5 Childrens Indoor Teepee Tents that are best for Summer Activities

5 Childrens Indoor Teepee Tents that are best for Summer Activities

5 Childrens Indoor Teepee Tents that are best for Summer Activities

All of us, as children, have had our own little place in our rooms in either the form of a childrens indoor teepee tents, a pillow fort or a blanket fort, etc. We have all spent hours lying under our safe havens, engaged in different sorts of activities like reading or drawing or simply day dreaming. It is the ideal place for a child to allow imaginative play and to get his/her creative juices flowing. It helps your child discover themselves as they hide out from the world and let their true selves unravel. That time spent helps mold your child’s personality. They are excellent spots to just curl up with a favorite book, enjoy a little playtime magic or just nap time. The idea is to have a place where you can allow yourself to break free and be yourself.

woolen kids teepee from bubble shelter - SPECIAL OFFER-play tent-teepee for kids-teepee tent-kid teepee-teepee kids-childrens teepee
woolen kids teepee from bubble shelter

Pericross Playhouse Teepee is a great choice if your child just wishes to rest or play alone in solitude. It is suitable for both outdoors and indoors so you can set it up inside the child’s bedroom or move it around to the backyard maybe. The construction is relatively simple too so it really isn’t much of a hassle.

Another more interesting option is the Indian Tripod Teepee. This one comes with rich historical background. You can have a fun learning session with your young ones and enlighten them with the stories of the past. Every child loves stories and interactive sessions along with some pretend play will help your child understand cultures. It is compact and easy to construct and take down making it ideal for families with smaller homes.

Kids Teepee Tent Spring Posy - Girls teepee, childrens teepee for nursery, playroom, kids photo prop, play teepee, tipi, tee-pee, play tent
Kids Teepee Tent Spring Posy Girls teepee

Sharing Adventures Right In The Middle Of Your Home

Trademark Innovations Canvas Teepee is the ideal choice for the artistic mind. It is perfect for those who love to express themselves through art. You can go wild over this one with paints, oil or water based. Your child will get to truly call it his/her own because they will personalize it according to their liking. It is a fantastic way of allowing your child to be creative whilst being a great way for the family to bond and build a better relationship with their child.

The Newest Indian Teepee is for bigger families with two or more children. These childrens indoor teepee tents comes with added bling. It is equipped with LED lights and is colored in bright gender neutral colors with abstract patterns. The fabric is durable and long lasting as well. Also, it is equipped with fun details like a window to allow parents to check in on their children every now and then and have a peek at all the fun and creativity brewing inside. Children enjoy communication like that as well.

Nautical Navy Anchor and Stripes Kid's Teepee | Tent | Tipi | Playhouse | Wigwam | Photo Prop | Decor | Modern | Boys | Girls | Gift |Canada
Nautical Navy Anchor and Stripes Kid’s Teepee tent
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kids teepee bed

Discovery Kids Adventure Teepee is for those little champions who are on the quest for adventure and discovery. It is a spacious, lightweight, easily portable frame and the fabric is durable. Also, it is not too hefty on the pockets and large enough to have the parents share it too.

Teepee tents are starting point at which you can help your child be their most creative selves. Invest in one according to your needs and allow yourself to have fun playtime with your kids in their own little world.

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SCANDI kids TEEPEE party bags, kids teepee party favors
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Tribal Birthday Party Printable Set
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Animal Nursery Rugs

Animal Nursery Rugs

Animal Nursery Rugs

As an expecting mother or father deciding to add adorable animal nursery rugs to your nursery is a good idea. Aside from these baby nursery rugs being unbelievably adorable they have a hidden benefit that most parents don’t really think about. After your pregnancy and the birth of your first child you and you husband are going to be in search of one thing. Comfort!

When it comes to designing your nursery you should not only think in terms of pinks and blues but you should also make the room comfortable for you and your husband. A lot of couples don’t think about all the time they are going to spend in the nursery. What makes comfort all so more important is the fact that you are going to be in the nursery all hours of the day and night.

Late night feedings at 3 am usually mean that one of you or both are going to have to get up and tend to the baby. A well placed soft nursery rug is a welcoming site after several sleepless nights. Trust us over time that welcoming nursery rug is going to make a big difference in your comfort. Spending cold night after cold night on a hardwood floor or older carpet is going to take its toll on your feet, neck, and back. Not to mention that you just carried that little bundle of joy around for the last nine months.

Bear Rug / Faux Bear Rug / woodland nursery / Baby room decor / Bow / animal playmat / ClaraLoo
Bear Rug For woodland nursery
Foxy Fox Rug Nursery Mat Crochet PDF Pattern Instant Download

Added Benefits of All Types Nursery Rugs

Another great feature about nursery rugs is the can be used as a play pad for your baby. Although you probably don’t want to let them lay and play on the rug you are standing on all the time it never hurts to have several rugs handy for your baby in general. I think most of the young parents we talk to are surprised by how much more laundry you have to do after having a baby. While your baby is growing you will probably have to wash these rugs a million times. So when purchasing a nursery rug make sure it is machine washable and safe for the dryer.

As your child is growing you are going to want to take thousands of photos of them almost daily. These adorable baby rugs make the perfect back drop for your infant photographs. As you look back through your photo albums you really aren’t going to remember all of the sleepless night or sore backs. You will remember though all the happy memories of your little baby playing in such a beautiful nursery.

Handmade crochet rug - mint and pink rug - round cotton kids rug - nursery decor
Round crochet rug – mint and pink rug

Finally one of the best ways to prepare a nursery for your new born is to accessorize it with ultra-cute decorations. You should save the time and all the chemical smells that are involved with painting the room you will use as a nursery. Your time would be better spent shopping for the perfect decorations to suit your nursery theme. After you have children you are going to see just how quickly they grow up.  That princess themed nursery you spent so much time before they were born isn’t going to cut it when your baby grows into a teenager. It’s better to just accessorise the room and leave the painting for later when your child can help with the painting.

Fox rug, Faux fox rug, woodland nursery, Fox Baby room decor, animal play mat
Faux fox rug woodland nursery, Fox Baby room decor

Both Babies and Parents Love Baby Animals

Animal themed nurseries still today are one of the most popular trends when it comes to decorating a newborn baby’s bedroom. The reason for this is that everyone loves animals especially baby animals.

With those large eyes and soft skin/fur it is not hard to get sucked into the lure of any type of baby.  I’ve spent countless hours with all types of young children and they all love animals.

Bear Crochet Rug, Bear Rug, Handmade Crochet Rug, Kids Rug, Corchet Rug kids, girl nursery rug, pink rug, crochet carpet , doily rug
Pink Bear Crochet Rug

Popular Themes of Animal Nursery Rugs

When it comes to animal nursery rugs there are typically three popular themes with new parents. #1 Tropical Animals, #2 Farm Animal, and #3 Domestic Animals. Let’s have a look at each of these categories in a bit more detail.

5 Popular Tropical Animal Nursery Rugs

  • Lions – The king of the jungle is also the king of the nursery. Add comfort can be found in the manes of some of these baby bedroom rugs
  • Bears – Bear themed nursery rugs are perfect if you are planning a teddy bear themed room.
  • Woodland Nursery Rug / nursery Bear Rug / woodland nursery / Baby room decor / animal playmat
    Woodland Nursery Rug / nursery Bear Rug
  • Tigers – Another of the big cats. The orange and black colors of a tiger are perfect eye catchers to bring your guests eyes to every detail of the nursery.
  • TIGER BLANKET & Play Mat /Tiger floor mat
  • Giraffes – With those long necks and iconic shapes giraffe themed nursery rugs will break up the traditional square and circular shapes used in a newborn baby’s nursery.
  • Boy Nursery Decor, Playroom Rug, Kids Room Decor, Animal Rug, Jungle Rug, Giraffe Nursery Decor, Animal Nursery decor, Giraffe Pattern, Rugs
    Giraffe Rug Nursery Decor
  • Elephants – Nothing is more adorable than a small baby playing on such a large animal. Elephants are the perfect theme for decorating a neutral nursery. If you and your spouse choose not to know if you are having a boy or girl decorating with elephants are a good choice being that they are typically gray.
  • Crochet Elephant Rug - Made to order
    Crochet Elephant Rug

4 Popular Farm Animal Rugs for Your Nursery

  • Cows & Calves – After seeing how much milk a growing child drinks you are probably going to wish you would have invested in an actual cow. But in all seriousness nothing is cuter than a black and white Holstein rug for your nursery.
  • Pigs & Piglets – Super pink, a little bit chubby, and rolling around in all that “dirt”. I wonder if this reminds you of someone about to move into this room. A Pig or piglet blankets is a great way to accessorize a farm themed nursery and keep your feet off those cold floors.
  • Horses – A majestic animal and one of our favorite types of nursery rugs. Horses are one of the most popular farm animals and look really good in a baby’s nursery.
  • Sheep & Lambs – Soft, peaceful, and adorable are great ways to describe the sheep and lamb rugs you will find in this genre of baby nursery blankets.
  • Kids rug animal rug children rug animal skin rug animal character rug Sheep skin rug hunters rug children rug kids Christmas gift rug unique
  • Sheep Rug

2 Ultra Popular Domestic Animal Nursery Rugs

  • Dogs & Puppies – Some of the most adorable rugs fall within the dog and puppies category. You can almost imagine the wet nose, big eyes, and soft fur of a puppy in your nursery.
  • Cats & Kittens – So you are not a dog person? Well not to worry. The cat and kitten baby nursery rug market almost has as much variety as the dog and puppy category.CROCHET PATTERN The Pugfect Pug Rug Nursery Mat Carpet PDF Crochet Pattern with Instant Download
    Pug Rug Nursery Mat Carpet PDF Crochet Pattern

Hopefully we were able to help you in your search for the perfect animal nursery rugs. You really can’t go wrong with an animal themed nursery. Just remember though that the room should be just as comfortable for the newborn as it is for you. You will be spending a lot of quality time together in there.

CLOUD RUG, Felt Rug, Nursery Rug