Featured Etsy Designer Michal Keren Gelman



Featured Etsy Designer Michal Keren Gelman

Featured Etsy Designer Michal Keren Gelman

Michal Keren Gelman’s Etsy storefront is appropriately named Free Folding and takes its name from her style of ceramic design.

What You Can Expect From Featured Etsy Designer Michal Keren Gelman

Beautiful handcrafted ceramics are abundant in this trendy little Etsy shop. Michal Keren Gleman is a life long designer and her love for art and life shows through in her beautiful work. Her work is delicate, well thought out, and overall stunning. Even though her beautiful art is travelling the world over she takes great care in packing each piece so that it arrives to her valued customers as safely as possible. Her playful approach to work and life is reflected in everything she does.

Not to worry about her work suiting your home. Her timeless designs will suit anything from the most traditional of homes all the way to the most modern skyline apartments.

She welcomes your questions and you can find her contact information below.

What You Will Find In The Featured Etsy Designer Michal Keren Gelman Shop

Ceramic Bowls

Will give your home an old world charm that you just can’t find in a retail store. These ceramic bowls perfect conversation piece for your next dinner party.

Ceramic Serving Bowl , Fruit Bowl , light blue Bowl , Geometric Pattern salad Bowl

Ceramic Serving Bowl

Ceramic serving set , White decorative serving bowls , tall matching serving dishes decorated with a dashed lines spiral print

Ceramic Serving Set

white Ceramic Bowls , ceramic serving set , Modern Serving Bowl , Snack Plate , small Candy Dish , set of two

Small Candy Dish

Ceramic Vases

A meeting of both functionality meeting beauty. These ceramic vases are the perfect place for you to store your cooking utensils, flowers, and potted plants.

Ceramic kitchen utensil holder , white utensil jar , white modern utensil holder, Kitchen utensil storage , kitchen crock

Ceramic Kitchen Utensil Holder

Geometric ceramic Planter ,turquoise succulent planter , modern ceramic planter , blue patterned vase , Air Plant Pot, ceramic flower pot

Geometric Ceramic Planter

Geometric vase , Gray Ceramic Vase, modern vase, Gray Planter ,ceramic flower pot, Succulent Planter, Contemporary ceramic

Gray Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Cups

A very welcoming place to hold your warm drinks on a cold day. They almost make you wish that it was cold out all the time.

Modern Ceramic Cup, Gray Dessert Cups, Geometric Patterned cup,Chocolate cup, Small baking dish, Ice Cream Bowl, Fruit Salad Cup,SET OF TWO

Modern Ceramic Cup

Ceramic tumbler, ceramic white tall cup , White Patterned tumbler , textured ceramic tumbler

Ceramic Tumbler

Porcelain Coffee Mug

Ceramic Plates

These ceramic plates are the finest way to present a meal you worked so hard on.

Ceramic Pottery Plate

Gray Ceramic Plate, Ceramic pottery plate, serving platters, Gray Ceramic Tray, Decorative ceramic plates, Stoneware dinnerware

Gray Ceramic Plate

Ceramic White Plates

Ceramic Trays

These ceramic trays are instant features at your next event. They are inviting, classic, and beautiful.

White Ceramic Plate Set, Ceramic Serving platter,ceramic nesting set, white serving dish,pattern Serving trays ,decorative Serving platters.

Ceramic Serving Platter

ceramic serving set in gray reserve for Natalia and William's guests

Ceramic Serving Set

Blue Splash Pattern Tray

Contacting Featured Etsy Designer Michal Keren Gelman

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