Primitive Christmas Gifts

primitive christmas gifts

Primitive Christmas Gifts

A great way to bring back the traditional holiday feeling is to give primitive Christmas gifts to your friends and family. Over the years we have added a more commercial approach to how we handle the Christmas Holidays. Gone are the days when friends and family would make their Christmas gifts for their loved ones.  Over time we have moved from the DIY primitive Christmas gifts we use to give to now just giving gift cards to friends and family that we picked up a the local grocery store or gas station.

Primitive Christmas Tree Pattern, Grungy Folk Art Tree DIY Set
Country Primitive Potpourri Pie

Well things are moving back to a more simpler time for some people. We are now seeing a movement of people who not only want to make their own gifts to give to loved ones but we also are seeing a handmade movement exploding online. In addition to the handmade movement we are also seeing a trend with people moving towards a nostalgic rustic approach to home decor and fashion. The modern Christmas industry is also following these trends as well.

Primitive E-PATTERN Snowman Doll Mittens and Christmas Tree SnoBiz

 Traditional Christmas Has Never Died In The Country

Primitive Country Saltbox House in Burgundy
Gingerbread Tart Pan Christmas Ornaments
God Bless the Farmer Primitive Sign

What Makes A Christmas Gift Primitive

  • Wood – Homemade wooden toys, ornaments, barn board crafts, and furniture make great primitive Christmas gifts to give to your friends or family.
  • Wool – Hand knitted wool scarves, socks, and sweaters are Christmas presents that your loved ones will truly cherish.
  • Metals – Personalized signs, crafts, and nick knacks make touching gifts that tell your friends and family you were will to take some time to not only make their gifts but also think about them.
  • Ceramics and Pottery – A great hobby to take up where you can learn to make your own gifts is pottery and ceramics.
  • Wax – For weekend DIYers why not learn to make your own Candles to give out as gifts this holiday.
  • Wine and Beer – A great gift to give during the holidays is a bottle of wine or beer that you have brewed yourself.
  • Food – Christmas baking and candy are always appreciated especially if you have taken the time to make it.

 The Handmade Primitive Christmas Gift Movement

With the success of the online craft websites we are seeing more and more shoppers move towards buying their friends and family handmade goods. Handmade crafts are a one of a kind type of gifted. They are crafted by individuals just like yourself that love what they are doing. The handmade primitive Christmas gift movement is growing by leaps and bounds just for that reason. A handmade gift is a very personal gift that shows you really know and care about the person or people you are buying it for.

Below are just a few of the types of handmade primitive Christmas gifts you can find on the market place.

Christmas Potpourri in rustic mason jar
Christmas Red House pillow
Primitive Christmas Joy Snowman Candle Holders
Primitive Sheep Folk Art Candle


Personalized Burlap christmas stocking