Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

As a bohemian bride to be it is inevitable that you are going to need to shop for some beautiful bohemian bridal hair accessories sooner or later. Bohemian style weddings traditionally incorporate items from the natural world.

Colors, elements, and textures from mother earth are all welcome in your trends in the world of bohemian fashion accessories. Although you may not want actual sticks or leaves in your hair those elements featured in cosmetic jewelry look totally boho chic.

Delicate bridal hair vine Bohemian hair wreath Wedding hair vine
Bohemian Wedding • Macrame Chair Backs / Bride and Groom Chair
Bohemian Macrame Chair Sash
Brass Leaf Mesh Headpiece

The Modern Boho Chic Bride

If you have missed the last 15 years in fashion trends than wouldn’t have any clue about the boho chic movement. Boho chic fashion combines designer looks with a nostalgic natural design feel from the sixties and seventies. Colors are a little bit softer and usually a little bit off color. What we mean by that is you are not going to be wearing a bright white wedding dress on your big day. You are probably going to be wearing something a bit off white and easier on the eyes.

Boho chic is all about one thing. Showcasing the natural beauty of the environment around us and our own natural beauty. A lot if not almost every bohemian weddings take place in the great out doors. The venues and photo opportunities provide by our natural world could not be duplicated by the most sophisticated wedding planners or wedding venues. A beach, a park, mountains, or rolling hills make the perfect backdrop for a bohemian wedding.


Bohemian Bride • Macrame Wedding Bouquet Wrap / Bouquet Holder
Bohemian Bride Accessories • Macrame Wedding Bouquet Wrap
Vintage inspired, wire crochet, 40-s, glamour, ivory cap with pearls. Hollywood style wire mesh unusual headpiece
Hollywood style wire mesh headpiece  glamour ivory cap with pearls.



custom bridal crown, dried flower crown, lavender bridal crown, woodland bridal crown, blue flower crown, fern bridal crown, lavender crown
dried flower crown, lavender bridal crown
Flower Crown of Lavender Woodland Meadow Flower Crown of Lavender Larkspur Lichens, Moss Ferns, Seeded Eucalyptus, Grasses, dried flowers
Woodland Meadow Flower Crown of Lavender Larkspur Lichens

What Are Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

So what makes bridal hair accessories boho chic? Well like we said above these hair accessories incorporate designs and icons of the natural world around us. Some bohemian brides do incorporate natural elements in their hair. Its not uncommon to see boho brides with their hair beautifully up and incorporating small twigs or sticks similar to how you would see a woman with chop sticks in their hair.

Starfish Hair Accessory, Beach Wedding Crown
Bridal pill box hat with a birdcage, white hat with embroidery over french lace and veiling for a traditional bride, classical wedding hat
Bridal pill box hat with a birdcage veil
Bohemian Hair Piece , Opal Bun Wrap
Pink Succulent Flower Comb- Rose Bridesmaids Hair Accessory- Boho Wedding Headpiece- Blush Wedding Accessory
Pink Succulent Flower Comb
Succulent Head Band

Elements Of Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Hair Accessories

Below are just some of the more popular elements from the natural world that wedding hair accessory designers will use.

  • Leaves – Chrome, gold or natural leaves add a natural charm to your wedding day look.
  • Vines – May or may not also include leaves. These vines flow with a bohemian brides wedding hair style.
  • Seashells – An iconic image found in almost every bohemian beach weddings.
  • Twigs and Branches – Various materials and styles of sticks and twig hair accessories and a element of sophistication to your wedding hair do.
    Pearls – Another staple for bohemian brides planning a beach wedding. Depending upon your budget you could either buy real or imitation pearls.
  • Finding Your Boho Chic Bridal Hair Accessories

A great place to start your search for beautiful bohemian bridal hair accessories is online. Its a passive low pressure way to browse what’s out their and it allows you to see how inexpensive or expensive things will be for your wedding.

seashell headpiece, seashell headband, seashell hair accessories, starfish headpiece, seashell crown, starfish hair piece, beach wedding, #9
Starfish headpiece, seashell headband
Mermaid Sea Shell Crown
white and champagne sparkle baby breath crown,flower girl,wedding accessories
white and champagne sparkle baby breath crown
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Gold Bird Hair Clips
Feather Headband, Dream Catcher Head Jewelry, Hair Jewelry, Leather Headband, Feather Extensions, Native, Tribal Southwest Boho Wedding Hair
Dream Catcher Head Jewelry
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