Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

If you haven’t made relaxing aromatherapy scented candles a part of your everyday life you aren’t taking care of yourself properly. To say that life is hard would be an understatement. If you find it easy then you aren’t really living.

Almost everyone we talk to have taken on more than we can handle. The toll of everyday life, work, and kids gets the best of all of us. It might not be bad today, but you should be prepared for it.

Preparing for the Worst and You’re Ready for Anything

The best way to prepare for anything life can throw at you is to take time for yourself every day. All you need is a few minutes to yourself to focus on your mental health. Running a hot bath, taking a peaceful walk, or even an hour of reading will help you decompress.

When at home you need to set the mood to relax. Light music, a glass of wine, and comfortable clothes can help your problems disappear. Aromatherapy is another option. Relaxing aromatherapy scented candles not only provide relaxing scents but they also relax you with the flickering of the lit wick.

Set of three Scented Soy Candles, 4 oz soy candles
Rosemary Sage Scented Soy Candles

Ten of the Best Times to Use Relaxing Aromatherapy Scented Candles

  • After A Long Day at Work.
  • To Help With Sleeplessness and Insomnia.
  • To Decompress After Challenging Day.
  • For When the Stresses of Life Begin To Take Their Tolls.
  • To Assist With Relaxation During a Nice Hot Bath.
  • After an Argument with a Friend or Family Member.
  • Preparing to Speak to a Large Group of People.
  • An Accident That Threw Your Entire Day Off.
  • Illness or Injury in Your Family.
  • The Always Dreaded Tax Time.
  • Awesome Coconut Shell Candle, Coconut Candles, Soy Candles - Scented Candles - Soy Wax Candles - Unique Gift
    Coconut Shell Candle

Relaxing Scents for Sleep Related Issues

It is unfortunate but stress leads to sleep related issues. To make matters worse not sleeping only makes your ability to deal with stress even worse.

Lilac aromatherapy scented candles are perfect for those of you having trouble sleeping. Be very careful with candles prior to bedtime as fire is a dangerous hazard. Ensure someone else is home while burning the candle. Or choose to use essential oils instead.

Other Popular Scented Candles to Improve your Sleeping Habits

Relaxing Scents for Anxiety

Eucalyptus aromatherapy scented candles are a favorite first thing in the morning to relieve any anxiety you might have. Fresh brisk scents help improve overall mood.

Additional Relaxing Aromatherapy Scents for Coping with Anxiety

Relaxing Scents for Stress

Lavender Aromatherapy Scented Candles are one of the most popular aromatic scented candles for

Some More Calming Scented Candles to Assist With Stress

Give Yourself Some Me Time 15 Minutes Per Day

Even a 15 minute break of just “YOU Time” with some relaxing aromatherapy scented candles is enough to help you release some built up tension. It will help you recognize how important taking mental health break is.

It is something that will make a difference in all aspects of our lives. From our home life all the way to the office.

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Rustic Scented Candles

Rustic Scented Candles

Rustic Scented Candles

Rustic scented candles are a great way to bring back fond memories of our past. Scents of all types just seem to have a way of refreshing our memories of past experiences or people we have forgotten about. For example the sharp smell of tobacco may bring back memories fond memories of the times we spent with our grandfathers. Struggling to remember a camping trip you had a great time on? Why not burn a spruce scented candle and trigger these fond memories.

Scented candles are a great inexpensive way to bring these scents to your home temporarily. Candles even the unscented types are calming. The flickering light of the flame on the wick is almost mesmerizing in the night time. The therapeutic benefits of scented candles make the purchase of an artisan candle well worth what you will pay for it. You just have to find a scent that works for you and that will bring out your past.

Popular Scents within the Rustic Theme of Scented Candles

Some of the more popular rustic scented candles you will find on the market place are as follows:

Pine – A great scent for the Holiday season. Even though a lot of us have moved away from real Christmas trees we can still bring the pine scent back into our homes.


Werifesteria – Pine Forest Scented Candle DART WOOD WICK, Black Arrow Candles

Home Cooking & Baking – Who doesn’t love the smells of home cooking and baking. Cookies, cobbler, and good old vanilla are some of the more popular scents of rustic themed candles.

Bacon Scented Soy Candle, Farmhouse Breakfast, Mens Candle, Rustic Candle, bacon candle, pancake candle, hand poured candle
Bacon Scented Soy Candle, Farmhouse Breakfast Candle

Hard Liquors – Usually mixed with other scents hard liquor scented candles are a perfect gift for a liquor connoisseur. Very popular in this field are rums and whiskeys.

Jack Candle
Jack Daniel’s Candle

Fruit Flavored Cakes and Pies – Nothing is more welcoming then walking into a home and being greeted by the scents of cakes and pies baking.

Apple Pie Candle
Apple Pie Candle

Leather – Leather is just one of those classic smells that bring back fond memories. Although the smell itself doesn’t stick in the leather its self for long doesn’t mean you can’t bring the smell back with the quick light of the candle.

Natural oil finished leather candle

Wood – An earthy smell to bring you back to nature. A strong wood candle is relaxing and a great way to add ambiance to your Sunday afternoon.

Autumn Woods Candle – Fall Candle – Autumn Leaves Candle

Tobacco – A good mild tobacco scented candle is a great way to add character to a study, library, or cottage.

Whiskey Tobacco Man Candle – Our “Grandpa” Soy Candle 4 or 8 oz
Whiskey Tobacco Candle

Rustic Scented Candles for the Holidays

For a lot of us the holidays hold some truly fond memories. Maybe for some of us it is the pine or spruce scent that we are missing from our artificial tree. Maybe it is the smell of peppermint from the candy canes we use to enjoy as children. Or it could be smell of fresh gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. Well you can find almost all the scents of the holidays in candles.

Although Christmas scented candles are probably the most popular of the holiday scented candles you can still find candles scented to your holiday you are after. You will find a wide variety of rustic scented candles perfect for Easter and Thanksgiving. I have a pumpkin spiced candle that I like to bring out and light from October to November. My guests seem to love it to as we always receive compliments when we let it burn.

Beeswax Candle Collection - Six Stars, Glowing Bright - Pollen Arts Bottle-Shaped Candles
Beeswax Candle
Pumpkin Pie Candle 5 inch
Pumpkin Pie Candle

Rustic Candle Holders

Aside from the burn and scent of your rustic scented candles, one of the best ways to add ambiance to any room is with a rustic themed candle holder. Metallic candle sticks are great but you can go way more rustic to suit the space you are decorating. Birch candle stick holders look great in almost any home or cottage. Birch bark itself has an iconic natural pattern that take people back to nature.

So next time you are looking to spruce up your rustic décor why not add some rustic scented candles. They are inexpensive, smell great, and will bring you back to the finer points in your life.

White birch candle holders,candle holders,log candle holders,tea light candle holders,rustic candle holders,set of three
White birch candle holders
Hanging Half Pint Ball Jar Candle Holder Sconce






Faux Fur Throw Pillows

Faux Fur Throw Pillows

Faux Fur Throw Pillows

Another stylish way to add new life to your living room is with faux fur throw pillows. Although we are not here to judge on fur vs faux fur when it comes to throw pillows we suggest going with faux fur for your throws. Plain and simple throw pillows are probably something you are going to change out every couple years.

Throw pillows are a great way to add life to your living room or bedroom. Not only are they pleasing to your eyes but they are also amazing to cozy up to after a long day at work or tuck under your head when you are in desperate need of a nap.

Ivory faux fur pillow oversized 24inch square
Ivory faux fur pillow oversized 24inch
Pink Heart Pillow Pink Accent Pillow Throw Pillow Decorative Pillow Nursery Decor Fur Pillow Pink Decor Kids Room Decor Baby Pillow
Pink Heart Pillow ,Pink Fur Accent Pillow


Faux Fur Pillow Cover | Snow Leopard Cushion Cover


Why We Reccomend Faux Fur Over Real Fur Throw Pillows

Like we said above we wouldn’t judge if you were in search of real fur throw pillows. We suggest going with imitation fur though when you are shopping for accessory pillows. Textured throw pillows are not the easiest things to clean and its not like you can throw it into the wash machine when it gets dirty or dusty. You kind of have to look at it like a disposable item. Real fur on the other hand will cost you a pretty penny and will get just a filthy as every other type of textured accessory pillow.

READY TO SHIP - Rustic Bear Pillow - Faux Fur Pillow, 20X20, Fur Pillow, , Home Decor, Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Decor,Holiday Decor
Rustic Faux Bear Pillow – Faux Fur Pillow
Brown Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers, Faux Animal Print Pillow
Dreaming Unicorn Embroidered Pillow / Fairytale Nursery / Unicorn Decor / Little Girl's Room
Dreaming Unicorn Embroidered Pillow / Fairytale Nursery Pillow



Why Faux Fur Throw Pillows Are So Trendy

The answer is really quiet simple. Faux fur throw pillows are inexpensive and they add life and texture to any home they are featured in. They also come in a large variety and styles to suite any style of decorating you could imagine.

Another reason why faux fur throw pillows are so popular is they look really good in most homes. They add a third dimension to your decorating. This hold especially true in living rooms and bedrooms. Just have a look around your own home. Most home accessories are square and rectangular and appear to be more 2 dimension when hung or placed throughout your home. A well placed  faux fur throw pillow will help to break this up.

Faux fur Throw Pillow
Tribal pattern Faux fur Throw Pillow
Faux Fur Throw Pillow • Snow Leopard • Decor Pillow • Holiday Gift • Plush Fur Bedding • Animal Print Decor • Fur You Snow Leopard 20x20
Faux Fur Throw Pillow • Snow Leopard Faux Fur


Pug Pillows

Pug Pillows

Pug Pillows

A popular trend in small space decorating is using pug pillows to accesorize your living spaces. Pugs themselves have in recent years become one of the most popular dog breeds for small space owners. Although not the most active of all dog breeds they are perfect for people with an urban lifestyle.

Some of us are not fortunate enough to have a pug dog to come home to everyday. It may be because we live in a building that doesn’t accept pets or it may be because we have allergies. It doesn’t mean that they still can’t bring joy to our hearts everyday.  Pug pillows are a great way to bring all  love, joy, and silliness a pug will bring into your home without bringing one home.

Pug Pillow, Dog Pillow, Pillow Case, Pug, Pug Picture, Dog
Funny Pug Pillow
Pug Pillow Plushie – Wilma the Pug – Cool Cushion for a child’s room or a gift for a Pug fan
Black Pug cushion pillow. An original design, handmade in Bath, UK
Black Pug cushion pillow

Home Accessories With A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Sometimes the uglier something is the more beautiful it becomes. Pugs are no exception to this rule. They actually are the best examples. Although they will probably never will you a canine beauty pageant they will melt the hearts of your friends and family. That beauty of the pug shines through even on home decor.

Pug gifts wine gift Pug pillow Pug cushion wine décor wine pillow cover Decorative Throw Pillow Throw cushion dog scatter cushion dog lover
Pug gifts wine gift Pug pillow Pug cushion wine décor
Black Pug Log Pillow
Pug Pillow 12"x18" // Pug Art // Pug Mom // Dog Breed Pillow // Dog Mom // Dog Breed Art // Gift for Dog Lover // Pet Gift
Pug Pillow For Pug Lovers

Take A Load Of Your Mind A Soul

Throw pillows are one of my favorite home decor accessories. Throw pillows are not only comfortable to cozy up with but they also allow your personality to come through. The people who feature pug pillows in their homes are usually fun loving, light hearted, and loving. Just like the pug dogs they are featuring in their homes.

So next time you are thinking of adding some new life to your home why not try decorating with some of these great pug pillows. They will bring a smile to your guests faces but the pillows don’t snore or pass gas like those beautiful little dogs.

M Pug pillow - dog bed - pouf - pugs - cute
Pug pillow dog bed
Pug Decor | Pug Cushion | Pug Home Decor | Pug Pillow | Pug Throw Pillow | Pug Pillow Cover | Pug Gift |
Superhero Pug Throw Pillow
Custom Pet Pillow Portrait Cushion - Fun Gift for a dog - cat - rabbit owner
Custom Pet Pillow Portrait Cushion – Fun Gift for pet owners













​​​​​Autumn Acorn Decorations

Autumn Acorn Decorations

Autumn Acorn Decorations

Autumn acorn decorations are a great way to spruce up your home for the fall season. It is kind of funny that something as simple as an acorn can add some extra charm to your already charming home.

Autumn has to be one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time for drastic changes in the natural world. The weather begins to cool which causes the leaves to change colors and fall from the trees. As summer begins to turn to fall we all start to spend more and more time in our homes which makes it the perfect time to begin to decorate our homes.

felted wool acorn ornaments
Acorn Wreath, Fall Wreath, Autumn Wreath, Rustic Wreath, Natural Wreath, Front Door Wreath, Acorn Decor, Natural Decor, Woodland Decor
Acorn Wreath,Rustic Fall Wreath, Autumn Wreath
Woodland Acorn Birdhouse, Decorative Birdhouse, Mothers Day Gift, Rustic Decor, Naturalist
Woodland Acorn Birdhouse, Decorative Birdhouse
2cups (100) Acorns, fall decorations, real acorns, Dried acorns, wedding natural, country, northwoods decorations, ,craft, fall decoration
fall decoration real acorns
Thanksgiving Table Runner Autumn Table Runner Fall Table Runner Give Thanks Cotton Canvas Table Runner Farmhouse Decor Autumn Decor Acorn
Acorn Give Thanks Thanksgiving Table Runner
Acorn Cap Candles

The Icons Of Autumn

No matter the time of the year we all have certain images ingrained in our hearts and minds as being particular to the season we are in. For example during spring we think of light pastel colors like pink, blue, and lavender. We think of fresh vibrant flowers and fresh green leaves and grass.

Autumn on the other hand we think of earthy type colors like oranges, browns, and yellows. We think of freshly harvested farmers fields, pumpkins, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. One of these traditional fall icons is beginning to show up more and more is homes and stores across North America. That item is acorns and acorn themed household decorations. I know what your thinking. That was a lot of build up for just acorns. Well just go online or to a local store and you are sure to see acorns being used as decorations.

Gold and Silver Acorns with affixed caps - Real Acorns- Autumn decorations, DIY Rustic Wedding supplies - Autumn Wedding- Clean & dried
Gold and Silver Acorns with affixed caps – Real Acorns Autumn decorations
Acorn Doorstop, Wood Door Wedge, Small Artisan Gift, Gift under 25
Acorn Doorstop, Wood Door Wedge
Woodland Acorn Box
Real Acorns from Utah 25 in Set | Fall Decor DIY Craft Supplies | Fall wreaths DIY | Thanksgiving Table Decorations | Set of 25 | SALE
Real Acorns from Utah

Trendy Autumn Acorn Decorations

Below is a just a small taste of some of the autumn acorn decorations you will find in your search for fall home decor. As you can see that little acorn can add some serious style and charm to your home. No matter if you plan to decorate with real natural acorns or artificial acorns they can really add a degree of inviting warmth to your home just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner party. Autumn acorn decorations are one of our favorite decorating accessories and we hope they will become one of your favorites.

Velvet Acorns, Silk Velvet Acorns
SQUIRREL X-ING, Squirrel Crossing, Personalized Sign, Outdoor Sign, Nature Signage, Gift for Nature Lover, Gift for Dad, Grandpa, Grandma
SQUIRREL X-ING, Squirrel Crossing Sign
Linic UK Made Acorn Top Fence Finial x 1 & 3" Fence Post Cap. Rot Proof, UK Made. (GT0007) Free UK Delivery
Linic UK Made Acorn Top Fence Finial x 1 & 3″ Fence Post Cap


















​​​​​Trendy Autumn Kitchen Decorations

Trendy Autumn Kitchen Decorations



Trendy Autumn Kitchen Decorations

These trendy autumn kitchen decorations are a great way to bring new life to your home right before Thanksgiving. One of the greatest joys I have is redecorating my home for the changing of the seasons. And to be honest their is just something about the fall and its colors that I just love.

No you don’t have to go too crazy when you are decorating for the fall its just nice to have a few timeless fall decorations to add some warmth to your home when it starts to get cold outside and the leaves fall.

Light up Burlap Wreath, Fourth of July Wreath, Country Wreath, Lighted Wreath, Star Wreath, 4th of July Wreath, Patriotic Wreath
Light up Burlap Star Wreath


Pumpkin Spice Fall Art, Fall Print, Fall Printable, Fall Decor, Fall Signs, Coffee Bar Decor, Coffee Bar Art, Thanksgiving, Decor, Print
Pumpkin Spice Fall Art


NEW*** Fall Flour Sack Towel, Fall Kitchen Towel, Kitchen Towel, Cotton Towel, Tea Towel, Fall Towel, Pumpkin Dish Towel, Happy Fall Y'All
Happy Fall Kitchen Towel

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Your Home

I find in the fall I seem to spend a bit more time in the kitchen and where I seem to go the family follows. A lot of the traditional fall crafts we do with our children are done in the kitchen. Also with the kids being back in school I seem to be in the kitchen more baking cookies and making lunches.

Having some trendy autumn kitchen decorations around the kitchen and dining room just seems to put me more in the mood for both Halloween and Thanksgiving which if you need a reminder is quickly sneaking up on us again.

Pumpkin Mug - Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice - Pumpkin Spice Season - Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mug - Happy Fall Yall - Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Coffee Mug
But First, Pumpkin Spice Latte vintage hand stamped tea spoon

Chic Fall Table Settings

Since so much time is spent around the dining room table at our home either entertaining a diner party or just having a relaxing coffee this is the first place I like to start my fall decorating.

If I had to choose one item to recommend that everyone buys when shopping for trendy autumn kitchen decorations it would be a nice centerpiece for your kitchen table. Nothing else you can buy for your autumn kitchen decor will turn heads like a nice centerpiece. Buying just one will make all the difference in the world. Sure you could buy one for Halloween and one for Thanksgiving but if you could only buy one a great universal fall orange and brown centerpiece should be what you are after. It is not only suitable for both Halloween and Thanksgiving but it will look great on your table from any time after September first all the way until your break out those Christmas decorations.


Table Runner , Available In Different Length, Table Napkins, Thanksgiving Table Runner,, Table Cover
Mod Floral Table Runner


Set of 12 Burlap Lace Placemats - Wedding placemats - Home decor 
Burlap Lace Placemats
Wood Pantry Jar Lids

Let’s Talk Turkey Over Some Turkey

Living in North America I think its pretty much ingrained in all of us that the best thing you can eat in the fall is turkey. One of the best ways to win over the hearts and minds of friends and family is to serve them a wonderful turkey dinner. Although that giant bird is great to eat it is also one of those iconic fall images you can decorate with.

Check any local home decor retailer or online store during the fall and you are sure to find some wonder full autumn kitchen decorations that feature a turkey and maybe some pilgrims.


TURKEY PLATTER, Holiday Platter, Raised Relief Design, Large, Handmade Pottery, 14" wide, Thanksgiving Platter, Tray, Serving, Tom Turkey
TURKEY PLATTER, Thanksgiving Platter, Raised Relief Design
Thanksgiving Decor, Custom Thanksgiving Gift, Personalized Kitchen Towel, Family Gift, Personalized Tea Towel, Thanksgiving Turkey Tea Towel
Personalized Kitchen Towel, Thanksgiving Family Gift
Wood Turkey Monogram, Thanksgiving Door Décor, Fall Door Décor, Door Hanger, Turkey Door Hanger, Wood Monogram, Wooden Turkey, Thanksgiving
Wood Turkey Monogram, Thanksgiving Door Décor
Turkey Ornies EPATTERN - primitive thanksgiving fall halloween cloth craft digital download pattern - 1.99 - PDF
Turkey Ornies E PATTERN – primitive thanksgiving fall halloween cloth craft digital download pattern

Fall Table Settings

Thanksgiving is a really big deal in our household. Nothing beats getting together with friends and family to share a good meal and spend some time together. Being such a food focused holiday a lot of time is spent in the kitchen and the dining room.

A well decorated table is a great way to welcome your guests for a autumn diner party or Thanksgiving supper.
Some of the most popular trendy autumn kitchen decorations include napkins, table runners, a table cloth, and salt and pepper shakers. Luckily their is wide selection of fall table accessories that won’t cost you a fortune.


Waffle Cone Roller - Sugar Cone Roller - Pizzelle Cone Roller - Homemade Ice Cream Cone Coronet - Wood Krumkake Roller
Waffle Cone Roller
Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mug - Fall Mug - Fall Coffee Mug - Pumpkin Spice Latte - Gift for Her - Extra Large Coffee Mug - Glass Coffee Mug
Pumpkin Spice Glass Coffee Mug

Going Nuts With Acorns

Acorns, falling leaves, and scarecrows are some of the most popular images when people think of fall. Acorns are a very fitting decoration to spruce up your kitchen for fall. A mason jar, vase or clear glass bowl of acorns is an inexpensive way to add some trendy autumn kitchen decorations to your home.

Woodland Acorn Button Box, Keepsake Box, Jewelry Storage, Wood Box, Gift Under 100, Naturalist
Woodland Acorn Button Box

Autumn Candles and Fall Candlestick Holders

Nothing is more romantic than a candle lit dinner with a loved one. Although a family filled Thanksgiving dinner is not the most romantic of diners candles will add a nice ambiance and mood to your entertaining.

As we said earlier you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your fall kitchen decorations. A clear bowl with floating candles, an old wine bottle or two with simple white candles, or just scented candle smelling of pumpkin pie is all you need.

Primitive Candles, Rustic Country Candle
Primitive Canning Lid Candle Holders
Metal tree branch sculpture wall sconce with hand turned acorn for votive and pillar candles
Metal tree branch sculpture wall sconce with hand turned acorn for votive and pillar candles
Fall candle holders, set of 4,ooak
Primitive Fall candle holders


Decorating Yourself For Fall

Finally one of the best things to decorate in your kitchen for fall is yourself. Below are some truly amazing fall inspired aprons,kitchen towels, oven mitts, and pot holders.

When shopping for trendy autumn kitchen decorations remember what you can’t afford to buy you can always try to make. A lot of the most beautiful fall kitchen accessories can be found falling off the trees.

Kitchen Menu Chalkboard, 12x24, Chalkboard Menu, Primitive
Primitive Kitchen Menu Chalkboard
White Pumpkins EPATTERN-primitive halloween fall thanksgiving cloth craft digital download sewing pattern - PDF-1.99
White Pumpkins PATTERN-primitive halloween fall thanksgiving cloth craft digital download sewing pattern






Inexpensive Autumn Home Decor

Inexpensive Autumn Home Decor

Inexpensive Autumn Home Decor

Shopping for inexpensive autumn home decor just got a whole lot easier than it use to be. Before the internet it use to be a real challenge to find classy fall home decor that was affordable. Well those day are long gone and you can find some truly great fall decorations to fit any budget.

Home Decorating Ideas For  Autumn

It always seems like the transition from summer to fall happens so quickly. Around the middle of august the weather in the mornings begins to get a little bit cooler and you start to notice the leaves are begging to change to their fall colors. The changes in the seasons always seems to inspire me to decorate our home. Fall is no exception. Some people dread the end of summer but I actually look forward to it.

Monogrammed ORANGE Berry Wreath
Pumpkin Spice Tea Towel - Autumn Kitchen Towel Fall Flour Sack Towel Holiday Baking Autumn Wreath Fall Towel Autumn Decor Thanksgiving
Pumpkin Spice Tea Towel


Traditional Fall Home Decor

Fall And Autumn Inspired Wreaths – A welcoming sight for all your friends and family members visiting during the fall months. Wreaths are a great way to show your spirit and also contribute to the beauty of your neighborhood.

Front Door heart, Front Door , Wreaths , Wreath ,Fall Decor , Autumn Wreath, Front Door Decoration ,thanksgiving decor
Autumn heart wreath
Succulent Angelique wreath, Patio Garden Wreath, 14" wreath, decorating with plants, jewel tone wreath, succulent decor, living wreath
Succulent wreath
Pleated Burlap Wreath, Fall Wreath, Anytime Wreath, Autumn Wreath, Natural Wreath, Rustic Wreath, All Seasons Wreath, Front Door Wreath
Pleated Burlap Wreath

Autumn Signs and Garland – Fall inspired signs and garland are a great way to bring life to your bookshelves, fireplace mantles, and shelves.  Even though it is starting to get cold outside your house will be full of warmth and beauty.

Fall or Halloween Rag Garland with Optional Chevron Burlap Button Bows, Fall Mantel Decor, Halloween Mantel, Fall Garland, Fall Rag Bunting
Rag Garland

Happy Fall Banner, Happy Fall Sign, Fall Decor, Happy Fall Garland, Fall Sign, Welcome Fall Banner, Thanksgiving Decoration, Fall Banners,

Happy Fall Banner

Fall Mantle Garland

Decorative Pumpkins – No matter if you are using real pumpkins or artificial ones these iconic symbols of autumn will added a great ambiance to your home.

Vintage Upcycled Book Pumpkin Fall Halloween book page sculpture Thanksgiving Decor Autumn Decoration home decor shelf decoration
Vintage Upcycled Book Pumpkin
shabby chic pumpkins
Glitter Gold White Pumpkin, Gold Glitter Monogram Pumpkin, White Pumpkin Decor, Gold Pumpkin Letter
Glitter Gold White Pumpkin
Fabric Pumpkin Trio, Plaid Burlap Pumpkin, Burlap Pumpkin, Halloween Pumpkin, fall pumpkin, fabric pumpkin, home decor pumpkin,
Plaid Burlap Pumpkin

Fall Candles – Home decor doesn’t always have to be visual. Candles not only look great but they can add to your home decorating with the scents of the season. Pumpkin pie, spiced desserts, and various woodland trees are famous fall scents. Candles are inexpensive autumn home decor that you can add to your home for very little money.

Pumpkin Spice Pure Soy Candle //Large Pint 16 oz.// Half Pint 8 oz candle/Mason Jar Candle/Hand Poured//Fall Candle//Autumn Candle
Pure Soy Pumpkin Spice Candle

Yes you are right! Those realistic looking “apple pie” and “candy apple” are in fact candles !

Apple Pie Candle
Realistic look Apple Pie Candle
Fancy Trick or Treat Caramel Candy Apple Soy Candles
Candy Apple Soy Candles
Fruit Candle - Red Apple - Sweet Apple Scented Candle - Hand Painted Candle Ball - Funny Fruit Decor - Quirky Food Candle - Summer Candle
Apple Fruit Candle
Acorn Cap Candle, Eco Friendly Floating Vanilla Scented Candles, Baby Shower Decor Favors, Rustic Decor, Birthday Candles, Wedding Favors
Acorn Cap Floating Candle

Autumn and Fall Wall Art – Paintings, photographs, and fall posters are a great way to add a vibrant welcoming appearance to your home. Look for wall art that features popular fall images like orange and brown leaves, gourds, and scarecrows. Popular fall colors include oranges, browns, and reds.

Rustic Wall Decor, Farmhouse Decor, Reclaimed Wood Art, Metal Outdoor Wall Art, Gypsy Decor, Primitive Decor, Bohemian, Primitive Wreath
Bohemian Primitive Wall Deco
Fall sign, autumn sign, pumpkin sign, hayride sign, pumpkins and hayrides, fall decor, autumn home decor
pumpkins and hayrides fall sign
Fall Sign, Tis The Season to Be Thankful Sign, Fall Wall Hanging, Fall Art, Autumn Sign, Thanksgiving Sign, Thanksgiving Decor, Fall Quote
Tis The Season to Be Thankful Sign
Farmhouse Style Metal Pumpkin, Harvest Metal Pumpkin, Distressed Metal Pumpkin, Farmhouse Fall Decor, Autumn Decor, Metal Pumpkin, Halloween
Farmhouse Style Metal Pumpkin Wall Decor
SALE 20% OFF Triple Dream catcher Mobile, Woodland Nursery Decor Large Boho Dreamcatcher Mobile, Baby Boy Nursery, Baby Girl Nursery
Dream catcher Mobile
Typography fall harvest sign

Autumn Inspired Table Settings And Table Clothes – Being that Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays of the year it is a good idea to invest in a Autumn table cloth and table settings.

Thanksgiving Table Runner Autumn Table Runner Fall Table Runner Give Thanks Cotton Canvas Table Runner Farmhouse Decor Autumn Decor Acorn
Thanksgiving Table Runner
Burlap Ruffle Tablecloth
Burlap Ruffle Tablecloth


Long Rustic Wood Tray With Handles and Mason Jars, Lighted Mason Jars, Rustic Tray Centerpiece, Wood Table Tray With Jars, Decorative Tray
Long Rustic Wood Tray With Handles and Mason Jars


Fall Ceramics And Accent Pieces – A well placed fall knick knack can be a real head turner for your guests. These autumn accent pieces are inexpensive autumn home decor that you shouldn’t pass on.

Ceramic Cup - Ceramic Tea Cup - Ceramic Tea Mug
espresso cup ceramic mug
blue lace ceramic plate - BLUE SERVING PLATE - ceramic plate for christmas wedding party or everyday table
lace ceramic plate
Ceramic Salad Bowl, Serving bowl, Gray ceramic serving dish, Fruit Bowl, Ready To Ship!!
Ceramic Salad Bowl



Autumn Welcome Mats – Another great way to welcome your guests is with a fall inspired welcome mat on your front step. Not only do they look great but they will help to keep your floors clean and tidy every time someone comes into your home.

Custom Initial Monogram Welcome Mat
Trick or Treat Doormat Item [Halloween, fall doormat, witch doormat, smell my feet, halloween doormat, fall decoration] - gfy83178127X
Trick or Treat Funny Doormat
Thanksgiving Doormat- Thankful- Custom Hand Painted
Thanksgiving Doormat
Bird Illustration Botanical Print Rug


Shopping For Inexpensive Autumn Home Decor Online

Fall themed home decor is not something you have to buy all at once. When it comes to decorating your home for any occasion its better to take your time and add a piece here and there.

Online is a great place to buy your inexpensive autumn home decor. If you are like me you are probably on a budget. Online retailers offer millions of great fall inspired products that would be perfect for your home decorating. They are typically less expensive than local retailers as the designer does not have to pay for a store front. Also a lot of the designers you will find online are just crafty people like you and me and have turned their passion into a business.

Pumpkin Burlap Wreath
Poufs Floor Cushions Pouf Ottoman Meditation Cushion Pouffe Floor Pillow Pouf Seating Floor Pouf Cushion Cover
bohemian Floor Cushions
Leaf Firepit Sphere

























Fall Wreaths

Fall Wreaths

Fall Wreaths

Fall wreaths are a beautiful sign that summer is starting to transition into fall. As I take my evening walk through our neighborhood I am already beginning to notice some of my neighbors are already getting into the spirit of fall and are putting up their wreaths.

To say that summer went by this year is an understatement. It seems like just yesterday that it was june and I was planting my garden. Now I look out our window in the evening and I am starting to notice a few signs of the changing seasons. The wind is a bit crisper and cooler, the leaves are starting to change from vibrant greens to yellows and browns, and the neighborhood kids are heading back to school.

Traditional Fall Wreaths

Certain images are traditionally associated with fall. Pumpkins, fallen leaves, acorns, and even footballs. To go along with those iconic fall images their are certain colors that we traditionally associate with autumn.

Decorating for fall is one of my favorite times of the year to decorate. Their is just something about the fall colors that make a home more welcoming to guests.

Orange Berry Monograms Fall Wreath
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mesh acorn wreath
Cotton Wreath

Halloween Fall Wreaths

As we make our way through September and find ourselves into October it starts to become that time of the year when we begin to decorate our homes for Halloween. Aside from a freshly carved pumpkin another great way to welcome those young trick or treat enthusiasts is with a Halloween fall wreath. Although the neighborhood children might not notice your wreath in all the excitement of Halloween their parents sure will. A great Halloween wreath is welcoming and encourages everyone else on your street to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween Wreath, Fall Burlap Wreath, Front Door Wreaths for Fall, Boo Sign, Front Porch Decor, Boo! Halloween Decorations
Burlap Halloween Wreath
Pumpkin Burlap Wreath
Halloween Wreath, Spider Wreath, Eek Wreath, Door Wreath, Holiday Wreath, Deco Mesh Wreath, Eye Wreath, Black and White Wreath
Halloween Spider Wreath

Thanksgiving Fall Wreaths

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. Its a time when family and friends gather together to celebrate the fall harvest and share a meal together. It is the time of the year when you graciously welcome friends and family into your home. A great way to welcome them is with a Thanksgiving inspired wreath on your door.

Fall Wreath, Fall Decor, Burlap Wreath, Thanksgiving wreath, Harvest Wreath, Burnt Orange wreath, Front door wreath, Autumn wreath
Burlap Thanksgiving wreath
Pumpkin Wreath - Fall Wreath - Thanksgiving Wreath - Halloween Wreath - Pumpkin Shaped Wreath - Autumn Wreath - Thanksgiving Pumpkin Wreath
Pumpkin Wreath
Turkey wreath
Turkey wreath


Rustic Fall Wreaths

A safe bet for anyone looking to buy just one fall wreath is to go with a rustic one. The season of fall in itself is a wholesome time of the year. The cooler weather of the season leads friends and family to seek refuge indoors by a cozy fireplace. To add a bit of extra warmth to your home in the fall its advisable to add some rustic tones to your seasonal decorating. Fallen leaves, pine cones, and twigs will all add a rustic ambiance to fall decorating. Burlap and wood wreaths are great ways to add some layers and texture to your decorating.

Fall Wreath ~ Pumpkin Wreath ~ Cotton Wreath ~ Fall Door Wreath ~ Eucalyptus Wreath
Pumpkin Wreath
Fall Wreath - Autumn Wreath - Harvest Wreath - Summer Wreath - Rustic Door Decor - Thanksgiving Wreath
Rustic Autumn Wreath
Deer Antler Barbed Wire Wreath
Burlap Wreath
Texas wreath / Texas flag / Burlap wreath / Lone Star State
Texas wreath








Upcycled Rustic Furniture


Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Upcycled Rustic Furniture For Your Modern Home

When it comes to Upcycled Rustic Furniture you can’t help but think about the old saying “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure”. Although when most people are looking for new furniture they typically look for brand new. Which is fine every home is going to have a good mix of old and new pieces. A better alternative to buying brand new is buying something that will be brand new to you. Like furniture and household accessories that have been crafted from older or unwanted goods.

Go to any landfill today and your are bound to see mountains of plastic and particle board that someone no longer had any use for. A fair sized portion of this plastic and particle was used in manufacturing cheap furniture that was not designed to last throughout the years. These stores that manufacture these goods not only want you to buy their furniture but they also want you to replace it fairly regularly.

Take a step back 30, 40, 50 years and more and craftsmen and craftswomen made items that were built to last with natural materials. Even though the design may not have held up the tests of time the products and materials these people made did. It is no wonder that we spend countless hours scouring local sales and auctions looking for these pieces or that true artists are looking to rebuild them and reuse them to fit into modern homes.

Coffee table, antique dolly, upcycled furniture, handmade furniture, rustic furniture, refurbished firniture, up cycle

upcycled Coffee table, antique dolly

Types Of Materials Used Is Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Barn Wood and Old Weathered Barn Boards  – No one ever said that life on a farm was easy. Especially when it comes to being a barn. Rarely treated in comparison to today’s standards barn boards faced countless days in the sun, snow, rain, and really anything in between. This is where the character and charm of the boards is earned. Keep your eyes open for great barn board flooring, tables, bookshelves, and T.V. stands to incorporate into your own home.

Zoria Crate Coffee Table with Rope Handles - Reclaimed Wood Top & Vintage Crates

Zoria Barn Wood Crate Coffee Table with Rope Handles

Old Ropes and Used Fishing Nets – Country is a great look but not always the look we are all going after. Beach, Nautical, and cottages on the water typically have a piece or two that are accessorized with a set of old ropes are used fishing nets. A work desk draped with an old fishing net not only looks great but is also creates a conversation piece for the next time you have company over.

Hammock Table - Hammock Table - Garden Table - Suspended Table - Rope

Rope Hammock Table – Rustic Garden Table

License Plates – One of the best places to build memories is on the open road. License plates signify freedom and fond memories of vacations and days gone by. Its no wonder that we look to these pieces to accessorize our furniture. You can find vintage license plates on everything from coffee tables to household bars.

Reclaimed Wood and Vintage License Plates Table

Junk Metal – From old signs to wire fencing almost any piece of old junk metal can be recycled into some truly beautiful accent furniture or statues.

Old Suitcases – Yes! Old Suitcases are becoming a popular tool in the world of upcycled rustic furniture.  Not only do they provide a stable piece perfect for a coffee table but they also have their own built in storage. If you are one for the open road why not let your guests see it as soon as they walk into your home.

Vintage sidetable/upcycled cream suitcase/Vintage Luggage/coffee table/Boho decor/interiors/quirky living room storage/suitcase table

suitcase sidetable/Vintage Luggage coffee table

Wall Shelf made from Vintage 1960’s Suitcase Luggage


Old Pipes and Plumbing Materials – From custom made shelving to lighting we are are seeing more and more designers using old pipes and plumbing accessories in modern homes.

Industrial Beer Lamp - Bottle Lighting - Steampunk Fixture - Faucet Switch - Table Lamp Furniture - Bar Decor

Industrial Beer Table Lamp -Steampunk Fixture Faucet Switch

Vintage Jars and Bottles – Go to any furniture or home accessory store and you are bound to see a re-purposed mason jar or two. Mason Jars not only look great in most modern homes but they also act as a tremendous way to store your house hold goods. For the ultra-crafty DIYers out there why not pick up a case of canning jars and little bit of paint and try your hands at designing your own storage. Antique bottles and glasses make great accessories as well. Another trend you will find today is how vintage bottles and jars are being used as lighting covers. These covers provide a character that and warmth that most of use are in search of for our homes.

Mason Jar Pendants Light Fixture With Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood – Although barn wood and barn boards are great it doesn’t mean that all of our re-purposed wood needs to come from the farm. Vintage milk crates, damaged antique furniture, and trim and moldings can all be used to make some stunning modern pieces perfect for almost any home.

These are just a few of the items that modern furniture designers are using to do their part in a more eco-conscious where we should all be trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle more.

Barn Doors in Reclaimed Wood - Tracks Included

Reclaimed Wood Barn Door 

Types Of Upcycled Rustic Furniture That Looks Good In Almost Any Home

Below are just a few of the very many items you can have built or purchase that are made with recycled materials. Again if you are in the market and struggling to find a place to purchase upcycled rustic furniture it is best to start at local farmers markets, carpenters, and then take your search online.

Kitchen and Dinning Tables – The center piece to any kitchen or dinning room is the table. A lot quality family time is spent around a kitchen table for everyday dinners and also during the holidays. A re-purposed dining room table will make a strong statement in any home and bring the character and charm that only old weathered wood could deliver

Farmhouse Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Tables

Wardrobes – The one thing that most of us need is more storage. Wardrobes are perfect for storing not only clothing but they are perfect to keep your towels, sheets, and blankets.

Impressive Antique Heavily Carved French Style Painted Wardrobe Compactum Combination Hall Cupboard Armoire

Impressive Antique Heavily Carved French Style Wardrobe

Dressers and Nightstands – One of the best ways to accessorize any bedroom is to add some matching upcycled dressers or nightstands. It may be a challenge to find that perfect matching set but a mix and match of furniture can also bring your bedroom to life.


Desks and Workstations – It is said that memories are trapped in everything past and present. Why not tap into those past memories as inspiration for your next project or work and buy yourself an upcycled desk or workstation.

Accent Tables – Even in modern homes and condominium units re-purposed accent tables will add a rustic charm and style to your home. They can be easily made from almost anything. Old milk crates, wood pallets, barn wood, and even vintage license plates.

rustic farmhouse entryway table.

rustic farmhouse entryway table

Storage Units – Everything from filing cabinets to books shelves can be made from re-purposed materials.  Mason jars are a great way to keep all your smaller goods tidy and in order. They are perfect not only for the kitchen but also will look great and keep your bathroom organized.

Samantha White Washed Reclaimed Scaffolding Board and Galvanised Steel Pipe Industrial Open Wardrobe/Dressing Room Shelving and Hanging Unit

Samantha White Washed Reclaimed Scaffolding Board and Galvanised Steel Pipe Industrial Open Wardrobe

Shoe Racks – Keeping to our theme of having upcycled rustic furniture in the home for storage next we will look at re-using items to make shoe racks. Old barn boards or wood pallets can easily be turned into a shoe rack to keep your foyer’s closet neat and tidy.

Industrial Style Clothing Storage Unit

Industrial Style Clothing Storage Unit

Outdoor Furniture – Re-purposed furniture is not only a great way to make a statement inside of your home but it will also look amazing in your yard. Picnic tables, lawn chairs, and planters are all great ways to to re-use old materials that would more than likely just end up in our landfill. They will function the same if not better than the plastic items that you can buy in you local department stores and they have already stood up to the test of time and elements from their original use.

Wood Beer Cooler/End Table - Reclaimed Barn Wood, Washtub Cooler - Outdoor Living, Outdoor Furniture, Home & Living -MADE TO ORDER

Wood Beer Cooler/End Table With Reclaimed Barn Wood

How To Accessorize Upcycled Rustic Furniture To Maintain A Rustic Theme

Finding the perfect re-purposed piece of rustic furniture is only half of the battle. The other half is finding a way to accessorize it. When your base is built upon old wood, metal, or glass their are two approaches to accessorizing it. #1 Look to compliment it and  #2 look to contrast it.

Complimenting Upcycled Rustic Furniture

To compliment an upcycled piece of rustic furniture you will want to look for similar tones. These items should be handcrafted, made out of natural materials, and be lighter or duller colors. This may not be the desired look you are going after. Some of us just want to live in a bright and vibrant home. Well their is no rule that you can not accessorize your accessories.

Below are a few ideas on how to compliment your upcycled rustic furniture

PotteryHandcrafted pottery is beautiful as it gives a warm homey feeling to your home. Looks for pieces that have natural earth tones to complement your “new to you” furniture. These would include but are not limited to vases, bowls, and figurines.

Pottery Bowl - Seafoam Green Dot Bowl with Handle - Noodle Bowl

Pottery Bowl – Seafoam Green Dot Bowl with Handle

Mason Jars – Again a great way to decorate a living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Mason Jars add a old time feel to your room but they also you help it keep less cluttered and jumbled. They are great for storing small items in as you can use or not use the lid at your discretion. They are very popular for bathrooms for this reason as they have uniform look and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Chalkboard tones of paint look really good on these pieces and for your crafty DIYers you can easily put together your own set choosing the color that best suits your room.

Vintage Style Melted Mason Jar spoon rest soap dish

Custom T-Shirt Quilt

Contrasting Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Although the furniture itself may look old, weathered, and lacking life does not mean that you can not bring it back to life with some color, feminine charm, and life.

Below are a few ideas on how to contrast your upcycled rustic furniture.

Fresh Flowers – Flowers are a great way to bring life into any room no matter if it is fresh living flowers or plastic ones that you could not tell the difference if they are living or not. A pottery vase with neutral colors and an assortment of fresh flowers can bring your re-purposed furniture to life and make it a focal point in your room.

Mason Jar Flower String Art

Lace – One of the best ways to contrast old barn board is to add a little bit of lace to it. Lace table cloths and doilies on old barn wood are contrasting pieces. The old lines and weathered marks of the wood stand work very well with a lace pattern.

Glass – The one thing you can count on when you are accessorizing with an item of glass it that what ever it is applied to will almost always create a contrast especially when we are talking about. Glass always looks clean, for the most part have straight lines, and are crystal clear. Which is a stark contrast to weathered wood or rusted metal.

Cardinal stained glass suncatcher

Cardinal stained glass suncatcher

Where To Buy Upcycled Rustic Furniture

Again it can be a challenge to find the perfect upcycled rustic furniture. But as we all know that anything worth having is worth working for. One of the keys to decorating your home is to take your time and add pieces as you go. Their is no point in stressing about not seeing what you are looking for as you can easily find someone help you build that perfect furniture item you are looking for.

Below are just a few of the places you can look to find your upcycled rustic furniture

Local Cabinet Makers and Furniture Craftsmen – Time to open up your local phone book or hit up your search engine to find someone in your area that builds re-purposed goods. I did a search for re-purposed furniture makers and it returned a result of almost 600 000 results. You should be able to find someone locally or someone that can build you the perfect piece and get it shipped to you.

Farmers Markets and Flea Markets – Plan a weekend with your friends to hit up the local farmers markets or flea markets. These are great places to start your search for re-purposed furniture and accessories. Start your day off by grabbing a coffee and the farmers market or flee market stands running. Its a great way to bond with friends and you will also be supporting local businesses.

Yard Sales Or Garage Sale – Yard Sales and Garages sales may help you find the furniture you are after but they are also a great way to find the materials you may need to DIY your own upcycled goods.

Antique Hand Painted Coat Rack Hall Stand Cloaks Hat Stand

Antique Hand Painted Coat Rack Hall Stand

Online – Online specialty shops and market places are a great place to look for upcycled rustic furniture. Etsy and Ebay are some of the larger companies that you can find quality repurposed items. Don’t forget the little guys though. Some of the smaller guys and gals out there are making beautiful works of art but may just not have the tech savy that a large tech companies have for marketing.

Custom Built Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

Custom Built Reclaimed Wood Barn Door






Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets


Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets

Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets

One of the greatest ways to accessorize your bathroom is with rustic country mason jar bathroom sets. Not only do they look great in a country or traditionally decorated home but they also look really great in more modern bathrooms. Why might you ask? Well the reason behind that is when decorating any home either from the ultra-modern to a season log cabin you want it to feel like a home. Certain images remind of our memories of home. One of those very popular items today is Mason Jars. A lot of people today have memories of seeing mason jars not only in our childhood homes but also in your grandparents homes. These mason jars carry a bit of nostalgia for a lot of us and bring back memories of loved ones from our pasts and the memories we shared with them.

I can fondly remember walking into my mothers or grandmothers pantry to see row after row of mason jars that were used for canning vegetables in the late fall. The image of the mason jar brings back images of these women in my life that I loved not only canning fruits and vegetables but also the days they spent in their gardens doing what they loved.

I am sure that I’m not the only one who is reminder of these memories when I see a mason jar our two today.

Why Mason Jars Are Perfect For Our Bathrooms

It is really not that hard to understand why rustic country mason jar bathroom sets are perfect for our bathrooms. It is actually really very easy. To put it very simply they look great and they also store things very well. As we have already explained above about why they look great in any type of home let’s have a look at why they are so great for storing and organizing our bathroom goods.

Mason Jars were designed for storage and marketed for storage. Originally they were designed for canning fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even preserved meats and fishes for the long term. In the past they were stored away typically in someones root seller or basement to keep their food over the winter months. Today they work just as well for storage especially in bathrooms.

Let’s have a look at some of those great mason jar sets that might be what you are missing from your bathrooms.

Great Storage Ideas For Your Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets

Below are a few great ideas of how you can use mason jars in your own bathroom to store your accessories in your own bathrooms. From hair products, make up brushes, and jewelry a well placed mason jar will clean up all the clutter you can throw at it.

Hair Accessory Organizer; Flat Iron Holder; Curling Iron Hanger; Teal Decor; Mason Jar Decor; 18" long; Custom orders welcome!

Mason Accessory Organizer is perfect for chic bathroom storage ideas

Gold glitter mason bathroom set,Soap dispenser

Mason Jar Bathroom Organization Set - Painted Mason Jar Set - Mason Jars Soap Dispenser - Mason Jar Set

Mason Soap Dispenser Bathroom Organizer Set

Why Are Mason Jars So Popular

What makes mason jars so popular for bathroom storage is that they come in a variety of types and sizes. All you have to do is look above and you can easily see an assortment of options when it comes to different sizes and types. Also their lids are composed of two parts. A top piece that sits and seals to the top of the jar and also a piece threaded piece that secures the topper to the jar. With your mason jars a decorative storage pieces you can use one of the lids, both, or none depending upon what function you want it to serve and also how you want it to look.

A popular look today is that weathered or rustic chic look. 75% of that look can be achieved with just a mason jar. Mason jars alone are an inconic image that speaks to a country or shabby chic look.

Another reason that mason jars is so popular today is they are super easy to use in a DIY craft or project. The jars themselves have their very own iconic look and they are an affordable medium to work with. The average jar might only run your a couple dollars so in comparison to buying a set you might want to consider making your own set.

DIY Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets

When it comes to decorating your rustic country inspired bathroom you can run into a road block our two. You might find that perfect piece but unfortunately the color is just not right. You might find the right color but lid options are not what you are looking for. Well when it comes to mason jars they are easy for the novice home DIY man our woman to work with. A little bit of paint and maybe some metal sheers and you are well you your way to completing your next home DIY project and also a beautiful rustic country bathroom set.

DIY Chalk Paint Mason Jar Examples

Below is a great Youtube video just to give you a little bit of inspiration on doing your very own Rustic Mason Jar Craft Project. Their is a lot of great videos projects on Youtube that will help you achieve the Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets you are after.

What You Will Need For Your DIY Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets

Weekends are the perfect time start a DIY project. But sometimes it is hard to know exactly what you will need for your project. The good thing about Mason Jars is they are very inexpensive to work with. One of these jars at your local supplies store will probably only run you a couple bucks. So if you have more time than money its a great idea to build your own. You never know after your friends and family see what you can do you might be well on your way to starting your own business.

Although the mason jars look great on their own their is actually a lot you can do with them. You just need to hit up your local craft store and get yourself the right supplies for your project.

Below are just a few things you will need to start your own Do It Yourself Mason Jar Sets Project

  • Mason Jars – Not only do the come in a variety of brands but they also come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Mason Jar Lids – Give you a lot of design options. Since the lids come in two parts they can lock your goods in air tight or leave them open to the elements.
  • Paint – Trendy right now for mason jars is chalkboard paint colors. They give you that warm country feel that we know you are looking for in your bathroom. But with all honesty a mason jar could be painted with any color your could imagine. Some choose to do one color and some will do an intricate painting on all of their jars.
  • Newspaper, Paper towel Or A Drop Cloth – Before you begin your project prepare your work space to be clean and tidy. Make sure you put newspaper or a drop cloth down if your are working with paint. Have paper towel on hand just for quick clean ups and any paint that should get on your hands.
  • An Old Container, Water and Wipes – Not only is it good to reduce, re-use, and recycle but if you a crafty guy our girl you will want to save a few of your plastic containers. They are great to hold water for washing your paint brushes but also great for storing all of your craft supplies. Wipes are also recommend when you are working with paint as they are a great way to keep your hands paint free without having to touch your sink or faucets.
  • Sponges. Paint Brushes, And Rags – All provide a different affect when you are applying paint to your mason jars. Try different types of brushes, sponges, and rags and the look of your jars will change drastically.
  • Wire Brush Or Sand Paper – After the paint has dried you might want to give your mason jars that old time look and apply a little DIY wear and tear. A few passes with a wire brush or some sand paper will take the fresh paint off in some places and give you that worn authentic look.
  • Glue Guns – Mason Jars look amazing with paint but to even step that look up a little why not hit up your local craft store and add a bow, some leaves, or a fake flower. A well placed accessory and the help from your glue gun will turn your beautiful rustic country mason jar bathroom sets into a show stopper.
  • Flowers – No matter if they are fake or real flowers they are sure to add a feminine touch to our rustic bathroom. Mason jars can act as a vase to hold your fresh flowers or you can accessorize your jars to have a floral inspired theme with fake flowers.
  • Tin Snips – Sometimes the mason jar lids will be exactly what you will need. Other times you will have to make a few modifications here or there. Tin snips are a DIYers best friend when it comes to Mason Jar Projects. Just be very careful. They are usually very sharp and the cuts you make can put a sharp edge on the lid you have just cut.
  • Wire – For those of you who like to be organized and crafty wire might be your perfect accessory. Strategically form a grid pattern with your wire and your lid and you have a great way from letting your toothbrushes touch. It will let you keep everything clean, organized, but also accessible to the air so that your toothbrush can dry after a good brushing.
  • Candles – It is well know that lighting will set the mood. Wouldn’t it be nice for your next relaxing bath to have it candle lit with mason jars? Well easy enough all you need is the jars and some candles. Battery operated tea light candles in a mason jar is a safe yet inexpensive way to set the mood with beautiful lighting.
  • Potpourri, Pine Cones, Flower Petals – Not only look great in a clear mason jar but they may be your best option for a natural odor remover. Impress your guests with a natural ambiance and a bathroom that smells amazing. Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets look amazing with natural products you can find just outside your front door.
  • Hand Soaps or Lotions – Once you have your mason jars painted and ready for use you may want to fill them with your favorite hand soap or lotion. Grab yourself a pump, your favorite hand care product and your are pretty much good to go.
  • Seashells – Want to keep your bathroom rustic yet nautical? Well add a bit of sand and and some seashells to a clear mason jar. Nothing beats a trip to the beach for a little bit of fun in the sun especially when you are there for a purpose.
  • Bathroom Accessories – Grab all that clutter from your shelves and sink top. Get them out of the open and into your mason jars for safe, clean, airtight storage.

The beauty of doing DIY projects with mason jars is they are inexpensive to work with, have a classic timeless look, and for very little money can be accessorized into a beautiful functional piece of art. As we said above the look absolutely fabulous in the bathroom but the can be used through out the home to accessorize any room and provide a means to reduce the amount of clutter.

Bathroom Craft Ideas You Can Incorporate With Your DIY Mason Jar Project

  • Floral Mason Jar Vase – A large Mason Jar can be quickly turned into a floral vase for your bathroom. All you will need is a large mason jar, fresh or fake flowers, and your favorite color of paint.
  • Tooth Brush Holders – Sick and tired of your tooth bushes just sitting our your bathroom sink counter? Well one of the easiest ways to fix that is to build your very own mason jar tooth brush holder. You will have all the freedom in the world when it comes to building your own Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder. Whether you decide to just leave the top open or you get a little bit crafty and do some wire work like in the photo below you are sure to have a Rustic Country Bathroom in no time.
  • Mason Jar Soap Dispensers  – We all know the rule. Wash vigorously for 20-30 seconds to have clean hands. Well did you know you can turn a mason jar into a ultra stylish hand soap dispenser? Well you can and for a lot less than you would pay in the store as long as you are a bit crafty. A medium sized jar, a hand pump and a little big of paint will have your guests asking where you got such stylish bathroom accessories.
  • Drinking Water Cups – We have all been there. A salty dinner turns into a night of getting up to drink water every couple hours. Sure a little plastic cup will do the trick but it will 100% look out of place in your western country decorated bathroom. A clear non-painted mason will not only follow your decor theme but it will also keep you hydrated during those late nights.
  • Mason Jar Candle Holders – Want to add a little bit of charm and mood lighting to your already beautiful rustic country bathroom. Why not add a candle or two to your Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets? The electronic tea lights will give you that warm flicker of a real candle but without the fire hazard.
  • Mason Jar Storage For Small Things – Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, Nail Clippers, and almost anything else you keep in your bathroom can be stored in Mason Jars. Mason Jars are great for storage. Not only do they look great but the options you have with the two lid system will give you a tonne of options for securing your goods. Whether you choose to have it sealed air tight or you decide to leave it open to the elements your bathroom accessories will be accessible, dry, and all in one place. A few small mason jars in your Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets will help unclutter your bathroom.

Let’s have a look at some of those great mason jar sets that might be what you are missing from your bathrooms.

Finding The Perfect Rustic Country Mason Jar Bathroom Sets

Below are just a few of the many rustic country mason jar bathroom sets you will find online today. For the one showing at the top of the article you can find it at the shop here. Not only will you find a large selection of mason jar decorative accessories online but it is also worth shopping locally to find that perfect piece.


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Rustic Sage Green Mason Set

Four Green Ball Mason Jar Lantern Candle Hanging Vase Outdoor Lighting Heritage Collection Mason Jar Decor

Green Ball Jar Lantern Candle Hanging Vase Outdoor Lighting

Industrial Lighting - Lighting - Mason Jar Light - Steampunk Lighting - Industrial light - Bar Light - Industrial Chandelier - Wall Light

Mason Wall Light