Escape From The Cold

Escape From The Cold

Escape From The Cold

As the temperature begins to drop throughout North America it is no surprise that some of us are planning and plotting our escape from the cold. Being from a northern climate where we get a fair bit of snow it is no surprise that as the white stuff begins to fly from the sky people run to their computers and begin looking at different vacation packages. And most of them are looking at flying south.

Festival trendy bohemian sunglasses chain hanger – Gold plated stainless steel chain and 24 Carats gold plated charms – sassy glasses chain

If a vacation down south is in your budget this winter we one hundred percent think you should take one. Nothing feels better than getting on a plane in the cold and snow knowing that you are going to a much warmer place where they may or may not have ever even had any.

The key to travelling south during the winter is to both pack and prepare for it. But before we talk about packing we should decide who you are going to take with you and also where you are going.

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Tickets for One or More?

It is always a tough decision when you are planning a vacation who you want to go with you. Plain and simple vacations can be very expensive especially if you are paying for the whole family to come along.

Leather Luggage Tag — Not All Who Wander are Lost Travel tag travel Passport rustic luggage tag travel tag

Sometimes it is nice to bring the whole family or travel with your friends. Also it can be unbelievably relaxing just to go it on your own. So really two things are going to affect your decision on who is coming.

  • Budget – For a family looking to escape from the cold like we said it can be very expensive. Sometimes the finances do not allow you to take an annual vacation down south. Sometimes though it is nice for a husband and wife to get away for a short break without the kids. What you can afford is really going to play into where you go and who you bring with you.
  • Patience – One question you need to ask yourself is do you need a break? Honestly you might deserve a little alone time to yourself for some fun and sun. Although one of the best parts of travelling with friends and family is you get to share the experience with them. It gives you stories to share and memories to reflect on for years to come.

Strapless Flowy Gown

Destination I/We Are Out Of Here

Next on your list should be finding where you want to go to escape from the cold. When you are trying to decide this you have to consider what you are looking for from your vacation.

For some of us we just want as far away from the cold and snow as possible. For others though we want a little excitement.

Your hobbies will play a huge factor into this. Are you looking to relax on a beach? Maybe you want to go shopping? Or maybe golf is your thing. Below are a few of the most popular winter get away locations in the United States that each has its own reasons for going.

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Ten Winter Travel Destinations Everyone Should Visit To Escape From The Cold

  • Miami Beach, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Austin, Texas
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Maui, Hawaii
  • Orlando, Florida
  • San Francisco, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Palm Desert, California

Women’s Triangle Handmade Knitted Crochet Bikini Set

Time To Pack Those Bags

When travelling from north to south in the winter time you will want to bring some extra luggage or plan to buy some while you are there. Not only are you probably going to buy a few things while you are on vacation but you will also probably want to have room to hide your winter clothes while you are away.

As you could probably image the location you choose is really going to effect what you will want to pack. Heading to a golfing destination you will probably want to take your golf attire and clubs. Heading to Vegas for a bit of gambling make sure you pack some of those bigger pants. The buffets there are delicious. And going to the beach usually means that you are going to need a bathing suit or two.

So hopefully this winter you have enough saved up to escape from the cold and travel to somewhere a little bit warmer. If not well there is always next year.

Rustic Fall Home Decor

Rustic Fall Home Decor

Rustic Fall Home Decor

We are full into the fall season and thought it was time to feature some rustic fall home decor.  Everyday it seems like as the leaves fall from the trees the temperatures also drop.

There is something truly beautiful about the fall season. The leaves changing from green to different shades of yellow and brown. It seems that as the natural environment changes we get inspired to  deck out our homes with complimentary colors and styles.

Walnut Cake Stand, Turned Wood Cake Platter, Cake Pedestal

Set of 3 Knit Pumpkins- Fall Home Decor- Rustic Pumpkins

Rustic Fall Decorations

It is hard to believe that we are almost through another year. Fall is definitely hear and it is time to get your home decorated for the season.  When it comes to fall decorating you only have to look out your windows for inspirations.

Fall seasonal decorating has and probably always will be inspired by the natural environment. It is the reason that we use so many different shades of oranges, browns, and yellows when we decorate.

For a lot of the crafty Do It Yourself out there fall is the perfect time of the year to work on your craft as we have so many materials around our homes and yard to make some truly wonderful decorations.

Elegant FALL Sign

Thankful Wood Sign, Thanksgiving Decor

10 Of The Most Popular Natural Fall Materials To Use As Autumn Home Decorations

Below are just some of the wonderful fall decorating materials that you probably have around the home, yard, or community.

  • Acorns
  • Pumpkins
  • Orange and Brown Leaves
  • Corn Stalks
  • Deer Antlers
  • Reclaimed Barn Boards
  • Tree Branches, Twigs, and Sticks.
  • Pine Cones
  • Birch Bark
  • Fall Flowers

Sweaters, Boots & Pumpkin Spice Everything – Fall Pillow Cover – Autumn Home Decor

Farmhouse Fall Home Decor

It is hard to not think about rustic fall home decor without think of farmhouses, cottages, Victorian style homes. In the past a lot of people relied on their own craftiness to decorate their homes. Their wasn’t the mass produced products like their is today so a lot of people had to make due with what they had around their environments.

Handmade goods are a popular trend in fall farmhouse décor. With the invention of the internet you no longer have to do the crafting yourself. Their is a whole market place out there to support your rustic decorating.

Farmhouse Pumpkins Thanksgiving Table Runner

Set of 4 Wood Mason Jar Tops, Four Wood Canning Jar Lids

Farmhouse Decor Vase, Vintage Milk Bottles Mustard Yellow

Autumn Cushion collection , Squirrel and maple leaf cushion

Autumn Wood Crafts

A big trend in fall decorating is the use of repurposed wood. Barn boards, old wooden fence posts, and wood pallets are popular mediums in autumn home décor.

If you are looking for different inspiration on this style of fall decorating all you have to do is visit Esty. You are sure to see an almost unlimited supply of fall repurposed wood decorating ideas.

SAWYER-42″ Jointed Scarecrow Craft Pattern

Wood Waffle Cone Roller

fall leaves wood craft kit

12 Wood Acorns for Crafting, Painting, Dyeing, Stamping or Assemblage

Rustic Fall Outdoor Decor

As important it is to decorate the interior of your home it is just as important to decorate the outside of your home. Not only does it beautify your home it also contributes to the overall community feel of your neighborhood.

Popular items to use when decorating the exterior of your home for fall is 1) Wreaths, 2) Door Mats, and 3) Wooden Signs.

Burlap scarecrow wreath

Large Turkey Pumpkin Pokes Thanksgiving Decor Pilgrim Turkey Kit

Fall Party Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Gather Doormat | Fall Doormat

As soon as October 1st hits we know that the holiday season is almost upon us. Two of the most popular holidays in fall are Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both have their individual decorating style but you can be sure that you will be using some oranges, yellows, and browns in your rustic home decorating.

Hopefully you have enjoyed our selection of rustic fall home decor. Stay tuned for more great fall and winter home decorating ideas we will have coming up over the next couple months.

For more great fall home décor be sure to check out this post.



Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

With Halloween quickly approaching we thought it would be a good idea to look at some adorable toddler Halloween costumes. Halloween is a holiday that is perfect for little kids.

The smaller the kids the cuter they look in their little costumes. Nothing is more delightful on Halloween night than handing a toddler some candy. Just to watch their eyes light up and see them in their little costumes make the our nights.

10 Popular Kids Halloween Costumes For 2017

  • Little Mermaid Child’s Halloween Costume – The perfect costume for little girls is a mermaid Halloween costume. It allows them bring out their inner princess in an beautiful little outfit.mermaid costume for girls
  • Tiny Kid’s Train Engineer Costume – Throughout time little kids have always loved trains. It is no surprise that so many little kids want to dress up like a vintage train engineer.
    Train Engineer Costume
  • Toddler’s Dragon Halloween Costumes – Dragons and dinosaurs are two very popular Halloween costumes for young boys. Actually they are also ultra popular with young girls also.
    Halloween Dragon Costume for Kids With Red Dragon Wings 

    Dragon Claws
  • Adorable Unicorn Toddler’s Costume – The one thing about Halloween is it is a night full of magic. So much magic that you might see a unicorn or two while you are out trick or treating.
    Girls unicorn dance outfit

    Unicorn tutu

  •  Unicorn headband, Unicorn tutu set with Unicorn Romper
  • Lumber Jack Halloween Children’s Costumes – One of the most adorable Halloween costumes for young boys and girls for 2017 is the lumberjack costume. All you need is a plaid shirt, knitted winter hat, and a painted on beard and you are ready to hit the neighborhood.
  • Crocheted Beard Hat, lumberjack costume for kids
  • Little Pumpkin BOO! T Shirt – Some toddlers are just to small for a Halloween costume. For these little guys and girls Halloween themed shirts and onesies are great for little ones who may be too fussy for a full blown costume.
    Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch, Baby Halloween Outfit
  • Plush Hippopotamus Halloween Costume – Plush animal costumes for young children are usually a bit more expensive but the photos will be worth it.

  • Hippo Costume
  • Emoji Kids Halloween Costumes – One of the great things the cell phone brought us is the emoji. These popular cultural icons have made their way into our adorable toddler Halloween costumes list.
    Emoji t-shirts
  • Pink Pig Toddler Halloween Costume – Go to any farm and one of the most adorable animals are those tiny piglets. Pig costumes for toddlers are just as adorable and they can be used for playtime through out the year.
    Cute Piggy Costume
  • Tiny Tot Bumblebee Costume – These black and yellow little plush costumes are down right cute. Just be careful of the little stingers.
    Bumble Bee costume

So hopefully you enjoyed this small collection of these adorable toddler Halloween costumes. And you see some of these little monsters at your front door on October 31st this year.

Even more adorable toddler Halloween costumes can be found here.


Funny Halloween Shirts For 2017

Funny Halloween Shirts For 2017

Funny Halloween Shirts For 2017

Below is a great collection of funny Halloween shirts for 2017. We have featured some in the past and by popular demand we are bringing in a new class of Halloween shirts for 2017.

If you haven’t realized Halloween is not just for the little one. Also it is not just for the people who want to wear a costume. A lot of adults really enjoy the spirit of Halloween but just can’t work up the courage to wear a costume.

Donut Kill My Vibe Sweatshirt

Matching Family Halloween Skeleton shirts, Glow in the dark halloween shirt

Great Things To Do While Wearing Your Funny Halloween Shirts

  • Take The Kids Out Trick Or Treating – Halloween is one of the most important holidays to young children. It is a time for them to put on their favorite costume and hit the streets for a night of trick or treating. Even though you may not want to wear a costume a Halloween themed shirt might be all you need.
    Will Trade Sister for Candy Shirt – Boys Halloween Shirt

    Don’t Scare Me I Poop Easily Baby Halloween onesie
  • Host A Halloween Party – Ever attend an ugly Christmas sweater party? Why not host a funny Halloween shirt party this year. Funny shirts of all types and styles are great ice breakers for your guests. Some of your party invites may not attend if they have to wear a costume. But a funny shirt on the other hand will bring all your guests together.
    Zombie Outbreak Response Team T-Shirt 

    Vampire Halloween Shirt – Vampire Teeth I Bite Tee

    Funny Halloween T Shirt, I’m Just Here for the Boo’s T shirt
  • Take A Walk And Enjoy The Festivities – A great to spend Halloween night is to take a walk around your community and take in the festivities of this holiday. Throw on your funny Halloween shirt and take a nice evening walk to enjoy the little trick or treaters in your area.
    Let Me Out maternity tee – maternity halloween t-shirt, pregnancy announcement shirt
  • Check Out Your Local Haunted House – Everyone needs a good scare and a laugh on Halloween night. Most cities and towns throughout all of North America host a haunted house. Some are children appropriate and others are only suitable for adults. Wearing your silly Halloween Tee shirt may help to keep those evil spirits at bay.
    Trump or Treat Halloween shirt
  • Attend Your Halloween Office Party – A lot of corporate offices allow their employees to dress up for Halloween. Not all of us want to wear a costume to and from work. A great alternative is to wear a hilarious themed Halloween shirt to your office dress up. It is not the commitment you would have to make to wearing a costume but still supports the spirit of the day.
    Death Before Decaf Coffee Shirt

    Funny Halloween T Shirt Costume for Program Managers
  • Handing Out Candy On Halloween Night – One of my favorite activities on Halloween is buying and handing out candy on Halloween night. Nothing is more adorable than a toddler in an adorable plush animal costume. Wearing a silly Halloween shirt will bring a smile to the faces of those little trick or treaters.

Silly Halloween Shirts Featuring Candy

Come on. Who doesn’t love Halloween candy? Even if you can’t have the candy it is just as enjoyable to hand out on Halloween night.

These candy themed funny Halloween shirts for 2017 are great for wearing while handing out treats to the young children and adults of the neighborhood.

Witch Better Have My Candy Shirt 

Funny Halloween Candy Inspector Shirt

Funny Halloween Shirts For Kids

Looking to accessorise your child’s Halloween Costume with a silly shirt this year? These are some great shirts for young children to wear before or after Halloween.

Candy Monster Kid Halloween Shirt

Witches be Trippin Bodysuit |Infant Halloween Shirt

Vintage Halloween T Shirts

Like all aspects of Fashion Halloween shirts have also cashed in on the vintage clothing trends.

Check out these ultra-fashionable Halloween shirts that are perfect for your next Halloween party.

Count Blessings Not Calories Shirt, Funny Day of the Dead Skull T shirt

Hopefully you enjoyed our funny Halloween shirts for 2017 and found one or two you would like to add to your collection. The good thing is you can wear them year after year and they are just as good.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Look Here For Even More Great Halloween Shirts.

Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Retro Inspired Swimsuits

The beauty of these retro inspired swimsuits is that they are timeless looks that looked good when they were modern and still look good today.

This summer is going to be hot. Not only temperature wise there are a lot of good looks that fashion designers are bringing back from the past.

The last two summers fashion has been all about the retro looks.

High Waisted Bow Bandeau Bikini Floral 

5 Great Occasions to Break Out Your New Swimsuit

Below are 5 of the best times to break out your new retro inspired swimsuit

  • Hit The Beach On The First Hot Day Of Summer
  • That Summer Pool Party You Are Attending
  • During Your Summer Vacation To A Hot Destination
  • At That Summer BBQ with a pair of Jean Shorts
  • Around The House When You Want To Beat The Summer Heat

One Piece Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Body type and size are not the only reasons to wear a one piece bathing suit this summer. A lot of women think that they couldn’t pull off a two piece bathing suit. For too many years now a lot of women have felt that their body is not good enough for a two piece bikini.

Well we are here to tell you they are wrong. Women of all body types can look amazing in both a one piece and a two piece bathing suit.

Mango Peach Lace Up Swimsuit
Open back Fringe One piece swimsuit
Party BIKINI/Sport Bikini/One Piece Swimsuit/Swimwear/Festival Clothing/Coachella Clothing/Bathing Suits
Sport Bikini/One Piece Swimsuit
Deep V swimsuit - Black
Deep V swimsuit

Pin Up Inspired Bathing Suits

Go back to any automobile magazine or calendar from the 1950s and you are almost guaranteed to see a pin up girl.

The beauty of the pin up inspired bathing suit is the come in both one piece suits and two piece suits. Both look amazing and both look totally vintage.

To truly go after that pin up look you are after you will have to accessorize your outfit. Hair up, bright red lip stick, and a bandana in your hair or tied around your arm, hair, or neck are all pretty authentic pin up girl looks.

Dolly Red & White polka dot Retro Pin up High waist bikini Two piece swimsuit 
50s , Peplum Swimsuit , Skirted Bathing Suit, Blue White , Tankini, Maillot de bain
Retro Skirted Bathing Suit
Sailor Bikini Set w/ Halter tie
Sailor Bikini Set With Halter tie

Two Piece Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Next we will have a look at some of the most beautiful retro inspired two piece bathing suits. To be truly retro the bathing suits these two pieces are slightly less revealing than their modern counter parts. They still show off the beauty of the female form they just leave a bit for the imagination.

As we said above any women can pull off the look of a two piece bathing suit. These bathing suits are just not for tiny young women. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear a two piece. You just need the confidence to know that you are beautiful. If you believe it people will see it!

bikini cute bikini off shoulder bikini off the shoulder bikini two piece bikini white floral bikini swimsuits beachwear outdoor swimsuit
off shoulder bikini 
Aztec bathing suit mother-daughter 

Black and white swimming suit

Bow Bandeau Bikini - Vintage Style High Waisted Pin-up Swimwear - With Extra High Waist Ruched Panel Bottoms
Bow Bandeau Bikini – Vintage Style High Waisted Pin-up Swimwear

High Waisted Retro Bathing Suits

Nothing has that retro inspired swimsuits feel like a high waisted bathing suit. Although the top can be both high and low but the swimsuit bottoms are meant to sit high on a woman’s hips. The look is not for everyone as most modern woman want their bathing suit bottoms on a two piece suit to sit low or be as minimal as possible.

LOTTIE lilac multiway swimsuit - one piece swimwear with your choice of floral print, handmade beachwear - ethical clothing to order
LOTTIE lilac multiway swimsuit – one piece swimwear with your choice of floral print
Long sleeve Open Back bodysuit
Green and White High Waist Swimsuit
Green and White High Waist Swimsuit

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10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

These 10 ideas to make your outdoor BBQ entertaining a success are sure to turn your annual BBQ into the talk of the town. Throughout North America you can almost expect to be invited or host a BBQ during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Although the weather can start to drop in September there will still be a few great autumn days left to host your BBQ. To be honest though you can host a BBQ anytime of the year not matter if it is rain, shine, snow, or sunny days.

Backyard Wedding, Custom Tapestry, Party Backdrop, Dessert Table Decor, Wedding Backdrop, Wedding Wall, I DO BBQ // W-G20-TP MAR1 AA3
Backyard Wedding I DO BBQ Backdrop

Serving Cold Drinks on Hot Days

One of the best ways to greet any guest to an epic BBQ on a hot day is to meet them with an ice cold drink. As we all know the devil is always in the details. Even your glasses are going to be judged by your guests. Although most won’t care if they are greeted with your classic disposable red cup.

The problem with these cups is they are plastic and bad for the environment. Most of these cups are plastic also but they are not meant for a one and done party. They can be used year after year at your annual BBQ.


6 Coconut-Lime Margaritas - BarCountry Dehydrated Cocktail Mixers
Coconut-Lime Margaritas – BarCountry Dehydrated Cocktail Mixers
Chili Lime Salt - Green Chili salt | Lime spiced | Spicy margarita salt | Flavored cocktail salt | Flavored rimmer salt | Peppers Rim salt
Spicy margarita salt
Wooden Round Wedding Drinks Tokens - Woodland...
Wooden Round Wedding Drinks Tokens

Rubs, Spice Mixes, Seasoning

There is just something amazing about a meal that is entirely prepared on the BBQ. To truly top it off add some cold salads like tossed, potato, or pasta salad.

The key to any great meal is to accessorize. A well-seasoned, marinated, spiced piece of BBQ is a beautiful thing.

Although these spices are meant for meat they also taste great on different vegetarian and vegan options.

Chicken Hot Wings BBQ Dry Rub - sugar free spices, chicken wings rub for grilling
Chicken Hot Wings BBQ Dry Rub – sugar free spices, chicken wings spice rub for grilling
5 recipes for salmon fillets, recipes card, vintage recipe cards, Cookbooks, Instant Download Recipe Card, make your own cookbook.
BBQ Rub Gift Set | Fathers Day 1st Gift for Him | BBQ Grilling Spices Sampler Pack

Wine for When You Need To Stay Hydrated

As the summer heats up a lot of us reach for a beer, wine cooler, or mixed drink. Well summer 2017 is going to be the season of wines.

No matter if you are into reds, whites, or roses you have to make sure you present it well to your guests. Having a nice set of wine glasses probably isn’t necessary for your backyard BBQ. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on new wine glasses and have them break on your deck or backyard patio.

Custom Mini Champagne Bottle Label for Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, Bridal Suite, Baby Shower or Bachelorette Bubbly ! Custom Labels!
Custom Mini Champagne Bottle Label for Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower
pineapple rustic floating wine rack, bottle holder. Wine, bourbon stave custom handmade for wedding summer party house
pineapple rustic floating wine rack
HUGE Safety First Drink With A Nurse Wine Glass,Nursing Wine Glass,Funny Gifts For Nurses,Huge Wine Glass,Funny Wine Glass,Large Wine Glass
HUGE Safety First Drink With A Nurse Wine Glass

Picnic Table Storage

Keeping your cutlery and napkins is essential during a summer BBQ. All it takes is one strong gust of wind to send your guests scrambling for their napkins.

Salt and pepper shakers, wooden napkin holders, and glass holders are perfect way to keep your tables organized and everything together.

Marquee Engraved Wooden Beer Carrier - Beer Caddy Gift for Craft Beer Lovers, Tailgating Gear, Six Pack Beer Tote for Beer & Soda Drinkers
Marquee Engraved Wooden Beer Carrier – Personalized Beer Caddy
Indoor Outdoor Nesting Serving Station / Patio Bar Storage
Custom BBQ Utensil Holder - Grillin and Chillin - Grilling Gift - Beer Bottle Opener - Housewarming Gift - Patio Decor - Fathers Day Gifts
Custom BBQ Utensil Holder – Beer Bottle Opener

Aprons for the Pitmaster

Juice and grease splatters are bound to happen while you are working the grill for a large group of people. Aprons are the perfect accessory for your Pitmaster doing the grilling.

From funny to vintage these aprons are sure to impress your guests.

Warning concealed sausage - cheeky men's apron! Funny apron for him, Fathers day apron, Fathers day gift , BBQ apron, Dad gift, husband gift
Warning concealed sausage – cheeky men’s apron! Funny apron for him
Hipster Father's Day Denim Apron - Dad Apron - Mens Apron - Gift For Dad - Kitchen Apron - Long Kitchen Apron - Cooking Apron - BBQ Apron
Hipster Father’s Day Denim Apron, Aged To Perfection Funny Apron

Caesar Freak! Enamel Cocktail Pin

Caesar Freak! Enamel Cocktail Pin

Backyard Games to Keep Them Occupied

At just over the midpoint of our 10 ideas to make your outdoor BBQ entertaining a success it is now time to look at some ways to keep your guests entertained. Backyard games are perfect for summer hosting as they keep your guests busy and give people a chance to mingle.

Hosting a party with competitive games is one of the best icebreakers you can have to engage your guests.

Football and/or Super Bowl photo booth props perfect for your tailgate party or the big game day
Football and/or Super Bowl photo booth props perfect for your tailgate party BBQ


Ring Toss yard game


Awesome Ideas to Cool and Keep Your Beer Cold

A chest, cooler, or bucket is all you need to keep your beer frosty and cold. Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day is an ice cold beer.

Wine coolers, hard lemonades, sodas, juices, and bottles of water are also essential at any great BBQ.

Rustic outdoor wooden deck cooler
Rustic outdoor wooden deck cooler
Beer Cooler – Six Pack Beer Carrier 

Patio Décor That Will Shock and Awe Your Guests

For a lot of us BBQ or not we spend a great deal of time working on our outdoor spaces in the summer. Depending upon the type of party you are hosting will dictate how you plan to decorate your yard.

A wedding BBQ is still a wedding and you will probably decorate with your run of the mill wedding decorations. On the contrary a rustic themed BBQ will call for completely different decorations.

Wine Barrel Bar Table
Kulshan Balcony Railing Table Bracket for Deck Bars, Countertops, Planter Box and more! Two Step Easy Installation.
Kulshan Balcony Railing Table Bracket for Deck Bar
Cedar Portable Outdoor Bar - NEW DIMENSIONS!
Cedar Portable Outdoor Bar 
Wood Beer Cooler-Vertical - Reclaimed Oak Barn Wood, Washtub Cooler - Outdoor Living, Outdoor Furniture, Home & Living MADE TO ORDER
Reclaimed Oak Barn Wood, Washtub Beer Cooler
BBQ Baby Shower Napkin Wraps - BabyQ Shower BOY Napkin Rings - Napkin Wraps - Couples BBQ Baby Shower - Instant Download
BBQ Baby Shower Napkin Wraps 
Tea Towel - Anchor Towel Grey Kitchen Towel Flour Sack Towel Nautical Decor Beach Decor Coastal Decor Summer Decor Kitchen Decor Farmhouse
Nautical Anchor Beach Picnic Towel Grey Kitchen Towel

Welcoming Garden Signs to Greet Your Guests

Rustic and vintage themed wedding signs are the perfect addition to any backyard BBQs. They are a great way to greet your guests and let them into your decorating style and character.

Let people know what you love. If you love gardening get a gardening themed sign. If you love nautical beach themes get a beach themed sign.

Custom BBQ Sign, Retro Metal Patio Sign
Metal Art Custom BBQ Sign with Personalized Text Field (F13)
Metal Art Custom BBQ Sign with Personalized Text

Outdoor Lights To Set The Tone Of Your Party

As day turns into night you are going to need some proper lighting to keep the party going. Classic BBQ lighting includes mason jars, lanterns, and no solar lamps.

Not only is the lighting functional and will keep your guests on the right path but it is also good for setting the mood of the party.

64′ – 30 Bulbs Vintage Patio String Lights Black Cord Clear Glass Edison Bulbs
Patio Marquee sign, metal patio sign- summer signs- backyard signs- patio signs
Patio Marquee sign

Hopefully in our 10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success we helped you a little plan your summer time party.

5 Vintage Wedding Arches for your Perfect Summer Wedding

Vintage Wedding Arches

5 Vintage Wedding Arches for your Perfect Summer Wedding

Vintage Wedding arches have been termed an important tradition of the big day. They can symbolize a number of things for many out there such as the protection provided from the couple’s parents to the home the newlyweds will build together. Other than religious and cultural aspects, wedding arches can serve a number of purposes in today’s modern era. From providing a focal point to your wedding, to use as a ceremonial backdrop for photographs, to serving an anchor for outdoor non traditional wedding venues, wedding arches help to frame the most important day of your life. Be it intricate floral arbors to elaborate buildups or just simple fabric backdrops, the options are unlimited. Let’s take a glance at our top 5 favorite wedding arches for your perfect summer wedding.

Forest Wedding Arch

Comprising of ferns and white blossoms, this archway is sure to make your guests swoon. Flowering branches combined with soft flowers aim to give that rustic edge to an elegant setup. Hanging lanterns have been replaced with antique birdcages to further enhance that enchanted forest floor outlook. In case you’re aiming for the mystique and oh so fairy tale approach, then this arch is surely for you.

Large Macrame Wedding Backdrop for Decor at Indoor or Outdoor Ceremonies. Garland Customizable by Width.
Large Macrame Wedding Backdrop For Bohemian Wedding

Classic Vintage Wedding Arches

Sometimes less is definitely more. For those who love to keep it traditional, this wedding arch is for you. The timeless classic consists of greenery and white roses, arranged in a graceful manner. The white and green combination gives your guests that subtle yet beautiful touch to your wedding event.

Wedding Arch Swag, Extra Large Wedding Swag, Wedding Garland, Church Swag, Rustic Wedding Swag, Arbor Swag, Church Wedding Swag
Wedding Arch Swag

Wedding Arch Crest

Those who wish to exchange vows in front of a serene landscape such as gorgeous mountains and beaches; an extravagant backdrop is needlessly required. All you need to enhance the natural décor of your location is a simple arch in the shape of a crest.

Floral Wedding Arch Decorations
Floral Wedding Arch

Rustic Aisle Arches

This wedding arch comprises of eight archways that line the aisle. An array of fresh flowers such as baby’s breath, silk wisteria and orchids can be used to create that stunning approach to your décor. The bride is surely to be remembered as she walks towards her groom through each of these beautifully arranged arches.

Rustic Wedding Arch

Flower Covered Gate

The flower covered gate wedding arch is the perfect selection for those getting married at a historical site. It comprises of a romantic canopy covered by a gorgeous array of bouquets as well as a floral adorned antique gate. This will add a relaxed atmosphere to your wedding venue, setting the right tone to great evening. The style would go perfect with a rustic vintage theme.

It’s every couple’s dream to make their wedding day the most memorable event of the year. By selecting the correct wedding arch, you can entirely change the mood of the ceremony, giving it poise and sophistication. So get inspired and set to have the most impressive summer wedding ever.

34″ deco links wedding arch Foil Balloons

Primitive Christmas Gifts

primitive christmas gifts

Primitive Christmas Gifts

A great way to bring back the traditional holiday feeling is to give primitive Christmas gifts to your friends and family. Over the years we have added a more commercial approach to how we handle the Christmas Holidays. Gone are the days when friends and family would make their Christmas gifts for their loved ones.  Over time we have moved from the DIY primitive Christmas gifts we use to give to now just giving gift cards to friends and family that we picked up a the local grocery store or gas station.

Primitive Christmas Tree Pattern, Grungy Folk Art Tree DIY Set
Country Primitive Potpourri Pie

Well things are moving back to a more simpler time for some people. We are now seeing a movement of people who not only want to make their own gifts to give to loved ones but we also are seeing a handmade movement exploding online. In addition to the handmade movement we are also seeing a trend with people moving towards a nostalgic rustic approach to home decor and fashion. The modern Christmas industry is also following these trends as well.

Primitive E-PATTERN Snowman Doll Mittens and Christmas Tree SnoBiz

 Traditional Christmas Has Never Died In The Country

Primitive Country Saltbox House in Burgundy
Gingerbread Tart Pan Christmas Ornaments
God Bless the Farmer Primitive Sign

What Makes A Christmas Gift Primitive

  • Wood – Homemade wooden toys, ornaments, barn board crafts, and furniture make great primitive Christmas gifts to give to your friends or family.
  • Wool – Hand knitted wool scarves, socks, and sweaters are Christmas presents that your loved ones will truly cherish.
  • Metals – Personalized signs, crafts, and nick knacks make touching gifts that tell your friends and family you were will to take some time to not only make their gifts but also think about them.
  • Ceramics and Pottery – A great hobby to take up where you can learn to make your own gifts is pottery and ceramics.
  • Wax – For weekend DIYers why not learn to make your own Candles to give out as gifts this holiday.
  • Wine and Beer – A great gift to give during the holidays is a bottle of wine or beer that you have brewed yourself.
  • Food – Christmas baking and candy are always appreciated especially if you have taken the time to make it.

 The Handmade Primitive Christmas Gift Movement

With the success of the online craft websites we are seeing more and more shoppers move towards buying their friends and family handmade goods. Handmade crafts are a one of a kind type of gifted. They are crafted by individuals just like yourself that love what they are doing. The handmade primitive Christmas gift movement is growing by leaps and bounds just for that reason. A handmade gift is a very personal gift that shows you really know and care about the person or people you are buying it for.

Below are just a few of the types of handmade primitive Christmas gifts you can find on the market place.

Christmas Potpourri in rustic mason jar
Christmas Red House pillow
Primitive Christmas Joy Snowman Candle Holders
Primitive Sheep Folk Art Candle


Personalized Burlap christmas stocking


Primitive Christmas Garland

Primitive Christmas Garland

Primitive Christmas Garland

A great way to accessorize any type of traditional Christmas décor is to use primitive Christmas garland. Garland in itself is a great border. It can be used as a border around your Christmas tree, on your mantle and, also your staircase railing. Garland of almost any type can be used both in your home and also outdoors.

Primitive Lighted Rag Garland, homespun garland, farmhouse garland, rustic garland, Christmas tree garland
Primitive Lighted Rag Garland

What makes garland so great to work with as a decorations over Christmas is it looks good almost anywhere and it is fairly inexpensive to make or even to buy. Buying an inexpensive set of plastic garland from your local department store can be easily decked out to look very expensive with things you can almost always find in your own backyard. A quick walk through your yard or local park and you are sure to find natural materials to spice up that boring plastic garland you can buy from the store. Pine Cones, dried berries, and twigs are great and easy ways to bring your garland to life.

Wine Cork Christmas Garland

Primitive Christmas Crafts

Garland is a Christmas craft that almost anyone can do and also do well. As we said above it could be as easy as buying some cheap garland and building on it to make it in that primitive Christmas garland style you are going after or you can make it entirely yourself.

Dried Fruit and Spice Garland, Apple and Cinnamon Orange and Spice Garland

Even though you are looking at decorating with a primitive Christmas theme this year doesn’t mean you can’t buy lighted garland. You can have a traditional Christmas garland with bows, pine cones, berries by day but Christmas lights will just bring it to life in the dark cold nights leading up to Christmas. Nothing is more beautiful than Christmas lights reflecting off of your Country Garland Décor.

Red apple garland - Christmas garland, crabapple pompom garland, miniature fruit apple, redapple bunting, country primitive
Country Red apple garland

Country Garland Décor

Garland can be country themed or it can also be used to highlight your Country Christmas Décor. When looking for country themed Christmas garland you will want to find a garland that highlights the country lifestyle. Things you use on your garland are probably things you will find around almost any farm.  Traditional bells, bows, and pine cones are all accessories you can use to achieve that country charm.

Natural Burlap Garland for Home & Holiday Decor
Natural Burlap Garland
Sweater Pattern Country Christmas banner

Decorating with rustic garland décor doesn’t have to mean you are just using garland alone. Another great way to add life to your holiday decorating is by using rustic Christmas banners as a substitute to your traditional primitive Christmas garland. Christmas banners act very similar to garland and can also share a holiday message to with your friends and family. “Believe”, “Happy Holidays”, and “Merry Christmas” are three of the more popular messages you will find hanging in doorways, on mantles, and stairway railings.

Family Gingerbread Garland Sewing Pattern Download (860057)
Family Gingerbread Garland Sewing Pattern Download

Primitive Christmas Décor

Primitive Christmas garland is one of many Christmas decorations you can use to supplement your primitive Christmas décor this year. Using natural materials not only looks incredible but can add some natural smells to your holidays. Making your own garland out of pine boughs will give you that natural pine scent without actually committing to buying a real Christmas tree.

Christmas Advent Calendar Garland
Red & White Christmas Felt Ball Garland. Christmas Pom Pom Garland. Christmas Decoration. Mantel Decor. Christmas Garland. Red. White
Red & White Christmas Felt Ball Garland

















Primitive Christmas Crafts Wood

Primitive Christmas Crafts Wood

Primitive Christmas Crafts Wood

Primitive Christmas Crafts Wood is probably one of the most popular searched terms when it comes to primitive Christmas crafts. It is no surprise it is one of the most popular mediums when it comes to making and buying handmade Christmas Crafts. Christmas is a holiday that is based upon tradition and family values. There is just something very wholesome about rustic wooden Christmas crafts.

Wood carving and working in general have been around as long as Christmas has which makes it one of the perfect materials for making Christmas crafts. Some of the most popular wooden Christmas crafts are the most beautiful. These simple designs and styles are less intimidating to the average do it yourself home crafter. For those of you not confident in your woodworking skills not to worry you can buy a lot of beautiful wooden Christmas decorations both online and in your local department stores.

Primitive Santa Craft Wood Pattern
White Christmas rustic home decor winter wedding table centrerpiece pine cone primitive craft DIY natural woodland forest lodge country
Rustic pine cone primitive craft DIY natural woodland forest

Primitive Christmas Crafts

2016 is going to be one of the biggest years for Primitive Christmas crafts. Decorating with traditional Christmas decorations is a growing trend that is sweeping all of North America.  A lot of families ours included have decided that we want to celebrate a more traditional Christmas this year. One that mirrors the ones we had as young children. One with less plastic disposable ornaments and one more with ornaments we can leave to future generations in our families.

Printable Nutcracker Theater & Puppets Sugar Plum Fairy Puppet Printable Articulated Christmas Paper Doll Digital Collage Sheet Download
Printable Nutcracker Dolls Theater Puppets, Sugar Plum Fairy Puppet

Some of the most popular wooden Christmas crafts are traditional images of the holidays. They include both religious symbols and more traditional Christmas symbols.

  • Wood Nativity Scenes – Nothing is a better representation of the holidays than a well-crafted wooden nativity scene.
  • Modern Wood Nativity - OILED Wooden nativity Nativity set Nativity scene Nativity figures Nativity silhouette
    OILED Wooden nativity Nativity set
  • Rustic Wooden Christmas Signs – Vintage Christmas signs are a great way to welcome your guests to your home on the holidays.
  • Vintage Nutcrackers – A regal yet classic Christmas image is this classic holiday soldier.
  • Santa Statues – Go to any store throughout the holidays are you are sure to find some wonderful hand carved Santa Statues.
  • Babys First Christmas, Custom Christmas Ornament, Christmas Tree Ornament, Personalised, Engraved, Babys First Christmas Ornament, Xmas Gift
    Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Make Primitive Christmas Crafts Wood At Home

Although we may all dream of being a professional wood carver or worker most of us are not. Woodworking is a skill that needs to be built up over the years and not something you can just pick up a month or two before the holidays. Even though you are probably not going to carve a masterpiece this year doesn’t mean that you can’t still make some truly beautiful wooden Christmas crafts. A quick search of the internet will put you in touch with some local classes to learn how to make some Christmas crafts.

Rustic Wood Christmas Gift Tags
5 pcs Wooden Acorns, Unfinished Wooden Decor, Wood Craft Supplies, Wooden Acorn Toy
Wooden Acorns – Wood Crafts Supplies
Christmas toys 4 wooden Wood craft shape Christmas shapes Unfinished wood New Year wood shapes Ready to decorate Wooden decor
wooden Wood craft shape Christmas Ornament

Video sharing sites are another great place to learn how to make Primitive Christmas Crafts out of wood. Not all traditional holiday decorations have to be carved wood. Your do it yourself holiday crafts may be made from sticks, branches, or twigs. A quick search of do it yourself wooden Christmas crafts on your favorite video sharing site will reveal thousands of great projects you can do it home with your friends and family over the holidays.

Christmas Mitten Ornament, Tree Ornament, Tree Decoration, Wall Hanging, Christmas Decoration
Christmas Mitten Wood Ornament