Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

Adorable Toddler Halloween Costumes

With Halloween quickly approaching we thought it would be a good idea to look at some adorable toddler Halloween costumes. Halloween is a holiday that is perfect for little kids.

The smaller the kids the cuter they look in their little costumes. Nothing is more delightful on Halloween night than handing a toddler some candy. Just to watch their eyes light up and see them in their little costumes make the our nights.

10 Popular Kids Halloween Costumes For 2017

  • Little Mermaid Child’s Halloween Costume – The perfect costume for little girls is a mermaid Halloween costume. It allows them bring out their inner princess in an beautiful little outfit.mermaid costume for girls
  • Tiny Kid’s Train Engineer Costume – Throughout time little kids have always loved trains. It is no surprise that so many little kids want to dress up like a vintage train engineer.
    Train Engineer Costume
  • Toddler’s Dragon Halloween Costumes – Dragons and dinosaurs are two very popular Halloween costumes for young boys. Actually they are also ultra popular with young girls also.
    Halloween Dragon Costume for Kids With Red Dragon Wings 

    Dragon Claws
  • Adorable Unicorn Toddler’s Costume – The one thing about Halloween is it is a night full of magic. So much magic that you might see a unicorn or two while you are out trick or treating.
    Girls unicorn dance outfit

    Unicorn tutu

  •  Unicorn headband, Unicorn tutu set with Unicorn Romper
  • Lumber Jack Halloween Children’s Costumes – One of the most adorable Halloween costumes for young boys and girls for 2017 is the lumberjack costume. All you need is a plaid shirt, knitted winter hat, and a painted on beard and you are ready to hit the neighborhood.
  • Crocheted Beard Hat, lumberjack costume for kids
  • Little Pumpkin BOO! T Shirt – Some toddlers are just to small for a Halloween costume. For these little guys and girls Halloween themed shirts and onesies are great for little ones who may be too fussy for a full blown costume.
    Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch, Baby Halloween Outfit
  • Plush Hippopotamus Halloween Costume – Plush animal costumes for young children are usually a bit more expensive but the photos will be worth it.

  • Hippo Costume
  • Emoji Kids Halloween Costumes – One of the great things the cell phone brought us is the emoji. These popular cultural icons have made their way into our adorable toddler Halloween costumes list.
    Emoji t-shirts
  • Pink Pig Toddler Halloween Costume – Go to any farm and one of the most adorable animals are those tiny piglets. Pig costumes for toddlers are just as adorable and they can be used for playtime through out the year.
    Cute Piggy Costume
  • Tiny Tot Bumblebee Costume – These black and yellow little plush costumes are down right cute. Just be careful of the little stingers.
    Bumble Bee costume

So hopefully you enjoyed this small collection of these adorable toddler Halloween costumes. And you see some of these little monsters at your front door on October 31st this year.

Even more adorable toddler Halloween costumes can be found here.