Rustic Household Storage

Rustic Household Storage

Rustic Household Storage

These rustic household storage ideas are the perfect way to remove some of that clutter from your home. For a lot of us we strive to improve our organizational skills.

When it comes to your home and decor nothing looks better than a well organized clean space. Over time we all build up clutter. It seems a lot easier to add home accessories than it is to get rid of them.

Acorn Wall Hanger, Wood Wall Hook, Kitchen Wall Hook, Stocking Stuffer, Hostess Gift, Kitchen Wall Decor
Acorn Wall Hanger, Wood Wall Hook
Wooden garden storage Crates
Rustic Wooden garden storage Crates

Let’s look at some of the best ways to get that junk out of your home.

Great Ways To Reduce Clutter In Your Home

  • Out With The Old In With The New – A great way to reduce the amount of clutter in your home is to have a yard sale. Being that it is summer we are well into yard and garage sale season. Your clutter is someone else’s treasure.
  • Kick It To The Curb – Your goods that are still good can be given away to neighbors or people passing through your neighborhood. Add a free sign and the mobile treasure hunters in your area will find your stuff.
  • Let The Bidding Begin – Online auction sites like Ebay is a great place to list your goods for sale. One of the benefits to using these sites is you won’t have tire kickers visiting your home to only browse your goods.
  • A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed – The eye sore in your home may be the apple of someone else’s eye. Offering your old home decorations to friends and family is a great way to reduce your clutter. It also keeps the circle of friends close.
  • Toll Free Junk Removal – Not all of us have access to pickup trucks or want to spend our free time at the local dump. Give one of your local junk removers a quick call and have it all hauled away.
  • Donate It To Your Local Charity – A lot of local families and charities are in need of household goods. Not only will you clear your home of clutter but you will also help someone locally who needs a hand.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Feeling a bit crafty these days? Finding ways to re-purpose your wooden furniture is not only fun but it can turn into big business for you. The re-purposed furniture market is ultra trendy these days and you maybe able to sell those goods for more than you originally paid.
  • Sometimes Trash Is Just Trash – Sometimes there is not way around it. That thing you fell in love with in the nineties just has to go. The trash is the most permanent way to rid your home of clutter.

Let’s have a look at some of the rustic household storage items every home could use to organize your life.

Ice Cream Toy Basket, Nursery Hamper

Rustic Storage Bins

From your classic wooden boxes to those trendy vintage tins rustic storage bins are a great way for your to hide those loose items that need hiding.

Wooden caddy
Vintage Milk Crate, Wood Crate, Metal Crate, Farmhouse Decor, Rustic Storage
Vintage Milk Crate
Farmhouse Wood Crate Set of 6


Natural Storage Baskets

If cared for wicker baskets will last a life time. They are great for throw blankets, magazines, and mail.

The Stair Duffel, soft storage basket, stair basket, staircase bin, housewarming gift, wedding gift, deck accessory
soft storage basket, stair basket, staircase bin
Burlap and rope storage basket
Burlap and rope storage basket
Geometric paper bag storage, Storage Bin, Storage Basket, Toy Storage, kids decor,paper bag
Geometric paper bag storage

Vintage Metal Storage Bins

Metal tins and storage bins are great for small items like batteries, pens, nail clippers, and sewing items. Add them to the kitchen and bathroom for that vintage organizational style we are all after.

Lancia Pasta Spaghetti Tin - Quality Since 1930 - Noodle Storage Container - Vintage Advertising Box - LANCIA BRAND PASTA - L3
Lancia Pasta Spaghetti Tin 
Vintage Metal Canister Sets Faux Wood Chrome Lid Boxes Kitchen Counter Gift Container Storage Box Made In Canada Four Dish Retro Brown
Vintage Metal Canister Sets Faux Wood Chrome Lid Boxes 
French Enamel Kitchen Cannisters..White and Blue..Set of Five.......Nordic Home....Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic French Enamel Kitchen Cannisters


Reclaimed Wooden Bookshelves

Nothing leave a home looking more cluttered than books not on a shelf. Boxes of books and books laying around everywhere look completely shabby.

Single 24 inch Children's Book Shelf, Wall Book Shelf,Shelves, Reading Book Shelf, Rustic Shelf, Nursery Shelf, Floating Shelf, Spice rack,
Barn Wood Children’s Book Shelf
Cloud Shelf for Kids Room Baby Nursery Wall Decor 
The CUBOT: modular wooden cube in modular MLDesign 2. Glove box, table, bookcase, wooden bedside table. Handmade product
modular wooden cube bookcase

Primitive Household Accessories For Staging and Storing

Rustic household storage comes in a variety styles, shapes, and materials.  Below are just a few more types we think you will really love.

Rustic Floating Shelves, Pipe Shelf, Wood Shelves, Industrial Shelves, Floating Shelves, Floating Shelf, Wooden Shelves, JustKnotWood
Rustic Floating Shelves
Tea, coffee, sugar kitchen jars, kitchen storage, kitchen decor, new home gift, canister sets, tea gift, shabby chic kitchen, gift for her
Tea, coffee, sugar kitchen jars, kitchen storage tin
Storage Bins Woodworking Plans
Storage Bins Woodworking Plans
26 Alphabet Storage Bins Fabric Bins Kid's Bedroom Playroom Nursery Organizer for Toys or Clothing Great for Schools and Play Groups 0FB003
26 Alphabet Storage Bins Fabric Bins Kid’s Bedroom Playroom Nursery Organizer 

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Summer Lips Balms

Summer Lips Balms

Summer Lips Balms

Summer Lips Balms are a necessity during the dry hot days of summer. A lot of us think that lip balms are only for winter and cold weather.

The thing about summer is a time of the year when hydration is very important. Not only should you drink a ton of water in the summer you should take your moisturizing very seriously. The hot summer sun of the summer can be extremely drying and damaging to your skin. It is very important to wear sun block these days with a high S.P.F. content.

Your lips are no exception. It is just as important to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the damaging effects of the sun as any other part of your body. Nothing is less attractive in the summer time the having dry damaged lips.

Choco-Mint lip balm

Choco-Mint lip balm

H E M P - Calming Essential Oil Scented, Organic Lip Balm, Natural Lip Balm

H E M P Calming Essential Oil Scented, Organic Lip Balm, Natural Lip Balm

All Natural Lips Balms

Sure you could just get your lips balm at any convenience store, drug store, or department store.  But you should know you have a lot of options available to you in buying true artisan lip balms that are perfect for summer time.  Online is a great place to start your search for some specialty lip balms.

All natural or organic lip balms are a great way to keep up on your lip maintenance. Look for honey or bees wax as being the main ingredient in your balms. If given the opportunity we always try and buy natural products. Natural products just seem to feel a lot better than harsh chemicals.

Lip Balm For Days - Four Pack, Lip balms, organic lip balm, beauty, natural lip balm, organic skin care, lips, lip stick, orange, peppermint

Lip Balm For Days – Four Pack, Lip balms, organic lip balm, beauty, natural lip balm, organic skin care, lips, lip stick, orange, peppermint

Fair Trade/Leaping Bunny Certified Extra Large Handcrafted Lip Balm in a Eye-catching Reusable Bamboo Container

Fair Trade Leaping Bunny Certified Extra Large Handcrafted Lip Balm in a Eye-catching Reusable Bamboo Container

Custom Flavored Wedding Lip Balms For Wedding Favors

Hosting a wedding this summer? Well make sure you have some of your favorite summer lips balms on hand to treat your lips and also the lips of your bridesmaids. One of the most important components of a wedding is the photographs. Locking in the memories of one of the most important days of your life is very important. Don’t lock in the memories that you failed to take care of your lips during your wedding.

Lips balms make for great wedding favors. They are the perfect gifts for you and your husband to be to thank your guests for attending. Wedding themed lip balms can be customized to include your names and dates. They can really be customized in almost any way you could think of to suit the theme of your wedding.

Bridesmaid Gift Lip Balm

Bridesmaid Gift Lip Balm

50, 75 or 100 Lip Balm Wedding Favours, Personalized Favors, Wedding Favors

50, 75 or 100 Lip Balm Wedding Favours, Personalized Favors, Wedding Favors

Flavored Summer Lip Balms

The scented or flavored summer lip balms are probably the most popular types of lip balms you can buy today. For good reason to though.  Lip balms come in a world of tastes, colors, and styles. Some of them are truly delicious.

Let’s check out some of the most popular flavors for summer 2017.

Ten Popular Lip Balm Flavors Perfect For Summer 2017

  • Strawberry Vanilla Flavored Lip Balm
  • Fresh Spearmint Flavored Lip Balm
  • Blueberry Flavored Lip Balm
  • Island Coconut Flavored Lip Balm
  • Peach or Pear Flavored Lip Balm
  • Almond Butter Flavored Lip Balm
  • Orange Creamsicle Flavored Lip Balm
  • Fresh Citrus Flavored Lip Balm
  • Ripe Mango Flavored Lip Balm
  • Watermelon Flavored Lip Balm

Pure Organic Lip Balm Honey Creme- all natural lip balm, organic skincare, natural lip gloss, flavored lip balm, organic lip care

Pure Organic Lip Balm Honey Creme- all natural lip balm, organic skincare, natural lip gloss, flavored lip balm, organic lip care

Lip Balm - Vanilla Chai - Gloss - Nude Bronze Beige Apricot Lips - Cinnamon - Skincare - Natural Favors Bridal Bachelorette Birthday Latte

Lip Balm – Vanilla Chai – Gloss – Nude Bronze Beige Apricot Lips – Cinnamon – Skincare – Natural Favors Bridal Bachelorette Birthday Latte

Tinted Lip Balms

Finally we tried to save the best for last with our summer lips balms. Tinted lip balms are one of the best accessories any woman can add to their purse. You truly never know when your plans are going to change especially in the summer times.

An afternoon on the beach may quickly turn into a night on the town. Tinted lip balms are designed for days just like this. They keep your lips looking hydrated but add a bit of color. You may not want the color just for the beach but you will definitely want it before you go out for the night.

LIP BLUSH | Sheer Lip Balm Tints - 4 colors

LIP BLUSH Sheer Lip Balm Tints 

Ruby Red Lip Stain - Organic Lip Stain - Organic Makeup

Ruby Red Lip Stain Organic Lip Stain Organic Makeup

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Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017

Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017

Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017

These Handmade Summer Jewelry Trends 2017 are a great way to accessorize your summer outfit. During summer we don’t always wear a lot of clothes. Most modern women dress lighter in the summer. It just makes sense to dress for the weather or the activity that you are going to take part in.

Typical summer outfits for women in the summer are shorts, t-shirts, dresses, bathing suits, and casual athletic wear. As the summer heat intensifies we typically look to dress down a little. You want to be cool during the summer but you also want to look great. That is why it is so important to accessorize your outfit with these trends in summer jewelry accessories.

Let’s have a look at some of these great summer time jewelry accessories to make your outfit no matter what activity you are taking part in.

Navajo Sterling Ring, Turquoise, Ethnic, Boho Chic, Cocktail, Chunky Ring, Precious stone, 925 Sterling Silver Ring, Boho, Rings, Tribal
Navajo Sterling Ring, Turquoise Ethnic tribal jewelery

Bohemian Hair Jewelry and Accessories

Hair jewelry is a wonderful thing. Not only does it look incredible but it also helps to keep your hair out of your face and eyes.

Anything time you can find something that looks good and also serves a purpose it is hard not to buy it. Bohemian summer jewelry is the perfect accessory for any outdoor event of summer festival.

Turquoise Butterflies Crown Tiara Wholesale Butterfly Hair Accessory Decoration Butterflies Coronal Wedding Bridal Birthday Prom Hair Vines
Turquoise Butterflies Crown Tiara 
Ivory Flower Comb- Rustic Wedding- Dried Flower Comb- Ivory Floral Comb- Lavender Hair Accessory- Rosemary Greenery Comb- Summer Wedding
Boho Chic Ivory Flower Comb

Summer 2017 Earring Trends

Earrings are a great little accessory for your summer 2017 outfits. Earrings draw attention to your face and come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and price points.

The best thing about earrings is they are affordable. Almost every women can afford to have a collection of different styles of earrings to match whatever summer outfit you plan to wear.

Below you will find a collection of earrings that suit our handmade summer jewelry trends 2017.

Unique Long Clip-On Earrings, Teal Earrings, Soutache Earrings, Handmade Earrings, Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Soutache Jewelry
Turquoise Teal Soutache Earrings
Fringe Tassel Earrings
Beaded Feather Arrow Industrial Barbell Scaffold Piercing
Beaded Feather Arrow Industrial Barbell Scaffold Piercing

Summer Beach Ready Necklaces

The king of the summer time jewelry hands down has to be the necklace. A necklace does not have to be super expensive to highlight how beautiful you are in that new summer outfit.

A necklace is a great tool to draw attention to both your face and eyes. Even a boho chic summer necklace that is not designed to catch light will catch an eye or two.

Gold seashell pendant necklace, conch shell necklace, pearl jewelry, beach jewelry, seashell necklace, gold pendant, nautical beach necklace
Gold seashell pendant necklace, conch shell necklace
Body Chain Silver, Sterling Silver Chain, Leg Chain, Cowrie Shell, Boho Jewelry, Wedding, Bridesmaid, Bohemian Jewelry, Beach, Festival
Sterling Silver Body Chain, Bohemian Leg Chain
Body Chain with CZ | Dainty Body Harness | Gold Body Jewelry | Silver Body Chain | Crescent Waist Chain | Jewelry For Women | Body Necklace
Crescent Waist Chain

Formal Armlets for Hot Summer Nights

To contrast the beauty of your summer time outfit why not throw on one of these amazing metallic armlets. Metallic jewelry is a great way to catch eyes of both men and women. You have spent the winter and spring months in the gym and why not show off all of that hard work.

Bohemian inspired armlets are a great way to set off your nature inspired outfit. These great armlets are inexpensive and the perfect summer accessory.

Hand Embroidery Cuff, Shibori Silk Bracelet with Crystals, Bead Embroidery
Bronze Chain Armlet

Womens’ Summer Ring Trends 2017

These are not your mother’s rings but they are beautiful enough for her to wear also. Rings are a great accessory piece for close quarter’s interactions.

Look for one of these rings to wear to an important dinner date or evening social event. They are just not for nighttime though. Rings look just as great in the day time as they do at a night.

Two strand twisted knot ring - silver and yellow gold filled ring, promise or friendship ring
Two strand twisted knot ring
Sterling Silver Stackable Birthstone Rings and Initials.Design your own Custom Family Ring!
Art Nouvea Flower Ring

Tribal Inspired Summer Fashion Bracelets

Not to move too far away from those ring fingers we will look at some summer inspired bracelets.

Bracelets are one of the most inexpensive pieces of jewelry you can add to your look. Feeling craft? Why not try and make your own bracelets this summer?

Arm Cuff, Upper Arm Bracelet, Turquoise, Sterling Armlet, Sterling Arrow, Body Jewelry, Gypsy Bracelet, Wanderlust Jewelry, Bohemian Jewelry
Upper Arm Bracelet,Gypsy Turquoise Sterling Armlet
Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace, Feather Pendant, Statement Necklace, Boho Jewelry, Personalised Necklace gift for her, Christmas Gift
Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace, Feather Pendant

Belly Chains Perfect for the Beach

Belly chains are typically reserved for the fittest in our society but to be honest almost any women can wear them and look good.

The belly is a hard area to expose and even harder to highlight.

Belly Necklace With Gemstone
Double Waist Chain Body Chain

Bikini Weather Belly Rings

After a long winter in the gym a lot of women want to draw attention to their midsections to show off all of the hard work they have done throughout the year.

Belly rings are eye catching pieces of jewelry for those daring women who want to get their belly button pierced. The belly button can be a sensitive area and it is very important to keep the area clean after you have had it pierced.

Below are just a few different styles that we will predict are going to be big for summer 2017.

Black Opal Belly Button Ring 
Reina Belly Ring Chain
 Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring
Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

Anklets To Catch Eyes At All Levels

Gold and metallic anklets are a great way to shine in a pair of shorts or in your bathing suit. These summer appropriate anklets are an inexpensive way to show everyone that even though you are dressed casually you are still dressed up.

Enough of the yapping. Let’s see these cute summer anklets perfect for our handmade summer jewelry trends 2017.

Dance of the pearls with frilly guipure beach wedding barefoot sandals
Barefoot Sandals/Rose Gold Anklet
Anklet, Anklets, pair of anklets, silver anklet, wide anklet, Boho anklet, tribal anklet, beach jewelry, ethnic, tribal jewelry, (Ank-10)
Tribal Boho Anklet

Toe Rings to Highlight Your New Sandals

So from head to toe we are now at the conclusion of our handmade summer jewelry trends 2017. The toe ring although not a new idea is making a comeback in a major way.

2017 is going to be all about the toe rings. Accessorizing anything is all about making it beautiful. Feet in general are not overly beautiful but paint the nails and throw on a nice pair of sandals and a toe ring and you have a work of art that you can walk on.

Let’s see some of these great toe rings.

LOTUS Flower Toe Ring GLOW in the DARK
LOTUS Flower Toe Ring GLOW in the DARK
Toe ring sterling silver
Love toe ring
Love toe ring

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Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Retro Inspired Swimsuits

The beauty of these retro inspired swimsuits is that they are timeless looks that looked good when they were modern and still look good today.

This summer is going to be hot. Not only temperature wise there are a lot of good looks that fashion designers are bringing back from the past.

The last two summers fashion has been all about the retro looks.

High Waisted Bow Bandeau Bikini Floral 

5 Great Occasions to Break Out Your New Swimsuit

Below are 5 of the best times to break out your new retro inspired swimsuit

  • Hit The Beach On The First Hot Day Of Summer
  • That Summer Pool Party You Are Attending
  • During Your Summer Vacation To A Hot Destination
  • At That Summer BBQ with a pair of Jean Shorts
  • Around The House When You Want To Beat The Summer Heat

One Piece Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Body type and size are not the only reasons to wear a one piece bathing suit this summer. A lot of women think that they couldn’t pull off a two piece bathing suit. For too many years now a lot of women have felt that their body is not good enough for a two piece bikini.

Well we are here to tell you they are wrong. Women of all body types can look amazing in both a one piece and a two piece bathing suit.

Mango Peach Lace Up Swimsuit
Open back Fringe One piece swimsuit
Party BIKINI/Sport Bikini/One Piece Swimsuit/Swimwear/Festival Clothing/Coachella Clothing/Bathing Suits
Sport Bikini/One Piece Swimsuit
Deep V swimsuit - Black
Deep V swimsuit

Pin Up Inspired Bathing Suits

Go back to any automobile magazine or calendar from the 1950s and you are almost guaranteed to see a pin up girl.

The beauty of the pin up inspired bathing suit is the come in both one piece suits and two piece suits. Both look amazing and both look totally vintage.

To truly go after that pin up look you are after you will have to accessorize your outfit. Hair up, bright red lip stick, and a bandana in your hair or tied around your arm, hair, or neck are all pretty authentic pin up girl looks.

Dolly Red & White polka dot Retro Pin up High waist bikini Two piece swimsuit 
50s , Peplum Swimsuit , Skirted Bathing Suit, Blue White , Tankini, Maillot de bain
Retro Skirted Bathing Suit
Sailor Bikini Set w/ Halter tie
Sailor Bikini Set With Halter tie

Two Piece Retro Inspired Swimsuits

Next we will have a look at some of the most beautiful retro inspired two piece bathing suits. To be truly retro the bathing suits these two pieces are slightly less revealing than their modern counter parts. They still show off the beauty of the female form they just leave a bit for the imagination.

As we said above any women can pull off the look of a two piece bathing suit. These bathing suits are just not for tiny young women. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear a two piece. You just need the confidence to know that you are beautiful. If you believe it people will see it!

bikini cute bikini off shoulder bikini off the shoulder bikini two piece bikini white floral bikini swimsuits beachwear outdoor swimsuit
off shoulder bikini 
Aztec bathing suit mother-daughter 

Black and white swimming suit

Bow Bandeau Bikini - Vintage Style High Waisted Pin-up Swimwear - With Extra High Waist Ruched Panel Bottoms
Bow Bandeau Bikini – Vintage Style High Waisted Pin-up Swimwear

High Waisted Retro Bathing Suits

Nothing has that retro inspired swimsuits feel like a high waisted bathing suit. Although the top can be both high and low but the swimsuit bottoms are meant to sit high on a woman’s hips. The look is not for everyone as most modern woman want their bathing suit bottoms on a two piece suit to sit low or be as minimal as possible.

LOTTIE lilac multiway swimsuit - one piece swimwear with your choice of floral print, handmade beachwear - ethical clothing to order
LOTTIE lilac multiway swimsuit – one piece swimwear with your choice of floral print
Long sleeve Open Back bodysuit
Green and White High Waist Swimsuit
Green and White High Waist Swimsuit

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10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success

These 10 ideas to make your outdoor BBQ entertaining a success are sure to turn your annual BBQ into the talk of the town. Throughout North America you can almost expect to be invited or host a BBQ during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Although the weather can start to drop in September there will still be a few great autumn days left to host your BBQ. To be honest though you can host a BBQ anytime of the year not matter if it is rain, shine, snow, or sunny days.

Backyard Wedding, Custom Tapestry, Party Backdrop, Dessert Table Decor, Wedding Backdrop, Wedding Wall, I DO BBQ // W-G20-TP MAR1 AA3
Backyard Wedding I DO BBQ Backdrop

Serving Cold Drinks on Hot Days

One of the best ways to greet any guest to an epic BBQ on a hot day is to meet them with an ice cold drink. As we all know the devil is always in the details. Even your glasses are going to be judged by your guests. Although most won’t care if they are greeted with your classic disposable red cup.

The problem with these cups is they are plastic and bad for the environment. Most of these cups are plastic also but they are not meant for a one and done party. They can be used year after year at your annual BBQ.


6 Coconut-Lime Margaritas - BarCountry Dehydrated Cocktail Mixers
Coconut-Lime Margaritas – BarCountry Dehydrated Cocktail Mixers
Chili Lime Salt - Green Chili salt | Lime spiced | Spicy margarita salt | Flavored cocktail salt | Flavored rimmer salt | Peppers Rim salt
Spicy margarita salt
Wooden Round Wedding Drinks Tokens - Woodland...
Wooden Round Wedding Drinks Tokens

Rubs, Spice Mixes, Seasoning

There is just something amazing about a meal that is entirely prepared on the BBQ. To truly top it off add some cold salads like tossed, potato, or pasta salad.

The key to any great meal is to accessorize. A well-seasoned, marinated, spiced piece of BBQ is a beautiful thing.

Although these spices are meant for meat they also taste great on different vegetarian and vegan options.

Chicken Hot Wings BBQ Dry Rub - sugar free spices, chicken wings rub for grilling
Chicken Hot Wings BBQ Dry Rub – sugar free spices, chicken wings spice rub for grilling
5 recipes for salmon fillets, recipes card, vintage recipe cards, Cookbooks, Instant Download Recipe Card, make your own cookbook.
BBQ Rub Gift Set | Fathers Day 1st Gift for Him | BBQ Grilling Spices Sampler Pack

Wine for When You Need To Stay Hydrated

As the summer heats up a lot of us reach for a beer, wine cooler, or mixed drink. Well summer 2017 is going to be the season of wines.

No matter if you are into reds, whites, or roses you have to make sure you present it well to your guests. Having a nice set of wine glasses probably isn’t necessary for your backyard BBQ. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on new wine glasses and have them break on your deck or backyard patio.

Custom Mini Champagne Bottle Label for Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, Bridal Suite, Baby Shower or Bachelorette Bubbly ! Custom Labels!
Custom Mini Champagne Bottle Label for Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower
pineapple rustic floating wine rack, bottle holder. Wine, bourbon stave custom handmade for wedding summer party house
pineapple rustic floating wine rack
HUGE Safety First Drink With A Nurse Wine Glass,Nursing Wine Glass,Funny Gifts For Nurses,Huge Wine Glass,Funny Wine Glass,Large Wine Glass
HUGE Safety First Drink With A Nurse Wine Glass

Picnic Table Storage

Keeping your cutlery and napkins is essential during a summer BBQ. All it takes is one strong gust of wind to send your guests scrambling for their napkins.

Salt and pepper shakers, wooden napkin holders, and glass holders are perfect way to keep your tables organized and everything together.

Marquee Engraved Wooden Beer Carrier - Beer Caddy Gift for Craft Beer Lovers, Tailgating Gear, Six Pack Beer Tote for Beer & Soda Drinkers
Marquee Engraved Wooden Beer Carrier – Personalized Beer Caddy
Indoor Outdoor Nesting Serving Station / Patio Bar Storage
Custom BBQ Utensil Holder - Grillin and Chillin - Grilling Gift - Beer Bottle Opener - Housewarming Gift - Patio Decor - Fathers Day Gifts
Custom BBQ Utensil Holder – Beer Bottle Opener

Aprons for the Pitmaster

Juice and grease splatters are bound to happen while you are working the grill for a large group of people. Aprons are the perfect accessory for your Pitmaster doing the grilling.

From funny to vintage these aprons are sure to impress your guests.

Warning concealed sausage - cheeky men's apron! Funny apron for him, Fathers day apron, Fathers day gift , BBQ apron, Dad gift, husband gift
Warning concealed sausage – cheeky men’s apron! Funny apron for him
Hipster Father's Day Denim Apron - Dad Apron - Mens Apron - Gift For Dad - Kitchen Apron - Long Kitchen Apron - Cooking Apron - BBQ Apron
Hipster Father’s Day Denim Apron, Aged To Perfection Funny Apron

Caesar Freak! Enamel Cocktail Pin

Caesar Freak! Enamel Cocktail Pin

Backyard Games to Keep Them Occupied

At just over the midpoint of our 10 ideas to make your outdoor BBQ entertaining a success it is now time to look at some ways to keep your guests entertained. Backyard games are perfect for summer hosting as they keep your guests busy and give people a chance to mingle.

Hosting a party with competitive games is one of the best icebreakers you can have to engage your guests.

Football and/or Super Bowl photo booth props perfect for your tailgate party or the big game day
Football and/or Super Bowl photo booth props perfect for your tailgate party BBQ


Ring Toss yard game


Awesome Ideas to Cool and Keep Your Beer Cold

A chest, cooler, or bucket is all you need to keep your beer frosty and cold. Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day is an ice cold beer.

Wine coolers, hard lemonades, sodas, juices, and bottles of water are also essential at any great BBQ.

Rustic outdoor wooden deck cooler
Rustic outdoor wooden deck cooler
Beer Cooler – Six Pack Beer Carrier 

Patio Décor That Will Shock and Awe Your Guests

For a lot of us BBQ or not we spend a great deal of time working on our outdoor spaces in the summer. Depending upon the type of party you are hosting will dictate how you plan to decorate your yard.

A wedding BBQ is still a wedding and you will probably decorate with your run of the mill wedding decorations. On the contrary a rustic themed BBQ will call for completely different decorations.

Wine Barrel Bar Table
Kulshan Balcony Railing Table Bracket for Deck Bars, Countertops, Planter Box and more! Two Step Easy Installation.
Kulshan Balcony Railing Table Bracket for Deck Bar
Cedar Portable Outdoor Bar - NEW DIMENSIONS!
Cedar Portable Outdoor Bar 
Wood Beer Cooler-Vertical - Reclaimed Oak Barn Wood, Washtub Cooler - Outdoor Living, Outdoor Furniture, Home & Living MADE TO ORDER
Reclaimed Oak Barn Wood, Washtub Beer Cooler
BBQ Baby Shower Napkin Wraps - BabyQ Shower BOY Napkin Rings - Napkin Wraps - Couples BBQ Baby Shower - Instant Download
BBQ Baby Shower Napkin Wraps 
Tea Towel - Anchor Towel Grey Kitchen Towel Flour Sack Towel Nautical Decor Beach Decor Coastal Decor Summer Decor Kitchen Decor Farmhouse
Nautical Anchor Beach Picnic Towel Grey Kitchen Towel

Welcoming Garden Signs to Greet Your Guests

Rustic and vintage themed wedding signs are the perfect addition to any backyard BBQs. They are a great way to greet your guests and let them into your decorating style and character.

Let people know what you love. If you love gardening get a gardening themed sign. If you love nautical beach themes get a beach themed sign.

Custom BBQ Sign, Retro Metal Patio Sign
Metal Art Custom BBQ Sign with Personalized Text Field (F13)
Metal Art Custom BBQ Sign with Personalized Text

Outdoor Lights To Set The Tone Of Your Party

As day turns into night you are going to need some proper lighting to keep the party going. Classic BBQ lighting includes mason jars, lanterns, and no solar lamps.

Not only is the lighting functional and will keep your guests on the right path but it is also good for setting the mood of the party.

64′ – 30 Bulbs Vintage Patio String Lights Black Cord Clear Glass Edison Bulbs
Patio Marquee sign, metal patio sign- summer signs- backyard signs- patio signs
Patio Marquee sign

Hopefully in our 10 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor BBQ Entertaining A Success we helped you a little plan your summer time party.

She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas

She Shed Ideas

These she shed ideas will help you answer the question of why you deserve your own safe place that you only have access to. For too long men have had their man caves where they can get together with friends and watch sports, play pool, and host the odd card game every here and then.

Cottage Farmhouse Wall Clock
Irish cottage bud vase - miniature house structure - white washed historic building model - flower vase centerpiece - mint green door
Irish cottage bud vase – miniature house vase

Uses For Your She Shed

When it comes to she shed ideas I think the first question we have to answer is “what would I even use a she shed for?”. For a lot of us a she shed is a great place to escape the stresses of daily life. After a long day at work we come home and start our real jobs as Mom, wives, sisters, and daughters. Family commitments take their toll just as much as those deadlines at work do.

Having a place to escape from time to time decorated to your tastes is a great way to unwind after the stresses of life.

Oversized WELCOME Y'ALL --bench pillow -Extra long lumbar burlap pillow for the front porch
Oversized Burlap WELCOME Y’ALL bench pillow
China Cabinet/ French Country Hutch- sold
Shabby Chic Floral French Country Hutch
Vertical garden > Wall Planter > portable indoor/outdoor herb planter > watertight vertical planter > Laser engraved motif: Dandelions
Vertical garden Wall Planter

10 Great Ways To Enjoy Your She Shed

  • A Comfortable Place to Read Your Favorite Novel.
  • An Open Area To Practice Your Yoga Poses.
  • An Inspiring Place For Painting.
  • A Place to Hang With Your Girls.
  • A Quiet Place When You Need a Break From the Husband and Kids.
  • A Great Place To Nap On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon.
  • Tea For Two With Your BFF.
  • A Screaming Child Free Area To Do Your Weekly Craft Project.
  • A Calm and Serene Area to Listen to Music.
  • A Beautiful Place You Can Decorate Just For You.

The Cost of Your Oasis

A she shed may only cost you a bit of time and effort or it may cost you thousands of dollars. For the lucky ones you already have a shed in your backyard that needs a little elbow grease to turn it into your hidden oasis. These older sheds really only need a good cleaning a bit of decorating to bring it up to the she shed standard.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint | NEW Color - SWEETWATER | Farmhouse Cottage | Chippy | Rustic | Primitive | Furniture Paint | Home Decor | Brown
Sweet Pickins Milk Paint SWEETWATER Farmhouse Cottage Colors
Burlap XLarge 24" Pouf/Ottoman, Floor Pillow
Burlap Ottoman, Shabby Chic Floor Pillow

For others though you may want to put in your own shed. A new one. With new sheds you have a couple of options. For the super handy out there you may want to order a wooden shed package from your local home improvement center. You can either put it together on your own or hire a local contractor to do the install. It might seem like an easy project but it may involve a lot of work to build your she shed.

Indian crate storage bench/||
Bohemian crate storage bench
Little square Wire mesh metal storage basket

Another option is to go the plastic shed path. Plastic sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are vented and sometimes even include windows and skylights. The one issue is the smell. All you are going to smell is plastic especially in the summer heat.

The next cost of owning a she shed is decorating it exactly the way you want it.

Decorating Ideas For Your She Shed

The beauty of a she shed is it is your own space. It is a space were you can go and escape the stresses of your days. It is also a space you can decorate to your own tastes and styles.

Starting with the interior of your she shed you can quickly move from the indoor decorating to the outdoors.

Interior She Shed Decorating

Great Things You Can Add To The Interior Of Your Shed

  • Patio Chairs or Couches with soft waterproof seat cushions
  • Storage
  • Art Work That Is Appropriate For The Outdoors
  • A Trendy Welcome Mat at Your Front Door
  • Chic Household Accessories
Macrame Hanging Chair / Hammock Chair
Macrame Hanging Chair / Hammock Chair
Shabby Chic Floral Wood Mug Rack
Personalized photo on wood, wedding gift, free shipping, home decor, wall art, vintage, wood art, wood decor, gift for men and women,
Personalized photo on wood
Vintage Wooden Tote Large Green Painted Caddy
Vintage Wooden Tote Large Green Painted Caddy

Exterior She Shed Decorating

Great Things You Can Add To The Exterior Of Your Shed

  • A Deck Or Porch
  • A Rock Or Flower Garden
  • Decorative Iron Works
  • Lawn Ornaments
  • Solar Lighting
Wooden Camper Birdhouse,Caravan Bird House,Unique Birdhouses,Outdoor birdhouse,garden decoration,Bird Feeder,3 available styles
Wooden Camper Birdhouse,Caravan Bird House
Wine Bottle Wind Chime - Garden Decor - Gift for Mom - Outdoor Decor - Patio Decor - Gifts for Her - Wine Decor - Wine Bottlechime - Garden
Wine Bottle Wind Chime
SHE SHED Sign,custom license plate signs
Gardening tools set- 2 garden tools and a pair of gloves ,Gardening gift,Painted flowers,Garden tools,Spring gift,gardener gift,Cute gift
Floral Gardening tools set
white crown hooks shabby cottage hooks crown nursery hook wall hook set paris apartment french country coat hook tiara hook MADE TO ORDER
white crown hooks shabby cottage hooks

Hopefully these she shed ideas have helped you not only plan to buy yours but also what you will use it for and also how you will make it yours.
















Cute Outfits With Shorts For Summer 2017

Cute Outfits With Shorts For Summer 2017

Cute Outfits With Shorts For Summer 2017

These cute outfits with shorts for summer 2017 are a great way to stay cool and look amazing. If you have spent any time in the gym working on your fitness you probably want to show off all that hard work. Shorts are a great way to do that.

For some though shorts are just a great way to keep cool.  Also shorts are a great way to start a quick and easy outfit for a day. Throw on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a cute pair of sunglasses and you are ready to go.

When the spring and summer weather starts to get warmer we all want to spend more times outdoors. A lot of activities and events in the summer are outdoor and we need to dress for the weather.

Summer Vibes Patch
Summer Vibes Patch

Hot Summer Short Shorts

Short shorts are not for the faint at heart. For the most part they are worn by the bold in our society. Even though you will probably see them on model type bodies in the summer time doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them.

Women of all body types can pull off short shorts in the summer. It just takes a strong degree of self confidence to pull off the short short look.

Below are some beautiful short shorts for summer 2017.

Bohemian beach shorts



Crystal Metatron Hot Short
Vintage Distressed Shorts/plus size/Mid/high waist frayed shorts/Made to Order womens/summer shorts/clothing/All sizes/all brands/levis lee
Vintage Distressed Shorts

Jean Shorts That Will Turn Heads

Next in our tour of Cute Outfits With Shorts For Summer 2017 we will look at jeans shorts. Jean shorts are an american standard in women’s summer fashion trends. They are a staple in most women’s dressers and for good reason.

Jean shorts are easy. Easy to find and easy to make on your own. Have an old pair of jeans you just can’t let go of? Well break out the scissors and make yourself a custom pair of jean shorts.

Let’s See some of those classic summer jean short styles.

High Waisted Blue Denim Shorts - Back Pocket Stud / Shredded - Blue Jean Shorts - Plus thru Petite Size
High Waisted Blue Denim Shorts – Back Pocket Stud / Shredded Jeans
VINTAGE WRANGLER high-waist jean shorts - XS size, 27X34, fray, cut-offs
VINTAGE WRANGLER high-waist jean shorts
Neith shorts - Booty shorts - Mini shorts - Black short shorts
Neith shorts – Booty shorts – Mini black shorts

Fashionable Women’s Shorts For Any Occasions

The problem with Short shorts and jean shorts is they are not always appropriate for all occasions. Sometimes we have events or activities that we have to look a more formal for. When the mercury is rising on a hot summer day pant might just not be appropriate.

Work events or if your company allows wearing shorts in the summer are the perfect time to break out these stylish cute outfits with shorts for summer 2017. We all want to look good in the summer time and for most of us sweating bullets is not the way to do it.

Scalloped Leather Shorts . 1980s Brown Leather shorts High Waisted shorts scallop shorts vintage leather shorts high waisted leather shorts
Scalloped Leather Shorts
Ariana Sparkle Sequin Shorts / Sequin Shorts/ Stretch Sequin Shorts
Ariana Sparkle Sequin Shorts

Finding Cute Outfits With Shorts For Summer 2017

Online is a great place to find ideas and inspiration for cute outfits with shorts for Summer 2017. The benefit of looking online is the vast amount of variety you can find at all types of price points.

One of the worst things about buying a new outfit is seeing other people wearing it. If you truly want to be an individual or have a quirky personality online is the best place to start your shopping search for a new summer outfit.

Beach Cover Up, Lace Crochet Cover Up, Beach Wear, Summer Beach Wear, Light Weight Dress, Gift for Her, For Women, Gift, Fashion Accessories
Lace Crochet Cover Up
Vintage Black Sequin Shorts Hot Pants
Dharma Mandala HOT SHORT
Dharma Mandala HOT SHORT
Ohm booty shorts tie dye shorts yoga shorts
Green Palm Leaf Women’s High Waisted Shorts
Ruffle Shorts-womens shorts-bloomer shorts-womens clothing-gym shorts-running shorts-yoga short-ladies shorts-shorts women-dance shorts-teal
Ruffle Gym Shorts

Click Here For More Great Summer Styles

Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitations

As we continue our search the perfect vintage wedding accessories we will now look at vintage wedding invitations.  We will try to cover what makes a vintage wedding invitation, where to shop for them, and the popular styles classical wedding invitations on the market today.

When planning your vintage wedding you should try to create a balance between buying new and used items. When it comes shopping for true vintage wedding stationary you are probably not going to have a lot of success. Just imagine planning a wedding for 500 guests and trying to find true vintage wedding invites. You would probably have to search every printer press in the world to find that many matching set invitations.

Wedding Invitation / Gold Wedding Invitation / Floral Wedding Invitation / Wedding Invitation Printable / Wedding Invitation Template
Black and Gold Botanical Floral Wedding Invitation

For most of us planning a classical wedding we are going to have to buy vintage styled wedding invitations. Luckily for us a lot of modern wedding invitation designers have caught on to the vintage theme and have a wide selection of traditional wedding invitations.

What Makes a Wedding Invitation Vintage?

Plain and simple, vintage is style of design that was cutting edge at one period of time and the beauty still holds true today. When it comes to vintage wedding invites they are designed after traditional invitations of the past but with a bit of a modern twist.

Library Wedding Invitation Printable / Story Book Wedding Suite / Book Themed Wedding / Vintage Rustic Printable Wedding Invitation Download
Library Wedding Invitation Printable / Story Book Wedding Suite / Book Themed Wedding

Popular Design Features Used In Classic Wedding Invites

Lace – Probably one of the most iconic images in the field of wedding invitations. Look for designers to use both paper and material lace to highlight their invitations.

Laser Cut Lace Wedding invitation Card

Classical Fonts and Penmanship – The swirled scrip of the font and penmanship are very distinct signs that you are looking at a traditional wedding invitations.

typography wedding invitation and insert

Natural Themes and Materials – For the natural themes look for floral designs, nature scenes, or trees to be present on the invitations. As for the materials used to highlight a vintage invitation look burlap as it is very popular right now for both home décor and wedding accessory themes.

Nautical Wedding Invitation Set Lighthouse Nautical Invitation Wedding Ocean Wedding Sea Wedding Marine Wedding Custom Wedding bespoke
Nautical Wedding Invitation Set 3d Lighthouse

Black And White Photographs – There is no hiding the vintage flair in a black and white photograph.

Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitations, Picture wedding invitations, 5x7, Wedding Invites, the "Willow"
Vintage Rustic Photo Wedding Invitations, Picture wedding invitations

Floral Designs – Flowers are beautifully colored, delicate, and calming. It is no wonder why they have been a focal point of wedding invitations for a very long time.

Bohemian Floral Wedding Invitation Custom Design Service

Being that weddings are a sacred ceremony based upon tradition it is no surprise that vintage weddings are and always will be a popular genre in the wedding industry.

Shopping For Vintage Wedding Invitations Online

As we have stated before and we will say it again. When you are shopping for your wedding start your search online. Shopping online gives you a no pressure approach to finding everything you need.  You don’t have to buy for your wedding online it is just a good idea to see what types of vintage wedding products they have and how much they should cost.

We also encourage young couples to step out into their own communities and do some of the browsing and wedding shopping locally. Part of the experience of getting married for a young bride is getting together with her friends and family for a day on the town trying on wedding gowns. We highly suggest you don’t miss out on that process.


Shopping for Vintage Invitations Locally

A trip to your local printer, department store, or craft store is a great place to start your search for your vintage wedding invitations locally.  Although we recommend starting your search online, shopping for wedding clothing, decorations, and favors locally is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Let’s have a better look at some of the local spots where you can find your wedding invitations.


Shopping For Invitations at Local Print Shops

More than likely your local printer press is going to have a large book of sample invitations to choose from. The good thing about deciding to go through the printing press is you can physically hold the sample invitations in your hand and actually feel the quality. Another benefit of buying from a local print shop is the print is going to be perfect. Meaning that you are not going to have to buy additional invitations in case of poor penmanship or errors.

Now for the bad about buying your traditional wedding invitations, save the dates, and R.S.V.P.s from a printer press. The main issue is the cost. In most cases you will find that local print shops charge a lot for their invitations. So if your wedding budget isn’t an issue your local print shop might be the place for you.

Wedding Table Numbers with Photo, 5x7, Wedding Table Numbers, Old Pictures tn0024
Wedding Table Numbers with Old Childhood Photos

Shopping In Department Stores for Wedding Invitations

Department stores are probably the best option for young couples on a tight budget and looking for classical wedding invitations. Although your options will be very limited you will have a vast selection of of traditional white wedding invitations to choose from. Your standard white wedding is still one of the most popular today which is the reason most large department stores carry them.

Department stores are not the best places to go if you are looking for variety. A lot of young couples find that the selection is very limited. Another negative about buying wedding invitations from a department store as you and your husband to be will have to fill out each of the invitations. But if you have more time than money and you are Ok with standard white wedding invites this would be the best option for you to stay on your wedding budget.

Return Address Stamp - 3" x 1.5" - Address Stamp - Angelina 2
Custom Return Address Stamp

Finding Vintage Wedding Invites at Your Local Craft Shop

Another great option for local wedding shoppers is to visit the local craft shop. They have a wide variety of vintage wedding invitation templates that you are your husband to be can customize however you want. The price is usually comparable to what you will find in a department store but you have a wider variety of options. The good thing about shopping at a craft store is you are only limited to your own creativity. All you weekend do it yourselfers may want to design your vintage invites right from the paper selection all the way up to the font, materials, and style.

Popular Themes of Vintage Wedding Invitations

Within the genre of vintage weddings you are going to find a wide variety of sub themes. Each of these themes of wedding have their own design style and features. All of them technically still fall within the vintage wedding invitations market but they are all slightly different.

Let’s have a look at some of these sub themes!

Classic Wedding Invitation Themes

  • Rustic Vintage Wedding Invitations – A great wedding theme for those of you planning a vintage farm our country wedding. Rustic wedding invitations can feature the images from the natural environment like trees, rivers, and valleys. Also in the sub theme of wedding look for farm images to be featured like horse, fields, and barns.
  • Rustic Wedding Invitation Set,Barn Wedding Invitation,Country Wedding Invitation,Wood Wedding Invitation, Doily Wedding Invitation
    Rustic Country Barn Wedding Invitation
  • Burlap Vintage Wedding Invitations – Burlap is rough natural material that can be added to your vintage wedding invites. Burlap is a great way to add texture and another dimension to your wedding invitations.
  • Burlap Wedding Invitation Set,Shabby Chic Wedding Invitation,Lace Wedding Invitation,Unique Wedding Invitation,Rustic Wedding Invitation
    Lace Burlap Wedding Invitation Set
  • Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations – Images of flowers can really bring a standard white wedding invitation to life. Classically painted flowers will really add that vintage feel to your vintage themed wedding invitations.
  • Bohemian Floral Bridal Tea Invitation, Weathered Wood Bridal Shower Invite, Vintage Rustic Wedding, Autumn Brunch, Marsala Peach Burgundy
    Bohemian Floral Bridal Tea Party Invitation
  • Vintage Destination Wedding Invitations – Having a destination wedding doesn’t mean that you still can’t have a vintage wedding. Although this niche in the wedding industry is a lot smaller you will still find some quality destination wedding invitations both online and locally.
  • Destination Passport Wedding Invitation
  • Vintage Monogram Wedding Invitations – A vintage monogram wedding invitation is the best way to signify the joining of two people. Either you can use the husband’s last initial or you can use the letters of each of your last names.Letterpress Wedding Invitation - Serenbe Design- Monogram,Calligraphy,Traditional, Elegant, Simple, Classic, Script, Custom, Formal
    Letterpress Monograms Wedding Invitation
  • Damask Vintage Wedding Invitations – Trendy damask patterns add a vintage charm to anything they are applied to. Vintage damask patterns follows the flows and shapes similar to flowers and will give your invitations a distinct vintage feel.
  • Wedding Invitation Suite - Printable • Damask Moss • Invite, RSVP Card, Thank You Card, Save the Date Card
    Cactus Damask Wedding Invitation Suite
  • Vintage Postcard Wedding Invitations – Postcard wedding invitations are a great way to make your announcement to friends and family. Postcard wedding invitations eliminate the need for an envelope and can also be combined with your RSVP.
  • Marble Grey with Silver Foil Watercolor Wedding Day Invitation

Save the Dates and R.S.V.P Cards to Complete Your Set

After you have finished finding your perfect vintage wedding invitations either online or at a local boutique you should try to match your invitations to your saves the dates and RSVP cards. Having a matching set is important to most couples but not a necessity.

If you want to mix and match your invitations, save the dates, and R.S.V.Ps by all means do so. It’s your wedding and it should be done how you want it.

Fashionable Summer Time Dresses

Fashionable Summer Time Dresses

Fashionable Summer Time Dresses

As spring begins to turn into summer it is time to break out some of our fashionable summer time dresses or buy some new ones.

Every summer the one thing we can count on is hot weather. As June turns to July and July to August we are sure to have some nice days. Sure we are going to see a little bit of rain here or there but nice weather is bound to happen.

Embroidered Gown, floral maxi dress

A dress truly is a beautiful thing on a hot day. Not only is it sheer enough to keep cool on a hot day but they are usually form fitting and truly bring out our beauty. Women of all shapes and sizes have that dress that makes them look and feel there best.

No matter if you are looking for a casual fashionable summer time dress for a day on the town with your girlfriends or something more formal below you should see some hot summer looks for women in 2017.

Flounce Top Summer Dress

Casual Summer Time Dresses

It is no wonder that most people take a big portion of their vacations in the summer. The days are hot and the nights can be just as nice. The amazing weather of the summer months makes most of us more active and want to be out and about.

Having a casual dress is almost a must for most women during the summer months. For the most part they are very easy to throw on no matter what you are planning on doing on that day.

Fashionable summer time dresses really don’t take that much work. They do take a bit of accessorizing but compared to planning an outfit with a blouse, pants, and accessories it is really quite easy.

SALE / vintage 1960s dress // 60s cotton polka dot dress
60s cotton polka dot dress

Below are some of the best times to wear a summer dress when you don’t want to look too formal.

Perfect Occasions to Wear Your Favorite Casual Summer Dress

  • A Day at the Farmers Market.
  • Shopping With Friends around Town.
  • A Night on the Town.
  • On Your Way to and From the Beach.
  • Vacationing at a Tropical or Warm Destination

Below are some casual dresses that we think are perfect for 2017.

Hawaiian Dress Tropical Dress Hibiscus Flower Dress Pin Up Dress Tiki Dress Vintage Inspired Dress Summer Dress Floral Dress Plus Size Dress
Tropical Dress Hibiscus Flower Dress Pin Up Dress
Nautical Blue Linen Dress

Formal Summer Time Dresses

One of my favorite thing about summer is all of the formal events. Almost every weekend there seems to be a fundraiser or wedding that we have to attend. Having a few formal fashionable summer time dresses is a must for most women.

There are some differences in formal summer dresses though. You will want to have some formal dresses for work and you will want to have some formal dresses events.

Below are some examples of formal dresses that you may like for either.

CLEARANCE vintage 1950s skirt // 50s yellow floral full skirt
Retro yellow floral full skirt
Racerback Dress/Maxi Dress/Bodycon Dress/Striped Dress/Maxi Dresses/Dress/Stripes/Dresses/Long Dress/Long Striped Dress
Racerback Dress Black and White Stripes Maxi Dress
THE ANYA Classic Wrap Dress in Cream and Black
THE ANYA Classic Wrap Dress in Cream and Black
Mexican hand embroidered dress

Summer Fashion Accessories For 2017

To truly turn heads with those fashionable summer time dresses you have to accessorize. All women know and understand truly how important it is coordinate your outfit. Summer dresses are no exception.

Some of the most popular accessories for summer dresses are handbags, scarves, and sunglasses. Let’s look at some of these great summer accessories.

Handbags and Purses

Maid of Honor Proposal Gift, Matron of Honor Gift, Maid of Honor Gift for Sister, Asking Maid of Honor, Personalized Wedding Clutch, Custom
Personalized Boho Floral Clutch
Bohemian straw tote bag
NEW. Pink Heart Leather Bag. Valentine's Gift. Nude and Gold. Spring Fashion Fanny Pack SS17
Heart Leather Bag

Scarves and Wraps

Boho Bird Feathers Scarf, Bohemian Festival Clothing, Coachella Clothing, Boho Clothing, Wing Scarf, Beach Sarong Scarf, Digital Print Scarf
Boho Bird Feathers Scarf
Rockabilly Headband. Pink, red, green gingham. Vintage style head scarf. pin up head scarf. red head band. retro hairband. pin up headband.
Pink red gingham. Vintage style head scarf
Silk Twilly Scarf Handbag Accessories, 20 Colors, Bag Handle Wrap Scarf Purse Accessory, Neck & Hair Bow Ribbon Scarves, Twill, Gift For Her
Silk Twilly Scarf Handbag Accessories

Chic Women’s Sunglasses

Hi Tek Alexander round sunglasses silver high quality stainlsteel frame flat lens
Hi Tek Alexander round sunglasses silver high quality stainlsteel frame flat lens
Gold plated stainless steel chain and 24K gold plated links sunglasses chain - festival trendy bohemian sunglasses chain hanger
Gold plated stainless steel chain


Mermaid Sunglasses, White heart shape sun glasses, with iridescent bubbles
Mermaid Sunglasses, White heart shape sun glasses, with iridescent bubbles

For More Great Summer Dresses Click Here

5 Lace Dress Trends for your Little Flower Girl that Add the Adore to Your Vintage Themed Wedding

5 Lace Dress Trends for your Little Flower Girl that Add the Adore to Your Vintage Themed Wedding

5 Lace Dress Trends for your Little Flower Girl that Add the Adore to Your Vintage Themed Wedding

The blush creeping on your dainty flower girl’s cheeks is sure to catch the eye of your guests and invitees as she makes her way ahead of the bride on the aisle dressed in a tutu or a tiered ruffle, befitting a modern fairytale princess. Clutching flowers close to her chest, your young flower girl’s smile could heal a million wounded hearts at your Vintage Themed Wedding. In order to embrace her little moment, and to make your wedding a little bit closer to perfection, we bring you 5 vintage dress suggestions that could be customized to match your bride’s elegant dress and the Vintage Themed Wedding décor as well.

flower girl dress white flower girl dress girls lace dress lace dress toddler lace dress boho flower girl dress flower girl dress lace
Vintage Lace flower girl dress

How to Go from Adorable to Perfect with These 5 Simple Flower Girl’s Lace Dress Trends

Sashes, ruffles, tiers, floral patterns, and pastels are some of the options you could go for to dress the youngest of your family to withhold the aura of the daintiest yet the most elegant being on the wedding – after the bride, of course. Since Vintage Themed Wedding have taken beach weddings and destination weddings by a storm, it is about time we paid attention to lace, flowers, and the traditional whites. Mentioned below are some of our uber favorite picks with a few styling options aimed to highlight your precious little flower girl.

PINK Lace flower girl dress

Ivory and Champagne Vintage Lace Flower Girl Dress

Shifting from the traditional white to an ivory or champagne colored dress for your flower girl sounds like an ideal breakthrough towards the surprise that would be yielded by the bride’s majestic dress and beauty. Consider styling a satin bodice with an ivory lace ruffle and a silhouette to match or go for an ivory sash and bow to accentuate the elegance of the entirety of the white laced T-length dress. A crocheted bodice would also look appealing to the silk and net silhouette. Floral crowns or a sash lacy bow as a hairband is a must to top off the entire look.

crochet Lace Flower Girl Dress

Vanilla and Vintage

Nothing describes vintage other than the Matisse flower girl dress or the Tea Princess’s French Vanilla flower girl dress. Succumbing to a petite v-cut sequined or laced back, this dress’s bodice pays utmost attention to exotic patterns of lace and can be topped off with bows or floral bunches in the center. The cold-shouldered French Vanilla dresses also pay attention to floral headwork –adding the beauty to freshly picked flower crowns and regal lacework.

Flower girl dress, flower girl dresses, Lace Ivory flower girl dress, country flower girl dress, baby dresses, rustic flower girl dress,
vintage Lace country flower girl dress
Rose Gold Sequin One Shoulder Flower Girl Dress

Full-Sleeved Lace Vintage Flower Girl Dresses

If you’re having trouble picking the ideal Vintage Themed Wedding flowergirl dress for your flower girl, pick the one that is the easiest and the prettiest to choose from an assortment of boho styled dresses. It’s time for you to chalk up on a lot of lace and design a quaint dress with three-quarter or half sleeves. Add an ivory sash and frame a matching headband for the little one to carry the dress. In order to highlight the lacework on the dress, you can also go for plain net sleeves – just as shown in the picture below.

lvory Lace Long Sleeve Flower Girl Dress

Matching Crochet Separates

Crochet is a remarkable piece of vintage artwork, if we must say, in terms of fashion, textiles, and design. Matching crochet separates, a frizzy hairdo and a floral crown to pay heed to the bouquet of white flowers, add to the color of your vintage wedding with your flower girl dressed in the most severe and fashionably boho-chic of all Vintage Themed Wedding designs.

Crochet Flower Girl Dress, Lace Flower Girl Dress, Flower Girl Dresses, Maxi Girls Dresses, Lace Top Flower Girl Dress, Handmade in the USA
Crochet Flower Girl Dress

Floral Embellishments On Lace Bodice

Champagne crocheted bodices or simply laced ones, net with floral embellishments would never be wrong for the little princess. Consider choosing a floor-length net maxi embellished with tiny floral bunches, accentuating a tea length silhouette and different lacy patterns for your flower girl at your beach destination Vintage Themed Wedding.

No wedding is complete without flowers, violins and beaded barefoot sandals. If you need help in designing your flower girl’s dress, you know where to knock at. However, KutieTuties have a beautiful range of vintage flower girl dresses that we recommend you to check out right now.

Ivory Lace Champagne Tulle Flower Girl Dress Wedding Bridesmaid Dress with Bow Belt M0049
Ivory Lace Champagne Tulle Flower Girl Dress
Stunning champagne tan tutu flowergirl dress "Flora" with above knee lenght tutu skirt, French lace, rhinestone sash
French lace, rhinestone sash champagne tutu flowergirl dress