Featured Designers

Featured Designers

Featured Designers

Every now and again we add some truly spectacular designers to the featured designers section of our website. We try to feature designers from all walks of life and all areas of the world.  Our website is dedicated to helping lessor known but soon to be know designers gain popularity.

Through the informative articles we publish and our social media presence we showcase the work of some very talented artists. Since art and design are very diverse fields you will find we feature some truly diverse artists. If what you see is not your cup of tea today. Be sure to check back in a week or so as we are always pushing out new articles and new featured designers.

Some Of The Types Of Designers We Feature

Below are just a few of the many types of designers we are always looking to help gain some exposure for.

  • Painters
  • Sculptures
  • Wood Workers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Jewelry Designers
  • Clothing Designers

Looking To Be One Of Trendy New Designers Featured Designers

Do you work on Etsy or on one of the print on demand services like Zazzle or Cafépress? Get in touch with us. We love to here from all types of artists from all different backgrounds. Even though we may not be feature you right away it may be because we have your work in mind for an upcoming article.

If you are interested in being featured check out the other articles that were put together by the designers we currently feature. Do a quick write about similar to what you see about who you are as an artist and what you are doing. It has to be original content though. It can’t not be just copied and pasted from your profile or other website. We will give you your own page featuring your work.

We never charge the featured designers on our site. The images and links are affiliate links and we only get paid when the artist gets paid.