Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations

As we continue our search the perfect vintage wedding accessories we will now look at vintage wedding invitations.  We will try to cover what makes a vintage wedding invitation, where to shop for them, and the popular styles classical wedding invitations on the market today.

When planning your vintage wedding you should try to create a balance between buying new and used items. When it comes shopping for true vintage wedding stationary you are probably not going to have a lot of success. Just imagine planning a wedding for 500 guests and trying to find true vintage wedding invites. You would probably have to search every printer press in the world to find that many matching set invitations.

Wedding Invitation / Gold Wedding Invitation / Floral Wedding Invitation / Wedding Invitation Printable / Wedding Invitation Template
Black and Gold Botanical Floral Wedding Invitation

For most of us planning a classical wedding we are going to have to buy vintage styled wedding invitations. Luckily for us a lot of modern wedding invitation designers have caught on to the vintage theme and have a wide selection of traditional wedding invitations.

What Makes a Wedding Invitation Vintage?

Plain and simple, vintage is style of design that was cutting edge at one period of time and the beauty still holds true today. When it comes to vintage wedding invites they are designed after traditional invitations of the past but with a bit of a modern twist.

Library Wedding Invitation Printable / Story Book Wedding Suite / Book Themed Wedding / Vintage Rustic Printable Wedding Invitation Download
Library Wedding Invitation Printable / Story Book Wedding Suite / Book Themed Wedding

Popular Design Features Used In Classic Wedding Invites

Lace – Probably one of the most iconic images in the field of wedding invitations. Look for designers to use both paper and material lace to highlight their invitations.

Laser Cut Lace Wedding invitation Card

Classical Fonts and Penmanship – The swirled scrip of the font and penmanship are very distinct signs that you are looking at a traditional wedding invitations.

typography wedding invitation and insert

Natural Themes and Materials – For the natural themes look for floral designs, nature scenes, or trees to be present on the invitations. As for the materials used to highlight a vintage invitation look burlap as it is very popular right now for both home décor and wedding accessory themes.

Nautical Wedding Invitation Set Lighthouse Nautical Invitation Wedding Ocean Wedding Sea Wedding Marine Wedding Custom Wedding bespoke
Nautical Wedding Invitation Set 3d Lighthouse

Black And White Photographs – There is no hiding the vintage flair in a black and white photograph.

Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitations, Picture wedding invitations, 5x7, Wedding Invites, the "Willow"
Vintage Rustic Photo Wedding Invitations, Picture wedding invitations

Floral Designs – Flowers are beautifully colored, delicate, and calming. It is no wonder why they have been a focal point of wedding invitations for a very long time.

Bohemian Floral Wedding Invitation Custom Design Service

Being that weddings are a sacred ceremony based upon tradition it is no surprise that vintage weddings are and always will be a popular genre in the wedding industry.

Shopping For Vintage Wedding Invitations Online

As we have stated before and we will say it again. When you are shopping for your wedding start your search online. Shopping online gives you a no pressure approach to finding everything you need.  You don’t have to buy for your wedding online it is just a good idea to see what types of vintage wedding products they have and how much they should cost.

We also encourage young couples to step out into their own communities and do some of the browsing and wedding shopping locally. Part of the experience of getting married for a young bride is getting together with her friends and family for a day on the town trying on wedding gowns. We highly suggest you don’t miss out on that process.


Shopping for Vintage Invitations Locally

A trip to your local printer, department store, or craft store is a great place to start your search for your vintage wedding invitations locally.  Although we recommend starting your search online, shopping for wedding clothing, decorations, and favors locally is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Let’s have a better look at some of the local spots where you can find your wedding invitations.


Shopping For Invitations at Local Print Shops

More than likely your local printer press is going to have a large book of sample invitations to choose from. The good thing about deciding to go through the printing press is you can physically hold the sample invitations in your hand and actually feel the quality. Another benefit of buying from a local print shop is the print is going to be perfect. Meaning that you are not going to have to buy additional invitations in case of poor penmanship or errors.

Now for the bad about buying your traditional wedding invitations, save the dates, and R.S.V.P.s from a printer press. The main issue is the cost. In most cases you will find that local print shops charge a lot for their invitations. So if your wedding budget isn’t an issue your local print shop might be the place for you.

Wedding Table Numbers with Photo, 5x7, Wedding Table Numbers, Old Pictures tn0024
Wedding Table Numbers with Old Childhood Photos

Shopping In Department Stores for Wedding Invitations

Department stores are probably the best option for young couples on a tight budget and looking for classical wedding invitations. Although your options will be very limited you will have a vast selection of of traditional white wedding invitations to choose from. Your standard white wedding is still one of the most popular today which is the reason most large department stores carry them.

Department stores are not the best places to go if you are looking for variety. A lot of young couples find that the selection is very limited. Another negative about buying wedding invitations from a department store as you and your husband to be will have to fill out each of the invitations. But if you have more time than money and you are Ok with standard white wedding invites this would be the best option for you to stay on your wedding budget.

Return Address Stamp - 3" x 1.5" - Address Stamp - Angelina 2
Custom Return Address Stamp

Finding Vintage Wedding Invites at Your Local Craft Shop

Another great option for local wedding shoppers is to visit the local craft shop. They have a wide variety of vintage wedding invitation templates that you are your husband to be can customize however you want. The price is usually comparable to what you will find in a department store but you have a wider variety of options. The good thing about shopping at a craft store is you are only limited to your own creativity. All you weekend do it yourselfers may want to design your vintage invites right from the paper selection all the way up to the font, materials, and style.

Popular Themes of Vintage Wedding Invitations

Within the genre of vintage weddings you are going to find a wide variety of sub themes. Each of these themes of wedding have their own design style and features. All of them technically still fall within the vintage wedding invitations market but they are all slightly different.

Let’s have a look at some of these sub themes!

Classic Wedding Invitation Themes

  • Rustic Vintage Wedding Invitations – A great wedding theme for those of you planning a vintage farm our country wedding. Rustic wedding invitations can feature the images from the natural environment like trees, rivers, and valleys. Also in the sub theme of wedding look for farm images to be featured like horse, fields, and barns.
  • Rustic Wedding Invitation Set,Barn Wedding Invitation,Country Wedding Invitation,Wood Wedding Invitation, Doily Wedding Invitation
    Rustic Country Barn Wedding Invitation
  • Burlap Vintage Wedding Invitations – Burlap is rough natural material that can be added to your vintage wedding invites. Burlap is a great way to add texture and another dimension to your wedding invitations.
  • Burlap Wedding Invitation Set,Shabby Chic Wedding Invitation,Lace Wedding Invitation,Unique Wedding Invitation,Rustic Wedding Invitation
    Lace Burlap Wedding Invitation Set
  • Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations – Images of flowers can really bring a standard white wedding invitation to life. Classically painted flowers will really add that vintage feel to your vintage themed wedding invitations.
  • Bohemian Floral Bridal Tea Invitation, Weathered Wood Bridal Shower Invite, Vintage Rustic Wedding, Autumn Brunch, Marsala Peach Burgundy
    Bohemian Floral Bridal Tea Party Invitation
  • Vintage Destination Wedding Invitations – Having a destination wedding doesn’t mean that you still can’t have a vintage wedding. Although this niche in the wedding industry is a lot smaller you will still find some quality destination wedding invitations both online and locally.
  • Destination Passport Wedding Invitation
  • Vintage Monogram Wedding Invitations – A vintage monogram wedding invitation is the best way to signify the joining of two people. Either you can use the husband’s last initial or you can use the letters of each of your last names.Letterpress Wedding Invitation - Serenbe Design- Monogram,Calligraphy,Traditional, Elegant, Simple, Classic, Script, Custom, Formal
    Letterpress Monograms Wedding Invitation
  • Damask Vintage Wedding Invitations – Trendy damask patterns add a vintage charm to anything they are applied to. Vintage damask patterns follows the flows and shapes similar to flowers and will give your invitations a distinct vintage feel.
  • Wedding Invitation Suite - Printable • Damask Moss • Invite, RSVP Card, Thank You Card, Save the Date Card
    Cactus Damask Wedding Invitation Suite
  • Vintage Postcard Wedding Invitations – Postcard wedding invitations are a great way to make your announcement to friends and family. Postcard wedding invitations eliminate the need for an envelope and can also be combined with your RSVP.
  • Marble Grey with Silver Foil Watercolor Wedding Day Invitation

Save the Dates and R.S.V.P Cards to Complete Your Set

After you have finished finding your perfect vintage wedding invitations either online or at a local boutique you should try to match your invitations to your saves the dates and RSVP cards. Having a matching set is important to most couples but not a necessity.

If you want to mix and match your invitations, save the dates, and R.S.V.Ps by all means do so. It’s your wedding and it should be done how you want it.

5 Lace Dress Trends for your Little Flower Girl that Add the Adore to Your Vintage Themed Wedding

5 Lace Dress Trends for your Little Flower Girl that Add the Adore to Your Vintage Themed Wedding

5 Lace Dress Trends for your Little Flower Girl that Add the Adore to Your Vintage Themed Wedding

The blush creeping on your dainty flower girl’s cheeks is sure to catch the eye of your guests and invitees as she makes her way ahead of the bride on the aisle dressed in a tutu or a tiered ruffle, befitting a modern fairytale princess. Clutching flowers close to her chest, your young flower girl’s smile could heal a million wounded hearts at your Vintage Themed Wedding. In order to embrace her little moment, and to make your wedding a little bit closer to perfection, we bring you 5 vintage dress suggestions that could be customized to match your bride’s elegant dress and the Vintage Themed Wedding décor as well.

flower girl dress white flower girl dress girls lace dress lace dress toddler lace dress boho flower girl dress flower girl dress lace
Vintage Lace flower girl dress

How to Go from Adorable to Perfect with These 5 Simple Flower Girl’s Lace Dress Trends

Sashes, ruffles, tiers, floral patterns, and pastels are some of the options you could go for to dress the youngest of your family to withhold the aura of the daintiest yet the most elegant being on the wedding – after the bride, of course. Since Vintage Themed Wedding have taken beach weddings and destination weddings by a storm, it is about time we paid attention to lace, flowers, and the traditional whites. Mentioned below are some of our uber favorite picks with a few styling options aimed to highlight your precious little flower girl.

PINK Lace flower girl dress

Ivory and Champagne Vintage Lace Flower Girl Dress

Shifting from the traditional white to an ivory or champagne colored dress for your flower girl sounds like an ideal breakthrough towards the surprise that would be yielded by the bride’s majestic dress and beauty. Consider styling a satin bodice with an ivory lace ruffle and a silhouette to match or go for an ivory sash and bow to accentuate the elegance of the entirety of the white laced T-length dress. A crocheted bodice would also look appealing to the silk and net silhouette. Floral crowns or a sash lacy bow as a hairband is a must to top off the entire look.

crochet Lace Flower Girl Dress

Vanilla and Vintage

Nothing describes vintage other than the Matisse flower girl dress or the Tea Princess’s French Vanilla flower girl dress. Succumbing to a petite v-cut sequined or laced back, this dress’s bodice pays utmost attention to exotic patterns of lace and can be topped off with bows or floral bunches in the center. The cold-shouldered French Vanilla dresses also pay attention to floral headwork –adding the beauty to freshly picked flower crowns and regal lacework.

Flower girl dress, flower girl dresses, Lace Ivory flower girl dress, country flower girl dress, baby dresses, rustic flower girl dress,
vintage Lace country flower girl dress
Rose Gold Sequin One Shoulder Flower Girl Dress

Full-Sleeved Lace Vintage Flower Girl Dresses

If you’re having trouble picking the ideal Vintage Themed Wedding flowergirl dress for your flower girl, pick the one that is the easiest and the prettiest to choose from an assortment of boho styled dresses. It’s time for you to chalk up on a lot of lace and design a quaint dress with three-quarter or half sleeves. Add an ivory sash and frame a matching headband for the little one to carry the dress. In order to highlight the lacework on the dress, you can also go for plain net sleeves – just as shown in the picture below.

lvory Lace Long Sleeve Flower Girl Dress

Matching Crochet Separates

Crochet is a remarkable piece of vintage artwork, if we must say, in terms of fashion, textiles, and design. Matching crochet separates, a frizzy hairdo and a floral crown to pay heed to the bouquet of white flowers, add to the color of your vintage wedding with your flower girl dressed in the most severe and fashionably boho-chic of all Vintage Themed Wedding designs.

Crochet Flower Girl Dress, Lace Flower Girl Dress, Flower Girl Dresses, Maxi Girls Dresses, Lace Top Flower Girl Dress, Handmade in the USA
Crochet Flower Girl Dress

Floral Embellishments On Lace Bodice

Champagne crocheted bodices or simply laced ones, net with floral embellishments would never be wrong for the little princess. Consider choosing a floor-length net maxi embellished with tiny floral bunches, accentuating a tea length silhouette and different lacy patterns for your flower girl at your beach destination Vintage Themed Wedding.

No wedding is complete without flowers, violins and beaded barefoot sandals. If you need help in designing your flower girl’s dress, you know where to knock at. However, KutieTuties have a beautiful range of vintage flower girl dresses that we recommend you to check out right now.

Ivory Lace Champagne Tulle Flower Girl Dress Wedding Bridesmaid Dress with Bow Belt M0049
Ivory Lace Champagne Tulle Flower Girl Dress
Stunning champagne tan tutu flowergirl dress "Flora" with above knee lenght tutu skirt, French lace, rhinestone sash
French lace, rhinestone sash champagne tutu flowergirl dress
















5 Vintage Wedding Arches for your Perfect Summer Wedding

Vintage Wedding Arches

5 Vintage Wedding Arches for your Perfect Summer Wedding

Vintage Wedding arches have been termed an important tradition of the big day. They can symbolize a number of things for many out there such as the protection provided from the couple’s parents to the home the newlyweds will build together. Other than religious and cultural aspects, wedding arches can serve a number of purposes in today’s modern era. From providing a focal point to your wedding, to use as a ceremonial backdrop for photographs, to serving an anchor for outdoor non traditional wedding venues, wedding arches help to frame the most important day of your life. Be it intricate floral arbors to elaborate buildups or just simple fabric backdrops, the options are unlimited. Let’s take a glance at our top 5 favorite wedding arches for your perfect summer wedding.

Forest Wedding Arch

Comprising of ferns and white blossoms, this archway is sure to make your guests swoon. Flowering branches combined with soft flowers aim to give that rustic edge to an elegant setup. Hanging lanterns have been replaced with antique birdcages to further enhance that enchanted forest floor outlook. In case you’re aiming for the mystique and oh so fairy tale approach, then this arch is surely for you.

Large Macrame Wedding Backdrop for Decor at Indoor or Outdoor Ceremonies. Garland Customizable by Width.
Large Macrame Wedding Backdrop For Bohemian Wedding

Classic Vintage Wedding Arches

Sometimes less is definitely more. For those who love to keep it traditional, this wedding arch is for you. The timeless classic consists of greenery and white roses, arranged in a graceful manner. The white and green combination gives your guests that subtle yet beautiful touch to your wedding event.

Wedding Arch Swag, Extra Large Wedding Swag, Wedding Garland, Church Swag, Rustic Wedding Swag, Arbor Swag, Church Wedding Swag
Wedding Arch Swag

Wedding Arch Crest

Those who wish to exchange vows in front of a serene landscape such as gorgeous mountains and beaches; an extravagant backdrop is needlessly required. All you need to enhance the natural décor of your location is a simple arch in the shape of a crest.

Floral Wedding Arch Decorations
Floral Wedding Arch

Rustic Aisle Arches

This wedding arch comprises of eight archways that line the aisle. An array of fresh flowers such as baby’s breath, silk wisteria and orchids can be used to create that stunning approach to your décor. The bride is surely to be remembered as she walks towards her groom through each of these beautifully arranged arches.

Rustic Wedding Arch

Flower Covered Gate

The flower covered gate wedding arch is the perfect selection for those getting married at a historical site. It comprises of a romantic canopy covered by a gorgeous array of bouquets as well as a floral adorned antique gate. This will add a relaxed atmosphere to your wedding venue, setting the right tone to great evening. The style would go perfect with a rustic vintage theme.

It’s every couple’s dream to make their wedding day the most memorable event of the year. By selecting the correct wedding arch, you can entirely change the mood of the ceremony, giving it poise and sophistication. So get inspired and set to have the most impressive summer wedding ever.

34″ deco links wedding arch Foil Balloons

5 Summer Wedding Hairstyles with Bohemian Bridal Crowns

Bohemian Bridal Crowns

5 Summer Wedding Hairstyles with Bohemian Bridal Crowns

Since summer is the perfect and ideal season for a classic and elegant boho wedding it is time to start shopping for you boho themed wedding accessories like a Bohemian Bridal Crowns.

If you are adding a couple of blooms in your hair or going for full unconventional feel, boho trend is ideal for a light-hearted and casual wedding theme. Besides what bridal grandeur essential seizes this bohemian ambiance? You and your Bohemian Princess hairstyle!

Flower crown, fall wedding crown, mommy & mini, boho style, bohemian, gypsy, floral crown, Fall Flowers in purple, mustard, red w/ feathers
Autumn Flower crown

Before setting up your magnificence look validate that whichever hair do you pick, and the accompanying accessories, all are complementary your dress, hair texture and face shape, plus cohesive to the aura of your wedding. In case you are channeling Kate Middleton, don’t try too hard with Kate Moss. Hit upon an upbeat harmony like Lauren Conrad. Imagine: does this adornment clash with the dress? Do flower pieces synchronize with a bouquet? No veil or veil?

While blossom crowns are boho staple, they are not the exclusive whimsical embellishment for your special day. This summer, it is all about loose up-dos, soft waves and pretty plaits, adorned with ethereal wedding accessories. These modern styles hook in the romantic spirit and sentimental soul of the big day of your life.

Bloom Comb

We would name this style as ‘undone elegance.’ Cascading pieces and wispy tendrils give this hair-do an organic touch. The precious stone and crystal-gilded blossom comb include a stroke of feminine charm. Match it with a flamboyant dress for an exquisite and effortless look meant for a seaside ceremony.

Bridal Hair Comb Blush Wedding Gold Ivory Cream Nudes Natural Tones Vintage Style Bridesmaid Gift Floral Hair Piece Gold Leaf Branch
Bridal Hair Comb Blush Wedding Gold Ivory Cream Floral Comb

Botanical Glint

We simply love this low entwined bun. The gleaming, botanical gems and crystal headpiece produce a touch of vintage appeal to this elegant bridal look! Instantly whimsical and regal, it is a perfect and wonderful finishing touch for a bohemian take on a theme inspired by 1920s.

Gold Oak Leaf and Rhinestone Bridal Crown

Foliage Bohemian Bridal Crowns

Going for a woodland wedding? The exquisite alternative to the brightly colored floral is an earthy alternative in the form of foliage crown. The best element: it sits on your hair-do. We cherish it with a twisted, laid-back, low pony. Add little flowers in the crown to merge tradition with trend. It is one of the most stunning and natural looks a bride can carry. Incorporate any veil to show off your creativity.

Bridal crown, coral pink crown, boho bridal crown, bohemian crown, desert bridal crown, wild flowers headpiece, wedding sale, crown,
wild flowers headpiece
Peach Rose Crown with feathers & moss

Leaf Half-Diadem

Going for a Santorini-inspired marriage or planning the serene island vibes of the forthcoming honeymoon? Rather than a blossom crown, choose a gold rose half-wreath to beautify your messy bun. Simply awesome! This Boho-meets-Grecian style will certainly enunciate the goddess in you. You can add in ribbons which are an inexpensive and creative accessory. Ribbons also create a DIY touch in the boho atmosphere.

Golden Wildflower Double Hair Vine 'Astrea' – Grecian Botanical Brass Headpiece - style 021
Golden Wildflower Double Hair Vine

Boho Tassel and Chain Hairvines

Our collection is incomplete without a bohemian multi-chained head pieces. The drama created with these Boho head vines can convert a simple hairstyle into chic and unique for any bride. This exquisitely multi-layered chain completes your signature bohemian wedding theme. These gold and silver  hairvines make a gorgeous draping look on lovely braids, simple mushed waves and even if you keep your hair straight and down. You can use separate coordinating hairvines made of stunning warm gold gems to produce the effect. Inter-chained gold vines put in lovely soft glimmer and add dimensions, making a bespoke look to add some wow to your stroll down the aisle.

1920s bridal headpiece, flapper wedding crown, hair accessory - En Vogue no. 2198
1920s bridal headpiece, flapper wedding crown
Boho Crystal Beaded Hair Vine












Vintage Themed Wedding

Vintage Themed Wedding

Vintage Themed Wedding –the Basics of Planning

The golden era was the birthplace of grand romantic gestures, sharp well-fitted suits, flowing extravagant gowns, voluminous waves and frankly, unrealistic expectations. It embodied charm, elegance, class and most importantly romance. The romanticism is enough to whisk you off into another alternate universe and make you swoon in awe. If you have spent your years ogling over the timeless classics of Hollywood and dreaming of Cary Grant sweeping you off of your feet on the top of the Empire State building, then having a vintage themed wedding is your calling. It will add the perfect hint of nostalgia to your celebration whilst giving it a unique touch away from the usual, repetitive arrangement.

Some might be worried, isn’t the theme too restricting? You are in luck because there is an entire of a sea of possibilities that you can experiment with. From wedding dresses and fashion to the interior décor, food, and drinks, you will find yourself with countless options to ponder over. To add your own exclusive and contemporary touch to things, you can always customize them whilst seeking inspiration from the classics.

Champagne Sequin Tablecloth
Rose Gold Champagne Sequin Tablecloth
Wood Backdrop, Custom Tapestry, Rustic Wedding, Dessert Table, Engagement Tapestry, Wedding Backdrop, Wedding Wall // W-G22-TP MAR1 AA3
String Of Lights Wedding Backdrop Tapestry

So, where to start? Choose your favorite era of the past. Seek inspiration from your favorite movies, books, or your grandparent’s wedding photographs or nuptials, anything that gets the creative juices flowing. Immerse yourself in the grandeur and magnificence of the past, envision your wedding in your head and start planning. Here are some basics to help you out.

Venue Choice and Décor

Finding the perfect venue will determine the general vintage vibes in your wedding. It depends heavily on what era you plan on going for the theme. List your possibilities in accordance, for example, if you wish to have a Gatsby-themed celebration with all the 1920’s glory, a ballroom would be a perfect choice.

For a more intimate setting, country houses with an exquisite garden or a barn will be the best canvas for the wedding planner to paint on. If you wish to keep the course of things more traditional, you can always go for a church ceremony. For those amongst us who want a beautiful modern touch to the vintage splendor, you can opt for a vineyard, a vintage mansion’s long lawn, or a hotel and then customize your décor with the help of your planner.

Wedding Welcome Sign, Printable Personalized Sign, DIGITAL Sign, Names & Date, Large Wedding Sign, Choose Colors, Gold, Silver, Chalkboard
Vintage Wedding Welcome Sign, Printable Personalized Sign
Sequin Napkin, Sequin Table Setting, Sequin Table Decor, LARGEST COLOR SELECTION
Glitter Sequin Napkin

Your décor can make or break the theme. Pay special attention to details such as color scheme, fabric choice, and lighting. Vibrant, spunky colors are more peculiar to the late 50’s and 60’s whereas, the muted pastels are more modern. The fabric is particularly important as lace and silk dominated in the past. Incorporate these into your décor in accordance with the venue and general setting. For lighting, chandeliers and candles and lamps are your most obvious choices. Candles in antique holders or glass jars look absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Play with them and find your perfect setting.

The Bridal Gown and the Groom’s Suit

The search for a dress or a suit can get difficult if you are looking at bridal stores that normally focus on contemporary designs. Thanks to independent businesses, you can now find designers online who specialize in vintage dresses or are willing to make you a custom dress.

For men, you can always get a tailored, well-fitted suit to compliment the theme. Set up appointments and discuss your ideas with them and what they might be able to help you out with. If you wish to don a family heirloom like your mother’s or your grandmother’s wedding dress, there truly is nothing better. Try adding your unique touch to it if you wish by making small additions with detailing. It is your wedding and you deserve to wear what you want and look your absolute best.

Crystal Juliet Veil, Lace Juliet Veil, Crystal Veil, Flower Veil, Ivory Veil, Beaded Veil, Lace Veil, Lace Veil, Embroidered Veil ANTOINETTE
Lace Crystal Juliet Veil
Vera / Wedding dress with sleeves / Low back / Boneless / Light / Embroidered and beaded lace
Embroidered and beaded lace wedding gown

Accessories, Hair, and Makeup

You couldn’t find a classic gown and you just cannot take your eyes off this contemporary number, then just accessorize. Accessorizing appropriately can switch your look up without too much effort. A string of pearls is your safest option if you are feeling clueless. As Jackie Kennedy aptly quotes, “Pearls are always appropriate.” Try out hairpieces or a birdcage veil for some added glamour to your vintage look. Perhaps a crown or a tiara fit for a queen and suspenders for your beau. Another gorgeous addition can be a beautiful cascading bouquet with pastel colored flowers to bring the whole look together.

Silver Crystal Lace Shoulder Necklace, Gold Opal Bridal Necklace, Crystal Body Chain, Bridal Body Jewelry, Wedding Shoulder Jewellery FAWN
Silver Crystal Lace Shoulder Necklace
Ready to Ship Custom Petal Brooch Bouquet
Custom Petal Brooch Bouquet

Vintage just reminds me of impeccably styled hair and flawless outfits. Slick, gelled back side parts were the staple for men. They were clean, sexy and polished. As for women, it was all about the volume and drama. Perfect set waves with beautiful side parts were legendary. In addition to that, the makeup was minimal yet very statement. They were not afraid to rock a bold lip. A classic red bold lip, thick winged eyeliner, and beautiful waves, paint a picture in your mind, yet? It’s simple yet iconic. For those who want to keep things less daring, go for something softer like monochromes and pastels.

Bridal Tiara Blush Tiara Diadema Blush Wedding Crown Diamante Crown Vintage Rose Quinceanera Tiara de la boda Wedding Tiara Bridal Tiara
Blush Rose Gold Crystal Bridal Tiara

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Dressing For A Vintage Themed Wedding

Don’t leave out your girlfriends and best mates from all the fun. For the ladies, you can find a wide array of designs to fit the retro glam theme. Play with flares, lace, chiffon, ruffles, sequins, beads, etc. The world is your oyster. Instead of picking out the same outfit for every bridesmaid, you can opt for a variety. Different dresses with similar cuts and designs, in the same color scheme to match the theme, can add a fun twist to the usual monotonous same dress policy. Accessorize your favorite ladies with beads, pearls, chunky bracelets or statement headbands to complete the look.

Men are often left out in this entire montage. With all the chaos of finding the perfect dress for the bride and the dresses for her bridesmaids, I’m sure the groomsmen must be feeling a little neglected. They key is to find something that fits the theme and allows the groom and the groomsmen to reflect their personal styles. Mismatched suits for the groom and the groomsmen, waistcoats, tweed suits, braces, and suspenders are your basic starter’s guide. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with bold colors or prints for that matter. Let your personality shine through your style. Also, a color and print variety means everyone gets to wear what they please. Everyone’s happy they attended your vintage themed wedding.

Long CHAMPAGNE Sequin bridesmaid dress, cocktail dress, formal elegant dress, prom dress, mermaid dress, peekaboo back, sexy dress
Long CHAMPAGNE Sequin bridesmaid dress


Vintage Themed Wedding Menus and Table Settings

It’s not a vintage wedding if you are not incorporating any inspiration into your menu. Do some research on the most popular drinks of the era and make sure to add those on your specials list for the big day, the more the better.

The naked cake makes a true vintage style so it’s surely a yes for your Wedding cake! As for the food, discuss your ideas with your caterer about details such as food presentation or innovative ideas to make it more era-appropriate.  The fusion menu inspired from early and mid 19th century with a touché of modern twist would create splendor for your guests.

Wedding Menu Sign, Wedding Menu Board, Dinner Menu, Wedding Printable, Gold Wedding Sign, Template, PDF Instant Download #BPB324_55
Wedding Menu Sign
Wedding sign ‘Cake’ champagne glitter Freestanding Wedding letters

Menu recommendations For Your Vintage Themed Wedding:

Main course: Coronation Chicken, Pie and mash, herbed rice pillaf

Dessert Advice: Puffy Buttermilk scones, chiffon or lemon drizzle cake, or strawberry short cakes.

Appetizers: farmhouse fruit cakes, flapjacks, Stuffed eggs, mini hot dogs or mini burgers.

Drink Choices: ginger bear, tea, sassy fruit punch cocktails.

You want your guests to be transported to the past. Try finding recipes from the era and sit down with your caterer to discuss the possibility of him recreating some of them. A better option would be finding old family recipes and simply recreating those with a contemporary culinary twist. For small intimate events, many times the family decides to prepare the wedding feast themselves.


Wedding Wine Label - Wedding Gift - Wedding Favor - Wedding Wine - Monogram - Custom Wine Label - Wedding Wine Favor
Monogrammed Wedding Wine Label

Vintage Themed Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have gained some popularity over the years. It is a token of appreciation for attending their celebration and a small reminder of your wedding festivities. Couples often invest a lot of time and thought into how to make their big day memorable through wedding giveaways. For a vintage themed wedding, you can let all your creative juices flowing because the options are endless. Little personalized jars filled with old-fashioned candy is a great hit with children. As for the adults, scented candles are a great idea in vintage teacups. You can go for something homely like your grandmother’s famous jam in jam jars with a personalized note attached. For those who wish to be more extravagant, try a perfume or other bathroom essentials like oils and soap bars, wrapped in lace or ribbon. There are quite literally thousands of different ideas online. Pick your favorite and give your guests a cute parting gift.

FULL COLOR PRINT - Custom Wedding Koozies - Eat Drink and be Married - Free Shipping on all Koozies
Custom Wedding Koozies – Eat Drink and be Married
Art Deco Wedding Tags - Wine Bottle Tags, Favor Box Tags, Bag Tags - Personalized Gatsby Wedding Favor Tags - Hanging Tags
Art Deco Wedding Tags
Be My Bridesmaid Box // Printable Collection in Jeweler Blue for Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor / Maid of Honour, Flower Girl
Be My Bridesmaid Box // Printable Collection in Jeweler Blue for Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor

The romanticism, drama, and charm of the past encapsulate your mind and transport you to a time when things were easier and simpler –this is what a vintage themed wedding is all about. It was a time of immaculately dressed individuals with flawless hair, a glamorous, yet minimalistic approach towards life. There was splendor, celebration, and peace. Your wedding should be the biggest day of your life. It is the day you say yes to your one true love and watch your dreams become a reality. From the moment you walk down the aisle to the moment you and your beloved share your first dance, it should all be how you imagined. If you imagined yourself in the 1950’s in a beautiful lace gown, a crown on your head with your man waiting for you like he just walked out of a Hollywood classic, then so be it. It is your day. Take your guests on a journey, give yourself and them the full experience and most importantly, have fun on the day you commemorate your love.

​​​​​Vintage Wedding Guest Books

​​​​​Vintage Wedding Guest Books​​​​​

Vintage Wedding Guest Books

A great way to collect additional memories from your wedding is with one of these stylish vintage wedding guest books. A timeless classic at any wedding is the wedding guest book. Depending upon the style of wedding you are attending you may find a guest book at the wedding ceremony or you may find them greeting you at the wedding reception.

Wedding guest books are a great way to record your guests attendance. Not only do they let you keep track of your guests attendance but they also allow your guests to leave you and your new spouse a heartfelt message. Over the years when you look back on your wedding you can pull out the wedding guest book and look back on all the nice messages your guests have left you.

Let’s have a look at some of the styles of traditional wedding guest books you will find on the market today.

Barn Wedding Guest Book Wedding Guestbook Idea Guest Book Personalized Customized Mason Jar Design Wedding Gift Keepsake Rustic -GB#19
Mason Jar Barn Wedding Guest Book
Barnyard Wooden Heart Drop Guest Book Alternative

Vintage Wedding Guest Books For The Wedding Ceremony

A lot of couples choose to go more traditional wedding guest books for the wedding reception. This especially holds true for couple planning a church wedding. The vintage wedding guest book you choose for the wedding ceremony should just be a book for your guests just to sign in.

A lot of times when you attend a wedding ceremony it is slightly rushed. You enter the church or venue and within 10 minutes or so the ceremony begins. So if you are planning to have a wedding guest book at your ceremony its better to just have the sign in especially if you are planning on having a large wedding with lots of guests attending.
Common Types Of Vintage Wedding Guest Books For The Ceremony

Depending upon the theme of wedding ceremony you are planning on having will dictate the type of wedding guest book you will have at your wedding ceremony. For example if you are planning on having a traditional white wedding you will probably want to have a traditional white lace vintage wedding guest book.

Below are just some of the popular type of wedding guest books that are perfect for your wedding ceremony.

The key to buying your vintage wedding guest book for your ceremony is to stick to your theme and the way you plan on decorating your venue.

Vintage Wedding Guest Book For The Wedding Reception

In contrast to the wedding sign in books used at the wedding ceremony the guest books you should use at your wedding reception should allow your guests to leave their well wishes. As we said above it is nice to reflect on your wedding down the road. Before their was photographs and video a lot of brides and grooms only had their memories and guest books to remember their weddings and the loved ones that attended their wedding.

Typically the wedding reception is a lot longer than the wedding ceremony. The wedding reception can go on for hours as your guests celebrate well into the night your newly formed union. This extra time and a few glasses of wine give your guests the opportunity to write you and your husband or wife a message from the heart.

When it comes to the wedding reception you have a lot more freedom on the style and type of wedding guest book you can use. The wedding reception in most cases is a lot less formal then the actual wedding ceremony. This allows you a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing your guest book.

Some of the trendiest wedding guest books for a vintage wedding are as follows.

















Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Dress

As we said earlier, one of the first things any bride should shop for when planning their wedding is their vintage wedding dress. Unlike shopping for a modern wedding dress vintage dresses can be a bit more difficult to find for both style and fit.

Not too worry though the world of vintage wedding dresses is vast. Not only do you have second had vintage available to you but you also have modern wedding dress designers cashing in on the popular vintage wedding niche.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Your Vintage Styled Wedding Dress

Firstly, you need to come up with and plan to stick to your wedding dress budget. Even if you are planning on borrowing, renting, or buying your vintage dress you need to be conscious of your wedding budget throughout the entire process. Since all eyes are going to be on the bride throughout the entire wedding day and night you need to have a nice dress. The thing to remember is nice doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

If you are planning on buying a bridal gown you have to remember it is a dress that you are only going to wear once. You may want to save a little on your dress and put those savings into your honeymoon. The memories from your wedding and honeymoon will stick with you forever. Whereas with an expensive dress you might only bring it out to look at it every few years.

Crystal Juliet Veil, Lace Juliet Veil, Crystal Veil, Flower Veil, Ivory Veil, Beaded Veil, Lace Veil, Lace Veil, Embroidered Veil ANTOINETTE
Crystal Lace Juliet Veil
Rose Gold Shoulder Necklace, Crystal Bolero, Shoulder Jewelry, Bridal Shoulder Necklace, Shoulder Chain, Gold Statement Necklace, BRIENNE
Rose Gold Shoulder Necklace, Crystal Bolero Shoulder Jewelry
Sheath modest short fitted sleeve wedding dress

Shopping For A Certain Style

Another consideration you have to make when shopping for a vintage wedding dress is to shop for style. We know you have decided to have a vintage wedding but you need to ask yourself what style of vintage wedding are you going to have?  Are you thinking of having a roaring twenties Gatsby inspired wedding? Or are you planning to have a 1970’s inspired boho beach wedding? Both are vintage themed weddings but both are two completely different styles of weddings. So before you start shopping for your dress make sure you understand the style you are looking for.

Wedding dress. Mermaid wedding dress. Couture wedding dress Arina
Mermaid wedding dress. Couture wedding dress
Wedding clip art - wedding clipart wedding dress clipart brides bridal groom hand drawn romantic marriage dresses swans commercial use
wedding clipart wedding dress clipart
Art Deco Wedding Dress Backless
Boho Wedding Dress Zara, Simple Wedding, Romantic Wedding Dress, Unique Wedding Dress, Princess Wedding Dress
Boho Wedding Dress

Slightly Bigger Is Always Slightly Better

When it comes to shopping for second hand traditional vintage wedding dresses it’s always better to shop for a size or two bigger especially if you are shopping online. Different countries and cultures size clothing different than others. You would hate to order your dress online and have it shipped right before your wedding to only find out it is way to small. Also if it is true vintage the size might smaller in comparison to todays sizes.

Our final tip as it relates to ordering vintage wedding dresses is to give it a lot of time to get to you. Make sure you have enough time to try it on and also take it to a dress maker for alterations. Make sure you order the dress slightly bigger. Too small may lead to crash dieting to try and squeeze into the dress and ordering way to big means your tailor will have some work on their hands. Sure they can take it in a bit but you might still have a tailored dress that looks like it was way to big and taken in last minute.

Ivory Open Back Wedding Dress with Lace on the Back and with Train L24, Romantic wedding gown, Simple Wedding Dress, Unique Wedding Dress
Ivory Open Back Wedding Dress with Lace on the Back and with Train
Handmade Crochet Wedding Dress "LUNA MENGUANTE"
Handmade Crochet Wedding Dress “LUNA MENGUANTE”








Vintage Wedding Planning For Modern Couples

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding Planning For Modern Couples

Hands down one of the most difficult things about planning a vintage wedding is finding quality vintage clothing and decorations to suit your taste. For a lot of us that don’t live in or near a city you are going to have to start your search online. Most small towns and a lot of cities do not have niche wedding boutiques that cater to vintage themes.  Sure you might get lucky and find a few things at local second hand shops but ultimately you will have to do a bit of searching online.

The one thing that you are going to notice right away while you are shopping for your vintage themed wedding is that most local bridal boutiques only carry traditionally themed white wedding products. White weddings are still today by far the most popular theme of wedding. So it makes a lot of sense that most wedding boutiques and local department stores only stock these popular items.

What Makes A Vintage Wedding Vintage

Vintage themes or styles don’t necessarily always refer to the age of something. Modern Styles and themes can be designed in a vintage manner and wedding clothes and products are no exception. A lot of couples think when they are planning a vintage wedding that they will have to buy second hand everything. If that is your plan not a problem. You will find a lot of wonderful second hand vintage wedding clothing and decorations both online and locally. You might even be able to save a considerable amount of money on your wedding if you buy second hand.

If you are looking to buy new clothing & products for your vintage themed wedding well not to worry. A lot of commercial wedding designers have recognized just how popular the vintage weddings theme are and are designing more traditional wedding themed items. We think you would be surprised just how beautiful some of these modern takes on vintage can be.

Rose Gold table runner, Sequin Table Runner, Table Overlay, Tablecloth
Rose Gold table runner, Sequin Table Runner
Personalized Wedding Cake Topper, Custom Linden Wood Mr and Mrs Cake Topper with flower Wreath, Cake Topper Personalized with YOUR Name #149
Mr and Mrs Cake Topper with flower Wreath

For The Vintage Themed Gentlemen

We almost got too far ahead of ourselves discussing vintage weddings. One of the most important parts of planning any type of wedding is the engagement. Proposing marriage to your girl is going to be one of the most important steps and moments in both of your lives. It signifies that you know she is the right one and you want to spend your life together with her. It is a big step and something that you should not take too lightly.

If you have discussed marriage with your fiancé to be or just have that feeling she would want a vintage themed wedding well you better follow traditional practises. Take some time to plan your proposal and make it something she will cherish for the rest of her life. Planning your proposal is very much like planning a wedding. You are going to spend a lot of time and money to make sure every little detail is perfect. Your fiancé to be has probably been dreaming of this day since she was a little girl.

The Essentials to Planning a Vintage Wedding Engagement

A lot of the details that you are going to need to plan for while planning your vintage themed engagement you are already know. You should by now know the girl you are going to marry. You are going to know if she has a favorite place(s) that would make a great venue to propose to her at. You are probably going to know her favorite type of flowers and hopefully she has given you some idea of the type of engagement ring she would like. Most importantly you are going to have to think of a way to pop the question.

Gatsby wedding welcome sign printable

Essentials To Popping The Question

A Rehearsed Speech – Take the time to write and rehearse exactly what you want to say to this bride to be. Make it something truly special to both of you as a couple and the experiences you have shared together and want to share together in the future.

A Romantic Venue – Finding and proposing at the perfect venue is almost as important as what you plan to say to this loved one. Think to yourself about some of the important moments in your relationship and how they could be used for your proposal. It could be the restaurant where you shared your first date or it could be a park or beach that you both enjoy. Remember though if you gal is a bit of a private person you will want to propose when it is just you and her. If she loves attention than propose for everyone to see.

A Bouquet of Her Favorite Flowers – Having a beautiful bouquet of flowers is not the most important part of the proposal but it helps. One dozen red roses are probably the most romantic and traditional type of flowers to give during a proposal. They will also help you to keep to your theme

14k gold emerald leaf engagement ring, twig leaf engagement ring, nature emerald ring
gold emerald leaf engagement ring

A Beautiful Vintage Engagement Ring

What makes vintage designs so popular is the looks are timeless. They looked good when they were first showcased and they still look incredible today. Vintage styled or themed engagement rings are one of the safest bets to buy for your fiancé to be. Unless she has already hinted at the style and type of engagement ring she already wants then it is a safe bet to get her what she wants.

Aside from the style of ring and cut of the diamond the most important part of buying a ring is having it sized correctly. Our advice to any guy looking at getting engaged is to take the ring as it is in the store, propose in the most romantic way you can, and bring your girl back to the jeweller to have it properly sized. Remember the rule about measuring twice and cutting once. The holds very true to engagement rings. It is probably going to be one of the most important and expensive purchases of your life up until this point.

Planning Your Vintage Wedding as a Newly Engaged Couple

Congratulations She Said “Yes”. Now it is time to start planning your vintage themed wedding. Although planning a wedding can be very stressful planning a themed wedding of any type can add to the stress of the planning. Having to shop for and find quality vintage wedding clothing, rings, decorations, and venues only adds to the stress you are probably already feeling. Well don’t worry. We are here to help you find quality second hand and new vintage items for your wedding.

Some of the most popular places to shop for a Vintage wedding are local second hand shops, niche bridal boutiques, and online. Each has its own pros and cons but before we get into that we should discuss your guest list.

Wedding Chair Signs Geometric Style for Bride and Groom Wedding Chairs, Hexagon Calligraphy Wooden Hanging Signs Set (Item - GBG200)
Wedding Chair Signs Geometric Style for Bride and Groom Wedding Chairs

Making a Wedding Guest List and Checking It Twice

The only way you are going to stick to your wedding budget is to make a guest list and stick to it. We are not going to lie to you. Weddings can be very expensive and every time you add a guest and their plus one you are adding to the cost drastically. The more guests invite to your wedding the more it is going to cost you. Think about it for a minute. The more guests you have the bigger the venues you will need. The bigger the venues means the more decorations you will need to buy. By having all these additional guests you’re going to have to pay a larger bill for both food and drinks. If money is not a problem for you by all means invite everyone you can. A wedding is a special event and it is nice to have friends and family there to share it with you. But if you are on a budget like most of us you are going to have to sharpen your pencil and really decide who needs to be at your wedding and who doesn’t.

Saying “No” to people is probably one of the harder things to do when planning your weddings aside from actually paying for it. The key to is to do it quickly and do it in person. Most people you are going to have to say no to are going to understand. If you are a young couple people are going to get that you are probably on a limited budget and you have a lot of expenses coming your way. Once you say your vows life is going to get very expensive for you two. You are probably going to want to buy a home and start a family together. It is better to go into your new life together with as little of debt as possible. Couples don’t fight when they have money in the bank. Plain and simple debt destroys relationships.

Customized Wedding Signs Typography - Wall Decal Custom Vinyl Art Stickers
Customized Wedding Signs Typography

Deciding On Your Vintage Wedding Venues

Wedding venues of all types can be broken down into two parts. The wedding ceremony venue and the wedding reception venue. Although they can be at the same location they can also be at two different locations. I guess as a couple you are probably going to want to ask yourselves if you want to get married locally or would you like to have a destination wedding?

For those of you planning a vintage wedding a local wedding may be more applicable to your theme. Having your wedding locally gives you a bit of a home field advantage and time to scout the perfect locations. For those of you planning on getting married in a church well it is an easy decision. Stay in your local church and community. You will be married by someone you know and also trust.

Destination weddings on the other hand typically take on more of a beach wedding style because the majority of couples travel to the sun and sand for them. If you are looking to elope and want to keep to your vintage theme Las Vegas might be the perfect destination for your wedding. The flights and accommodation are really quiet reasonable for both yourselves and your guests and Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. So you are sure to find not only a wedding package that fits your budget but also your vintage wedding theme.

velvet table runner, velvet tablecloth, velvet table linen, vintage runner, wedding table runner, velvet tablecloth, wedding decorations
velvet table runner, velvet tablecloth

Sending Out Your Vintage Wedding Invitations

After you have completed your guest’s lists and have chosen your venues you will probably want to send out your wedding invitations to give your guests as much time as possible to get ready for your wedding. Most people would be surprised to know just how much it costs all of your guests to attend your wedding. It is probably on par with what you are actually going to spend on your wedding. Your guests have to buy clothes, travel to your wedding, and also get you a gift. It adds up especially when people are having to travel great distances just to attend your wedding.

Vintage Romantic Wedding Invitation Handmade by avintageobsession on etsy
Vintage Romantic Wedding Invitation


With your vintage wedding it invitations it is almost impossible to buy authentic wedding invitations. You probably can’t reuse someone else’s old invitations and if you could paper does not hold up very well over the years. You are going to have to buy modern wedding invitations with a traditional vintage flare.

Types Of Vintage Wedding Invitations You May Need To Buy For Wedding

Engagement Party Invitations – Engagement parties are a great way to bring both of your families and friends together to meet and celebrate your new engagement.

Wedding Save The Dates – Are a great way to announce the date of your wedding and also let your guests know they made the cut on your vintage wedding guest list.

Wedding R.S.V.Ps – Are sent to your guests with your wedding invitations. They are cards that contain details of your wedding and also allow your guests to formally accept or decline your wedding invite.

Wedding Invitations – Are the formal invitation you send to your guests inviting them to your wedding. It finalizes the dates, times, and venues.

Art Deco Wedding Invitation printed on shimmer paper | Gold wedding invitations | Gatsby wedding invitation | Evening wedding invitations
Art Deco Wedding Invitation printed on shimmer paper

Shopping For Vintage Wedding Clothing, Decorations, and Favors

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is shopping for it.  The key to finding great vintage is to give yourself a lot of time. Unlike shopping for your traditional white wedding, quality vintage items can be a bit more of a challenge to find. Especially when you want them matching to your theme of wedding. Although it is a challenge it is a fun one that becomes very rewarding when you see your beautiful wedding come.

Like we said earlier it is very important to keep to your wedding budget. Staying on budget will help to keep your stress to a minimum. It is better to know what you can afford up front and follow it through than it is to spend now and try and figure out how to pay for the wedding later.

wedding favors for guests Unique Wedding Favor Boxes, Engagement, Baby Shower Party Favor Boxes
Art Deco Wedding Favor Boxes

Vintage Wedding Clothing For The Wedding Party

As all eyes are on the bride it is best to start shopping around her style of dress for the wedding. Both online and local boutiques have a large selection of vintage wedding dresses and bridal accessories. Its best to start your search online first and get a decent feel for how much the dress should cost and what type of options you have available to you. The world of wedding dresses is a vast one full of different colors, styles, and materials. Although it can be stressful it doesn’t have to be. A time honored tradition for new brides to be is to get together with their wedding parties and hit the town for a day of dress shopping. Even if you decide to buy your dress online make sure you don’t skip this step. You will never know what you will find in a local boutique and it’s all about the experience.

Light Gray Tuxedo
Light Gray Tuxedo For Dog

After you have chosen your dress you will have a better idea of how to accessorize it. There are two trains of thought when it comes to accessorizing a wedding dress. The thoughts are a lot of small details add to the overall look and also less is always more.

Some of the essentials to every brides outfit are below.

  • A Wedding Veil
  • Bridal Purse
  • A Brides Wedding Shoes
  • A Wedding Bouquet
  • A Wedding Garter Belt

And don’t forget to have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

After you have picked your dress you can now begin planning the look of the wedding party. Your bridesmaids should be dressed also in the vintage theme and the color and style of dresses should complement your wedding style. The groom and groomsmen will probably be decked out in some of the finest tuxes you can rent. Although the tuxes will be rented they come in a variety of colors and styles perfect for a vintage wedding. Suits are also an option for the guys. Try to match colors the best you can and also match the color of ties.

Custom Gatsby Brooch Bouquet, Rose Gold, Pearl Feather Jeweled Bouquet, Teardrop Cascading Bouquet, Vintage Wedding Bouquet, Glamorous
Custom Gatsby Brooch Bouquet, Rose Gold, Pearl Feather Jeweled Bouquet

Shopping For Classic Wedding Decorations

The size of your wedding venues will really dictate the number of wedding decorations you will need. Although you may be able to re-use some from your wedding ceremony to your wedding reception plan to buy some specifically for both numbers.

If you are luck vintage wedding decorations are abundant online. Vintage weddings I wouldn’t say are trendy in the wedding market but they are a staple. A lot of people want a traditional white wedding when they get married. A white dress, possibly a church, and traditional decorations.

Custom Personalized Lighted Marquee Script... LOVE Eat BBQ Open Yum Bar Dream JOY Wish Custom.. Wedding Gift Anniversary Vendor Restaurant
Custom Personalized Lighted Marquee Script

Timeless Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending your wedding. Like yourselves most of your guests will spend a considerable amount of time and money to attend your vintage wedding. Wedding favors are small tokens of your appreciation and you can buy them for any theme of wedding you can imagine. They

Now hopefully you have a grasp on some of the basics of planning a vintage wedding. Hopefully all that is left now is for you two to walk down that aisle and say your “I dos”. Congratulations and best of luck to you as Husband and Wife.





















Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

As a bohemian bride to be it is inevitable that you are going to need to shop for some beautiful bohemian bridal hair accessories sooner or later. Bohemian style weddings traditionally incorporate items from the natural world.

Colors, elements, and textures from mother earth are all welcome in your trends in the world of bohemian fashion accessories. Although you may not want actual sticks or leaves in your hair those elements featured in cosmetic jewelry look totally boho chic.

Delicate bridal hair vine Bohemian hair wreath Wedding hair vine
Bohemian Wedding • Macrame Chair Backs / Bride and Groom Chair
Bohemian Macrame Chair Sash
Brass Leaf Mesh Headpiece

The Modern Boho Chic Bride

If you have missed the last 15 years in fashion trends than wouldn’t have any clue about the boho chic movement. Boho chic fashion combines designer looks with a nostalgic natural design feel from the sixties and seventies. Colors are a little bit softer and usually a little bit off color. What we mean by that is you are not going to be wearing a bright white wedding dress on your big day. You are probably going to be wearing something a bit off white and easier on the eyes.

Boho chic is all about one thing. Showcasing the natural beauty of the environment around us and our own natural beauty. A lot if not almost every bohemian weddings take place in the great out doors. The venues and photo opportunities provide by our natural world could not be duplicated by the most sophisticated wedding planners or wedding venues. A beach, a park, mountains, or rolling hills make the perfect backdrop for a bohemian wedding.


Bohemian Bride • Macrame Wedding Bouquet Wrap / Bouquet Holder
Bohemian Bride Accessories • Macrame Wedding Bouquet Wrap
Vintage inspired, wire crochet, 40-s, glamour, ivory cap with pearls. Hollywood style wire mesh unusual headpiece
Hollywood style wire mesh headpiece  glamour ivory cap with pearls.



custom bridal crown, dried flower crown, lavender bridal crown, woodland bridal crown, blue flower crown, fern bridal crown, lavender crown
dried flower crown, lavender bridal crown
Flower Crown of Lavender Woodland Meadow Flower Crown of Lavender Larkspur Lichens, Moss Ferns, Seeded Eucalyptus, Grasses, dried flowers
Woodland Meadow Flower Crown of Lavender Larkspur Lichens

What Are Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

So what makes bridal hair accessories boho chic? Well like we said above these hair accessories incorporate designs and icons of the natural world around us. Some bohemian brides do incorporate natural elements in their hair. Its not uncommon to see boho brides with their hair beautifully up and incorporating small twigs or sticks similar to how you would see a woman with chop sticks in their hair.

Starfish Hair Accessory, Beach Wedding Crown
Bridal pill box hat with a birdcage, white hat with embroidery over french lace and veiling for a traditional bride, classical wedding hat
Bridal pill box hat with a birdcage veil
Bohemian Hair Piece , Opal Bun Wrap
Pink Succulent Flower Comb- Rose Bridesmaids Hair Accessory- Boho Wedding Headpiece- Blush Wedding Accessory
Pink Succulent Flower Comb
Succulent Head Band

Elements Of Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

Below are just some of the more popular elements from the natural world that wedding hair accessory designers will use.

  • Leaves – Chrome, gold or natural leaves add a natural charm to your wedding day look.
  • Vines – May or may not also include leaves. These vines flow with a bohemian brides wedding hair style.
  • Seashells – An iconic image found in almost every bohemian beach weddings.
  • Twigs and Branches – Various materials and styles of sticks and twig hair accessories and a element of sophistication to your wedding hair do.
    Pearls – Another staple for bohemian brides planning a beach wedding. Depending upon your budget you could either buy real or imitation pearls.
  • Finding Your Boho Chic Bridal Hair Accessories

A great place to start your search for beautiful bohemian bridal hair accessories is online. Its a passive low pressure way to browse what’s out their and it allows you to see how inexpensive or expensive things will be for your wedding.

seashell headpiece, seashell headband, seashell hair accessories, starfish headpiece, seashell crown, starfish hair piece, beach wedding, #9
Starfish headpiece, seashell headband
Mermaid Sea Shell Crown
white and champagne sparkle baby breath crown,flower girl,wedding accessories
white and champagne sparkle baby breath crown
Gold Wedding Hair Clips Wedding Hair Pins Wedding Bobby Pins Wedding Bridal Accessories Autumn Fall Weddings Rustic Bride Bridesmaids Gifts
Gold Bird Hair Clips
Feather Headband, Dream Catcher Head Jewelry, Hair Jewelry, Leather Headband, Feather Extensions, Native, Tribal Southwest Boho Wedding Hair
Dream Catcher Head Jewelry
Deer Crown Hair accessories Woodland Bridal accessories


Autumn Wedding Invitations

Autumn Wedding Invitations

Autumn Wedding Invitations

Shopping for beautiful Autumn Wedding Invitations comes down to two things. Number one is having the dedication to find the perfect fall wedding invitations that suit the tastes of both yourself and your finance. And number two finding a autumn themed wedding invitation set that fits your wedding budget.

Hopefully by now all of you planning a fall wedding this year have already chosen your wedding invitations and have them mailed out to your guests. For those of you planning a fall wedding next year or in the next few years you have lots of time to find your perfect autumn wedding invitations.

Wood and Lace Wedding Invitation – Chalkboard Wedding Invitation - Printable Rustic Wood Invite with Photo 5x7
Wood and Lace Wedding Invitation
Fall In Love autumn wedding invitation
Qty 25 - Initials Save the Date
Initials Save the Date Card

What Makes A Great Autumn Wedding Invitation

Certain images are ingrained in our minds an being fall images. Trees with leaves falling, orange and brown foliage on the ground, and mature ripe pumpkins and gourds are all iconic images of autumn.

When shopping for fall wedding invitations you are going to find a wide selection of fall wedding invitations, save the dates, and R.S.V.P cards featuring those famous images of fall. They key to finding the perfect fall wedding invitations is to find a set that matches your personality as a couple. As a couple you should think about your memories and experiences of fall. Their has got to be a special reason why you two chose to get married in the fall versus any other season of the year. Try to find an wedding invitation set that is special to the two of you.

Certain colors are synonymous with autumn. Reds, browns, oranges, and greens are all the popular colors. As the leaves and grasses change color the landscapes throughout North America are painted with these colors.

Lush Autumn Wedding Invitation Suite
Lush Autumn Wedding Invitation Suite
Autumn Wedding Invitations
Fall Autumn Wedding Invitation Pocketfold
Gold Foil Wedding Invitations, A set Of 50
Art Deco Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Inexpensive Fall Wedding Sets

One of the realities of life is that most of us have to live on a budget. Your wedding is probably going to be your first experience working as a couple and managing a large sum of money to accomplish a task. Even though you may be working with a tight budget you can still find some truly amazing autumn wedding invitations.

Foil - Rose Gold Glitter Wedding Invitations - SAMPLE (Cynthia)
Rose Gold Glitter Wedding Invitations
Botanical Frame Invitation
Botanical Invitation
Halloween Wedding Invitation