Vintage Gold Lace Wedding Garters Set

Vintage Gold Lace Wedding Garters Set

Vintage Gold Lace Wedding Garters Set

This vintage gold lace wedding garters set is perfect for the bride and groom planning a Gatsby themed wedding. Allow your guests to take a step back in time to the 1920’s to 1930’s when opulence and class reigned supreme. A roaring twenties inspired wedding reception will be a wedding day that your guests are sure to remember as fondly as you do. The prosperity of those times allowed people of all ages to live life to it’s fullest. No wonder the fashion trends of those days are inspiring brides and grooms from across North America to live it up a little even if it is just for one day.

One of the only issues with planning a Gatsby themed wedding is you are probably not going to find items like that garter above at your local department store. Items like this are usually custom made by very talented designers from around the world. No you don’t have to board the next flight to Paris to find a vintage garter as beautiful as this one. There are plenty of talented designers at lot closer to your home.

 A Time Honored Tradition

The removal of the garter belt is a time honored tradition that usually takes place at a wedding reception.  After a night of champagne, a wonderful dinner, and a night of dancing the removal of the garter will signal to your guests that the night is almost over for them but it is just beginning for this newlywed couple.

This wedding tradition where the groom removes the garter belt from the bride started a very long time ago. In the past though the groomsmen would rush the bride to remove a piece of clothing as they thought it was good luck. The ceremony was thought to represent that the bride was about to lose her virginity. As we all know that ceremony is a lot less threatening for the bride. It is still thought that the article of clothing that is taken from the bride will be lucky but now it will only bring good luck to the single guy that catches the garter. It is exactly like the tossing of the bouqet for the single ladies at the wedding. In this case though the single guy who catches the garter is thought to be the next one to get married.

Not only does this lace garter set highlight the the chic style of a roaring twenties it would also go very well with a bohemian wedding dress. The floral design and natural colors will shine in the natural lights and tones only found in an outdoor wedding.

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