage – cheeky men’s apron! Funny apron for him
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Hipster Father’s Day Denim Apron, Aged To Perfection Funny Apron

Caesar Freak! Enamel Cocktail Pin

Caesar Freak! Enamel Cocktail Pin

Backyard Games to Keep Them Occupied

At just over the midpoint of our 10 ideas to make your outdoor BBQ entertaining a success it is now time to look at some ways to keep your guests entertained. Backyard games are perfect for summer hosting as they keep your guests busy and give people a chance to mingle.

Hosting a party with competitive games is one of the best icebreakers you can have to engage your guests.

Football and/or Super Bowl photo booth props perfect for your tailgate party or the big game day
Football and/or Super Bowl photo booth props perfect for your tailgate party BBQ


Ring Toss yard game


Awesome Ideas to Cool and Keep Your Beer Cold

A chest, cooler, or bucket is all you need to keep your beer frosty and cold. Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day is an ice cold beer.

Wine coolers, hard lemonades, sodas, juices, and bottles of water are also essential at any great BBQ.

Rustic outdoor wooden deck cooler
Rustic outdoor wooden deck cooler
Beer Cooler – Six Pack Beer Carrier 

Patio Décor That Will Shock and Awe Your Guests

For a lot of us BBQ or not we spend a great deal of time working on our outdoor spaces in the summer. Depending upon the type of party you are hosting will dictate how you plan to decorate your yard.

A wedding BBQ is still a wedding and you will probably decorate with your run of the mill wedding decorations. On the contrary a rustic themed BBQ will call for completely different decorations.

Wine Barrel Bar Table
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Kulshan Balcony Railing Table Bracket for Deck Bar
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Cedar Portable Outdoor Bar 
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Reclaimed Oak Barn Wood, Washtub Beer Cooler
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Nautical Anchor Beach Picnic Towel Grey Kitchen Towel

Welcoming Garden Signs to Greet Your Guests

Rustic and vintage themed wedding signs are the perfect addition to any backyard BBQs. They are a great way to greet your guests and let them into your decorating style and character.

Let people know what you love. If you love gardening get a gardening themed sign. If you love nautical beach themes get a beach themed sign.

Custom BBQ Sign, Retro Metal Patio Sign
Metal Art Custom BBQ Sign with Personalized Text Field (F13)
Metal Art Custom BBQ Sign with Personalized Text

Outdoor Lights To Set The Tone Of Your Party

As day turns into night you are going to need some proper lighting to keep the party going. Classic BBQ lighting includes mason jars, lanterns, and no solar lamps.

Not only is the lighting functional and will keep your guests on the right path but it is also good for setting the mood of the party.

64′ – 30 Bulbs Vintage Patio String Lights Black Cord Clear Glass Edison Bulbs
Patio Marquee sign, metal patio sign- summer signs- backyard signs- patio signs
Patio Marquee sign

Hopefully in our 10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success we helped you a little plan your summer time party.

She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas

These she shed ideas will help you answer the question of why you deserve your own safe place that you only have access to. For too long men have had their man caves where they can get together with friends and watch sports, play pool, and host the odd card game every here and then.

Cottage Farmhouse Wall Clock
Irish cottage bud vase - miniature house structure - white washed historic building model - flower vase centerpiece - mint green door
Irish cottage bud vase – miniature house vase

Uses For Your She Shed

When it comes to she shed ideas I think the first question we have to answer is “what would I even use a she shed for?”. For a lot of us a she shed is a great place to escape the stresses of daily life. After a long day at work we come home and start our real jobs as Mom, wives, sisters, and daughters. Family commitments take their toll just as much as those deadlines at work do.

Having a place to escape from time to time decorated to your tastes is a great way to unwind after the stresses of life.

Oversized WELCOME Y'ALL --bench pillow -Extra long lumbar burlap pillow for the front porch
Oversized Burlap WELCOME Y’ALL bench pillow
China Cabinet/ French Country Hutch- sold
Shabby Chic Floral French Country Hutch
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Vertical garden Wall Planter

10 Great Ways To Enjoy Your She Shed

  • A Comfortable Place to Read Your Favorite Novel.
  • An Open Area To Practice Your Yoga Poses.
  • An Inspiring Place For Painting.
  • A Place to Hang With Your Girls.
  • A Quiet Place When You Need a Break From the Husband and Kids.
  • A Great Place To Nap On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon.
  • Tea For Two With Your BFF.
  • A Screaming Child Free Area To Do Your Weekly Craft Project.
  • A Calm and Serene Area to Listen to Music.
  • A Beautiful Place You Can Decorate Just For You.

The Cost of Your Oasis

A she shed may only cost you a bit of time and effort or it may cost you thousands of dollars. For the lucky ones you already have a shed in your backyard that needs a little elbow grease to turn it into your hidden oasis. These older sheds really only need a good cleaning a bit of decorating to bring it up to the she shed standard.

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Sweet Pickins Milk Paint SWEETWATER Farmhouse Cottage Colors
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Burlap Ottoman, Shabby Chic Floor Pillow

For others though you may want to put in your own shed. A new one. With new sheds you have a couple of options. For the super handy out there you may want to order a wooden shed package from your local home improvement center. You can either put it together on your own or hire a local contractor to do the install. It might seem like an easy project but it may involve a lot of work to build your she shed.

Indian crate storage bench/||
Bohemian crate storage bench
Little square Wire mesh metal storage basket

Another option is to go the plastic shed path. Plastic sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are vented and sometimes even include windows and skylights. The one issue is the smell. All you are going to smell is plastic especially in the summer heat.

The next cost of owning a she shed is decorating it exactly the way you want it.

Decorating Ideas For Your She Shed

The beauty of a she shed is it is your own space. It is a space were you can go and escape the stresses of your days. It is also a space you can decorate to your own tastes and styles.

Starting with the interior of your she shed you can quickly move from the indoor decorating to the outdoors.

Interior She Shed Decorating

Great Things You Can Add To The Interior Of Your Shed

  • Patio Chairs or Couches with soft waterproof seat cushions
  • Storage
  • Art Work That Is Appropriate For The Outdoors
  • A Trendy Welcome Mat at Your Front Door
  • Chic Household Accessories
Macrame Hanging Chair / Hammock Chair
Macrame Hanging Chair / Hammock Chair
Shabby Chic Floral Wood Mug Rack
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Personalized photo on wood
Vintage Wooden Tote Large Green Painted Caddy
Vintage Wooden Tote Large Green Painted Caddy

Exterior She Shed Decorating

Great Things You Can Add To The Exterior Of Your Shed

  • A Deck Or Porch
  • A Rock Or Flower Garden
  • Decorative Iron Works
  • Lawn Ornaments
  • Solar Lighting
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Wooden Camper Birdhouse,Caravan Bird House
Wine Bottle Wind Chime - Garden Decor - Gift for Mom - Outdoor Decor - Patio Decor - Gifts for Her - Wine Decor - Wine Bottlechime - Garden
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SHE SHED Sign,custom license plate signs
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Hopefully these she shed ideas have helped you not only plan to buy yours but also what you will use it for and also how you will make it yours.
















Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

If you haven’t made relaxing aromatherapy scented candles a part of your everyday life you aren’t taking care of yourself properly. To say that life is hard would be an understatement. If you find it easy then you aren’t really living.

Almost everyone we talk to have taken on more than we can handle. The toll of everyday life, work, and kids gets the best of all of us. It might not be bad today, but you should be prepared for it.

Preparing for the Worst and You’re Ready for Anything

The best way to prepare for anything life can throw at you is to take time for yourself every day. All you need is a few minutes to yourself to focus on your mental health. Running a hot bath, taking a peaceful walk, or even an hour of reading will help you decompress.

When at home you need to set the mood to relax. Light music, a glass of wine, and comfortable clothes can help your problems disappear. Aromatherapy is another option. Relaxing aromatherapy scented candles not only provide relaxing scents but they also relax you with the flickering of the lit wick.

Set of three Scented Soy Candles, 4 oz soy candles
Rosemary Sage Scented Soy Candles

Ten of the Best Times to Use Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

  • After A Long Day at Work.
  • To Help With Sleeplessness and Insomnia.
  • To Decompress After Challenging Day.
  • For When the Stresses of Life Begin To Take Their Tolls.
  • To Assist With Relaxation During a Nice Hot Bath.
  • After an Argument with a Friend or Family Member.
  • Preparing to Speak to a Large Group of People.
  • An Accident That Threw Your Entire Day Off.
  • Illness or Injury in Your Family.
  • The Always Dreaded Tax Time.
  • Awesome Coconut Shell Candle, Coconut Candles, Soy Candles - Scented Candles - Soy Wax Candles - Unique Gift
    Coconut Shell Candle

Relaxing Scents for Sleep Related Issues

It is unfortunate but stress leads to sleep related issues. To make matters worse not sleeping only makes your ability to deal with stress even worse.

Lilac aromatherapy scented candles are perfect for those of you having trouble sleeping. Be very careful with candles prior to bedtime as fire is a dangerous hazard. Ensure someone else is home while burning the candle. Or choose to use essential oils instead.

Other Popular Scented Candles to Improve your Sleeping Habits

Relaxing Scents for Anxiety

Eucalyptus aromatherapy scented candles are a favorite first thing in the morning to relieve any anxiety you might have. Fresh brisk scents help improve overall mood.

Additional Relaxing Aromatherapy Scents for Coping with Anxiety

Relaxing Scents for Stress

Lavender Aromatherapy Scented Candles are one of the most popular aromatic scented candles for

Some More Calming Scented Candles to Assist With Stress

Give Yourself Some Me Time 15 Minutes Per Day

Even a 15 minute break of just “YOU Time” with some relaxing aromatherapy scented candles is enough to help you release some built up tension. It will help you recognize how important taking mental health break is.

It is something that will make a difference in all aspects of our lives. From our home life all the way to the office.

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Best Friends Gift Candle
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Animal Nursery Rugs

Animal Nursery Rugs

Animal Nursery Rugs

As an expecting mother or father deciding to add adorable animal nursery rugs to your nursery is a good idea. Aside from these baby nursery rugs being unbelievably adorable they have a hidden benefit that most parents don’t really think about. After your pregnancy and the birth of your first child you and you husband are going to be in search of one thing. Comfort!

When it comes to designing your nursery you should not only think in terms of pinks and blues but you should also make the room comfortable for you and your husband. A lot of couples don’t think about all the time they are going to spend in the nursery. What makes comfort all so more important is the fact that you are going to be in the nursery all hours of the day and night.

Late night feedings at 3 am usually mean that one of you or both are going to have to get up and tend to the baby. A well placed soft nursery rug is a welcoming site after several sleepless nights. Trust us over time that welcoming nursery rug is going to make a big difference in your comfort. Spending cold night after cold night on a hardwood floor or older carpet is going to take its toll on your feet, neck, and back. Not to mention that you just carried that little bundle of joy around for the last nine months.

Bear Rug / Faux Bear Rug / woodland nursery / Baby room decor / Bow / animal playmat / ClaraLoo
Bear Rug For woodland nursery
Foxy Fox Rug Nursery Mat Crochet PDF Pattern Instant Download

Added Benefits of All Types Nursery Rugs

Another great feature about nursery rugs is the can be used as a play pad for your baby. Although you probably don’t want to let them lay and play on the rug you are standing on all the time it never hurts to have several rugs handy for your baby in general. I think most of the young parents we talk to are surprised by how much more laundry you have to do after having a baby. While your baby is growing you will probably have to wash these rugs a million times. So when purchasing a nursery rug make sure it is machine washable and safe for the dryer.

As your child is growing you are going to want to take thousands of photos of them almost daily. These adorable baby rugs make the perfect back drop for your infant photographs. As you look back through your photo albums you really aren’t going to remember all of the sleepless night or sore backs. You will remember though all the happy memories of your little baby playing in such a beautiful nursery.

Handmade crochet rug - mint and pink rug - round cotton kids rug - nursery decor
Round crochet rug – mint and pink rug

Finally one of the best ways to prepare a nursery for your new born is to accessorize it with ultra-cute decorations. You should save the time and all the chemical smells that are involved with painting the room you will use as a nursery. Your time would be better spent shopping for the perfect decorations to suit your nursery theme. After you have children you are going to see just how quickly they grow up.  That princess themed nursery you spent so much time before they were born isn’t going to cut it when your baby grows into a teenager. It’s better to just accessorise the room and leave the painting for later when your child can help with the painting.

Fox rug, Faux fox rug, woodland nursery, Fox Baby room decor, animal play mat
Faux fox rug woodland nursery, Fox Baby room decor

Both Babies and Parents Love Baby Animals

Animal themed nurseries still today are one of the most popular trends when it comes to decorating a newborn baby’s bedroom. The reason for this is that everyone loves animals especially baby animals.

With those large eyes and soft skin/fur it is not hard to get sucked into the lure of any type of baby.  I’ve spent countless hours with all types of young children and they all love animals.

Bear Crochet Rug, Bear Rug, Handmade Crochet Rug, Kids Rug, Corchet Rug kids, girl nursery rug, pink rug, crochet carpet , doily rug
Pink Bear Crochet Rug

Popular Themes of Animal Nursery Rugs

When it comes to animal nursery rugs there are typically three popular themes with new parents. #1 Tropical Animals, #2 Farm Animal, and #3 Domestic Animals. Let’s have a look at each of these categories in a bit more detail.

5 Popular Tropical Animal Nursery Rugs

  • Lions – The king of the jungle is also the king of the nursery. Add comfort can be found in the manes of some of these baby bedroom rugs
  • Bears – Bear themed nursery rugs are perfect if you are planning a teddy bear themed room.
  • Woodland Nursery Rug / nursery Bear Rug / woodland nursery / Baby room decor / animal playmat
    Woodland Nursery Rug / nursery Bear Rug
  • Tigers – Another of the big cats. The orange and black colors of a tiger are perfect eye catchers to bring your guests eyes to every detail of the nursery.
  • TIGER BLANKET & Play Mat /Tiger floor mat
  • Giraffes – With those long necks and iconic shapes giraffe themed nursery rugs will break up the traditional square and circular shapes used in a newborn baby’s nursery.
  • Boy Nursery Decor, Playroom Rug, Kids Room Decor, Animal Rug, Jungle Rug, Giraffe Nursery Decor, Animal Nursery decor, Giraffe Pattern, Rugs
    Giraffe Rug Nursery Decor
  • Elephants – Nothing is more adorable than a small baby playing on such a large animal. Elephants are the perfect theme for decorating a neutral nursery. If you and your spouse choose not to know if you are having a boy or girl decorating with elephants are a good choice being that they are typically gray.
  • Crochet Elephant Rug - Made to order
    Crochet Elephant Rug

4 Popular Farm Animal Rugs for Your Nursery

  • Cows & Calves – After seeing how much milk a growing child drinks you are probably going to wish you would have invested in an actual cow. But in all seriousness nothing is cuter than a black and white Holstein rug for your nursery.
  • Pigs & Piglets – Super pink, a little bit chubby, and rolling around in all that “dirt”. I wonder if this reminds you of someone about to move into this room. A Pig or piglet blankets is a great way to accessorize a farm themed nursery and keep your feet off those cold floors.
  • Horses – A majestic animal and one of our favorite types of nursery rugs. Horses are one of the most popular farm animals and look really good in a baby’s nursery.
  • Sheep & Lambs – Soft, peaceful, and adorable are great ways to describe the sheep and lamb rugs you will find in this genre of baby nursery blankets.
  • Kids rug animal rug children rug animal skin rug animal character rug Sheep skin rug hunters rug children rug kids Christmas gift rug unique
  • Sheep Rug

2 Ultra Popular Domestic Animal Nursery Rugs

  • Dogs & Puppies – Some of the most adorable rugs fall within the dog and puppies category. You can almost imagine the wet nose, big eyes, and soft fur of a puppy in your nursery.
  • Cats & Kittens – So you are not a dog person? Well not to worry. The cat and kitten baby nursery rug market almost has as much variety as the dog and puppy category.CROCHET PATTERN The Pugfect Pug Rug Nursery Mat Carpet PDF Crochet Pattern with Instant Download
    Pug Rug Nursery Mat Carpet PDF Crochet Pattern

Hopefully we were able to help you in your search for the perfect animal nursery rugs. You really can’t go wrong with an animal themed nursery. Just remember though that the room should be just as comfortable for the newborn as it is for you. You will be spending a lot of quality time together in there.

CLOUD RUG, Felt Rug, Nursery Rug

Someone Like You

Woman Sitting Down

Someone Like You

One of the most important things we don’t always realize is the world needs someone like you. Not someone who you want to be but someone exactly like who you are today.We all fail its just part of life. The failures we over come are what prepare us for better things to come. Today you will realize the world needs someone just like you. Love yourself is so important because the positive vibe from you will just spread to everyone around you and make them want to get close to you. Who doesn’t love someone who is always sending positive vibes like a sunflower?! Your positive vibes will also attract more positive people.

Pamper yourself with positive thinking and healthy life style will make you glowing from inside out! Be that girl who is truly happy about who she really is. Never let someone treat you badly and step on your self esteem and get away with it, because you deserve better and don’t give those negative people any chance to hurt you. Walk away and love yourself then someone will cherish you forever!

How To Create Positive Vibes

How To Create Positive Vibes? Reading a good book, doing YOGA,spend a nice day in the mountain, camping with best friends, listening to music while giving yourself a nice beauty SPA, writing down things you like about yourself and try to keep adding things to your list , find some nice positive vibe art and positive thinking home decor, wear love yourself jewelry… Life is harsh enough ,why not spoil your body and soul with all lovely stuff? You deserve the best.

Secret Society of Positive Vibes - Spiritual Yoga Top

Secret Society of Positive Vibes  tshirt, tribal tshirt,- Spiritual Yoga Top


I woke up like this Flawless, #flawless mug,15 oz Coffee Mug, Ceramic Mug, Quote Mug, unique coffee mug gift

I woke up like this Flawless, #flawless mug,15 oz Coffee Mug, Ceramic Mug, Quote Mug, unique coffee mug gift

Stay Focused And Extra Bubbly Funny Quote Throw Pillow Cover Gifts For Her Gifts For Best Friends Home Decor Positive Quote

Stay Focused And Extra Bubbly Funny Quote Throw Pillow Cover Gifts For Her Gifts For Best Friends Home Decor Positive vibes pillow


Love Yourself First \\ love \\ all about you \\ break up \\ love sucks \\ i hate you \\ me \\ vanity \\ dressing room \\ wall art \\ heart \

Love Yourself First wall art

Love Yourself Like Kanye Loves Kanye T-Shirt



Gift for Daughter | Gift for Sister | BFF Bracelet | Inspirational Quote Bracelet | Love Yourself First So You Know What You Deserve


Love Yourself Mirror Decal

Love Yourself Mirror Decal


Love Yourself Organic Essential Oil Soy Candle in 12 oz Mason Jar Good Vibe | Clean & Refreshing Hand Made in the USA

Love Yourself Organic Essential Oil Soy Candle in 12 oz Mason Jar Good Vibe | Clean & Refreshing Hand Made in the USA