One Piece Bathing Suit Styles

One Piece Bathing Suit

Trendy Women’s One Piece Bathing Suit Styles for 2018

For those of us about to go one winter vacation it is time to break out that one piece bathing suit for a little bit of fun and sun.

With the month of February approaching its end, we all know what time it is. The cold, gloomy days of winter are gone and the sun is ready to shine bright and fill our lives with warmth again. As the chilly winds turn into a pleasant breeze, it is safe to put away those coats and leggings and finally bring out those summer dresses and swimsuits. After all, what is summer without soaking in that sun and having some pool and beachside fun?

Swimsuit trends are prone to change as is every other trend in the fashion world. Every year, a new style takes the world by storm. A timeless classic, however, is the one piece bathing suit. Simple, secure, sexy and classy; the counterpart and rather an unpopular sibling of the famous bikini, little do people realize that one piece swimsuits are in fact universally flattering on anyone and everyone.

This past year we witnessed an extensive variety of designs ranging from abstract and graphic patterns, strappy details, cutouts, plunging necklines, denim, bejeweled bras, and what not. Some of these designs even made the notorious bikini look tame in front of them. Summer is almost here which means it is the perfect time to plan a vacation.

No vacation is complete without some stunning pictures. We all hate it when others do it but there is a certain satisfaction that comes with spamming everyone’s newsfeed with some bomb photos. Up your ‘gram game and spam away because these 2018 one piece trends are everything but basic. Let’s get started.

Black Tie Up One Piece Swimwear

Vintage Ballerina

This retro-inspired cut is classic. Beautifully color coordinated with contrasting hues, this ballerina style suit comes with a simple and chic front and a sultry and creative cutout featured back. The stark color contrasts contribute to creating an illusion of a slimmer physique with the darker hue always placed at the bottom. Flaunt your curves and feel like a sexy vintage goddess with the ballerina-inspired one piece.

Wrapped Present One Piece Bathing Suit

Who doesn’t love presents? Wrapped intricately in an appealing cover plastered with illustrations and prints; presents are exciting stuff. Wrapped and printed one-piece suits embody the same concept. Want to look like a deliciously sexy wrapped gift on a warm summer’s day? Opt for a wrap style cut with abstract print or illustrations. As if this style of design was not edgy enough on its own, the print only adds to its character and wild side.

Pastel Pretty

2017 was the year of Millennial Pink. It was everywhere. Pastel hues have been quite the talk of the town for the past couple of years and have been dominating the fashion scene. Whether it is shoes, clothes, makeup, anything; it is raining pastels. 2018 however, it all about the lilacs and the lavenders.

Pink is out and purple is in. Plain purple pastel one-piece swimsuits with strappy details are this season’s hottest pick. Not only are they muted, simple and plain but they are also elegant, sophisticated and classy.

Red Multiway One Piece Women’s Bathing Suit 

Monokini One Piece Bathing Suit

Monokinis were all the rage in the 90’s. Known for their unique design, the monokini was the symbol of badass effortless sexy swimwear. The high cut design was the edgy risque look that took the world by storm when it first came out and the next thing you know, everyone is wearing it. If you were feeling bad about not having to experience what it was like to wear a monokini well then here is your chance.

The monokini is officially back. This whole past year has been all about comebacks. Why not add another one to the list? Super high cut and sexy, if you want to flaunt your thighs and your booty, this is your calling.

Weather Proof

With the sun out, there is always the risk of getting a sunburn, especially if your skin is sensitive. Sunblock is never enough; we all are very well aware of the fact. Sun protection clothing helps so why not incorporate that concept into swimwear? Sun protected, edgy, and fun swimsuits are here to save the day.

Not only do they provide your body with added SPF protection but they are too cute for words. Also, they are manufactured with recyclable materials, which is always a plus. Look cute whilst being protected from the sun. Who said you could not have the best of both worlds?

Baywatch Bae

That slow motion Baywatch run on the beach; hot red one-piece swimsuits with hair effortlessly cascading and dancing as the air gently kisses them; that was what every girl hoped and dreamed of being one day. This high cut Baywatch inspired one piece is probably the sexiest swimsuit you can get your hands on. Bold and vibrant, this style has been sported by multiple A-list celebrities and models fitting every body type perfectly like a glove. Simple, sultry and a guaranteed winner, this year, make all your Baywatch beach running dreams come true.

Sexy Mesh Women’s White Bathing Suit

Retro Ruffles One Piece Bathing Suit

Everyone loves ruffles. They are simple yet cute and chic. They add character to a basic ensemble by doing the absolute least. Ruffles were huge in the 70s; so much that they even incorporated ruffles into their swimwear. Since we are on a #TBT streak nowadays with the recent evolving trends, why not make another comeback? Off-the-shoulder swimsuit styles are here and they are classier than ever. With ruffles lining the décolletage in the most subtle and modest way, this style highlights your collar bones like no other. The swimsuit hugs your body beautifully and features a high-waisted cut to balance all the drama on the top. Fun, flirty, simple, and elegant; this is the style for the ladies who like to flaunt their bods but in moderation.

Boudoir Ready

Another vintage cut is here to take the cake. Boudoir has always been associated with sultry and sexy lingerie. Detailed with lace, silk and ribbon accents, boudoir is the epitome of sexy chic. Of course, you must have wished that you could achieve that same look when out on the shore amidst the waves. Well, boudoir bathing suits are now a thing and they are trendy.

Vintage inspired maillots with lace accent details are the iconic one-piece swimsuits you can hope to find in an old photo album from the 50’s. Here is your chance to recreate something as timeless as that by taking a picture of yourself donning this swimsuit paired with a large floppy sun hat, and some cat-eyed sunglasses in monotone. Simple yet sophisticated and elegant, boudoir swimsuits are our idea of two birds with one stone.

Straps on Straps One Piece Bathing Suit

This year will be all about the straps. Crisscross straps, intricate straps, halter straps, single straps, one shoulder maillot straps, sporty straps, spaghetti straps; you name it and we have it. Each strap design exudes a different aura, a different kind of vibe. Crisscross straps almost always come with a subdued stylish keyhole detail for that little extra something. Naughty yet subdued and statement, this style is perfect for just about everyone.

Halter neck strap styles are another classic that shows off your back in the most flattering way; simple and timeless. Asymmetrical single straps are a particular standout this season. From Grecian goddess inspired numbers and modern maillot cuts to sporty two-toned waist hugging numbers and the classic single spaghetti strap; 2018 is the year of the asymmetrical neckline.

Rock your straps and show some skin but don’t forget to pile on that sunscreen because no one wants funky tan lines.

Grecian Empire Royalty

You have seen vintage-inspired swimsuits from the 50’s to the 90’s but have you ever seen a swimsuit inspired by an era that dates back even further?

Enter empire one-piece swimsuits. Perfect for the minimalistic gal who loves a basic cut and color palette, this high-waisted swimsuit hugs your curves whilst keeping everything in place with the utmost elegance and class. Chic and modest, this one piece is a must-have staple in everyone’s wardrobes.

Want to switch things up a little more? Try your luck with Grecian goddess inspired designs. Laced with beautiful earthy accents, these swimsuits often come with a single strap for added protection in case of any wardrobe malfunctions.

A perfect interpretation of the timeless ethereal ensemble, there is not one person who was not left awe inspired by the raw beauty of ancient times. Both these one-piece swimsuit styles are aimed at those who like vintage-inspired clothing; classy, simple, and sexy, all in one.

One Piece Women’s Bandage Bathing Suit

Bottom Lines

This summer season; flaunt your sexy summer bod. Soak in all the sun, swim in the calm waters on the ocean, relax under a canopy of palm trees, and sip on some delicious strawberry mojitos because summer must be enjoyed and frankly, we all could use a break. Find the design that goes with your personal style, and struts and slay!

Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses: All You Need to Know About this Trending 90’s Comeback

What is it that we truly love about slip dresses and where would you even buy one? The 90s changed the fashion game for eternity and made its mark in the pages of history. Amongst the frosty lipsticks, chokers, leather pants, and spikey blonde hair, was another cool girl staple item: the iconic slip dress. Edgy, glamorous and the true definition of badass, with its plunging neckline and straps, the slip dress was truly legendary. If you think you missed out on it, then worry not because owing to the recent revival of 90s trends, the slip dress is back; and it is as bold and glamorous as ever.

When to wear slip dress? Well, one would think slip dresses are only something appropriate for the warmer months but they are wrong. The key to making a slip dress a style statement is to layer it on. Don it over a simple tee, a turtle neck or maybe even a simple button down shirt. Wear a leather jacket or oversized cardigan on top with chunky boots to channel the ultimate 90s inspired street look. The key is to mix and match. Let’s walk you through some ways in which you can rock a slip dress without freezing or looking totally drab.

Jeans and Blazer

Who says you cannot wear a dress with jeans? Slip dresses can be paired with jeans donned over a tee or basic tank top. Throw on a top coat and you are ready to hit the streets.

Flowing Black Slip Dress

Boots and a Bomber Jacket

Full length slip dresses give the illusion of nightwear if not styled well. When worn with a pair of chunky ankle boots and a bomber jacket, they are the epitome of rogue and badass.

Over A Sweatshirt

Who would think right? But it works! Casual, comfortable, and a true embodiment of streetwear; this trend made waves in the world of fashion.

90’s Chic Black Slip Dress

Button Downs and Capris

Whenever anyone thinks of capri pants and button down shirts, they picture a middle aged mom just struggling to keep her look together. Throw a slip dress on top and say goodbye to mom because you are ready to walk the runway.

Simple Overcoat

Oversized coats are chic, effortless and perfect to throw over anything; especially a slip dress. Keep it minimalistic with a slip dress and a simple oversized overcoat casually draped over the shoulders for that subtle and statement look.

Open Back Red Silk Slip Dress

Leggings and a Cardigan

Leggings are the perfect way to make your dress look like a long tunic. Wear your favorite cardigan on top or tie it around your waist and throw on some boots or sneakers and you are good to go.

Affordable Rustic Home Decor

Affordable Rustic Home Decor

Affordable Rustic Home Decor: A Vintage Throwback Interior for your House

Our search to decorate a rustic home now leads us to affordable rustic home decor.

They say home is where the heart is and there’s nothing truer than that. It’s no wonder why many modern day interior designers have decided to hop on the bandwagon of affordable rustic home décor. After all, there’s nothing like that warm, cozy feeling.

Some of the first things that come to mind when you say rustic are rugged surfaces, rough textures, comforting feels and seclusion from the outside world. Let’s not forget that unique sense of personality with indulgent finishes.

Whether it’s incorporating a single rustic wall or adding some rustic themed furniture, the aura of rustic home décor is something worth experiencing.

Just when you thought modern day design was all about minimalistic chic or contemporary themes, we’ve got some news for you. From modern day country inspired kitchens to fabulous farmhouse style living, we’ll take you on a rustic design journey like no other. It’s simple, affordable and surely a winning combination.

Rustic Wood Coffee Tables

Highlight the Beauty of Nature in the Bathroom

Affordable rustic home décor is all about putting the beauty of nature in the spotlight. The best thing about nature is its charm when in the rawest form and that is the classic rustic feel you should be aiming for.

How about a touch of nostalgia with a wood colored vanity combined with an antique mirror. You could play around with your sink vessels by incorporating an old style pump and bowl appeal. The aim is to create an atmosphere that’s laid back and that is what will take your bathroom into the world of rustic charm.

Take on a Natural Color Scheme

When you’re keen on going rustic with home décor, it means you’re pledging to stay true to the basics. A serene palette of colors is the direction you’ll be heading in. We’re talking stone floor tiles contrasted with the wall’s natural wood panels.

Rustic themes take on mostly earthly tones such as that of wood but if you’re up to making a statement, why not add a touch of color to blend with the earthy palette beautifully. And if that’s not enough, try adding unique rustic wallpaper that contrasts with your room’s neutral hues.

Rustic Details make all the Difference When It Comes To Affordable Rustic Home Decor

Walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings can all be amended to create a rustic feel but how about taking on rustic to a whole new level. And by that, we mean decking up your bedrooms with DIY details containing a little rustic personal touch.

Cabinet Handles wrapped in Twine

It’s not necessary to go big all the time. Save-up loads on handles by wrapping them with twine for that rustic approach. They’re also the perfect way to update your existing cabinets with a new appeal. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, you name it and you’ll have some fantastic rustic themed cabinets in a fraction of the cost.

Old Photo Frames turned into Rustic Details

Why throw away old frames when you can transform them into stunning rustic décor?

Collect any ancient wooden frames and cover them up with burlap as a matting material. Don’t forget those tiny satin ribbons for that perfect finishing touch. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about wrapping old frames with rope and hot glue. It’s the ultimate accessory in any cowboy or cowgirl’s room.

Custom Rustic Wood Bed Frames

Twine Lamps To Highlight Your Affordable Rustic Home Decor

There’s no rocket science here but the end result is stunningly beautiful. All you need to wrap your old lamps with is rope and hot glue. And you’ll have some rustic galore in no time.

Experiment with Proportion

Most individuals think of rustic as going small or adding clutter. But that’s not what modern-day design is all about.

For the kitchen or bathroom, you can add a small size sink and a larger sized mirror or wooden beam behind it. This is a great technique to use to entertain the eye. It’s also a wonderful method of adding some dimension to a room where a defined color scheme or pattern has been utilized.

Reclaimed Wooden Desk

Keep it Clean Yet Serene

Rustic themes follow serene cozy warmth and that means less is more for the bedroom. Keep your room comfortable yet airy. How about a rugged barn door with some wooden plank flooring? You can accentuate it up with a little cozy nightstand too.

Adding gray and beige bedding and a giant American flag are just enough to tie the room well together. When you’ve got a massive piece of art on the walls, it’s best to avoid the good old classic headboard hanging over the bed’s head.

A Little Rustic can Go a Long Way

Following one theme in the entire house can get monotonous and boring to the eye. Why not add some rustic flair the right way, while keeping everything else subtle and chic.

A dramatic log cabin shelf can be blended with a modern day room for that touch of the rustic feel. It acts as the ultimate center point of attraction in a room full of blue and grey hues. The beauty of the natural wood can really pop against modern-day design.

Blend in All the Elements For Your Affordable Rustic Home Decor

If you’re decorating a small space like your kitchen or bathroom, you can go all out on your rustic themed décor. An old design sink, wooden shelves and of course a mix and match of wood and stone can act as the perfect combination. Some metal and plants are also wonderful additions to that peaceful temple like appeal.

If You can’t Find Rustic, Fake it

In case you happen to have a flair for the rustic appeal but find it out of reach for whatever reason, let your imagination run wild to come up with some great replacements for the real deal.

Rustic walls comprise of stone, wood or brick. But if you don’t have that, you can fake it easily using the glory of wallpaper. Make use of wallpapers that hang easily and don’t go messy with glue.

There are the plethora of designs to choose from that include classic brick walls, aged stone, log bricks or wood shafts. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. Did we mention how cost-effective and efficient this method is?

Affordable Rustic Home Decor – It’s All about the Wood

It can undoubtedly be said that wood is a hallmark of rustic themed décor. If a wooden plank floor or giant wooden beams across ceilings are proving to be out of your reach, you don’t have to worry.

Why not incorporate some wooden furnishings to compensate for those mentioned above. Some fascinating examples to include are antique wooden benches at the foot of the bed, tree bark bedside table or a table made of logwood. And so are faux fur floor rugs and wooden upholsters for beds.

Let your Imagination Run Wild

Rustic doesn’t mean vintage where you have to purchase everything at a costly price. Affordable rustic décor calls for creativity beyond bounds.

You can easily make use of repurposed things or take on a number of DIY tasks to create a fascinating rustic themed décor for your home.

Give your wall the perfect accent using old pallet boards. Add a unique touch by painting them in rugged style with paint coats and then nailing them into position. Add some eclectic touches using some giant pillows with boho-inspired covers and a fabulous side table to go with it.

Affordable Rustic Home Decor -A Feel for Rustic Flair

Keeping alongside the theme of less being more, rustic flair can be added using only or two items too. From rustic-themed accessories to small furniture pieces too, you can add a rustic spin to any room in your home.

Pinecones, dried plants, and flowers in old vases, pebbles, rabbit pelt as well as a tree trunk for a table are just some unique ideas to give you a head start.

Comfortable Rustic Vibes

Rustic and comfort go hand in hand. Just because you’ve followed a theme that revolves around wood pieces, rugged surfaces, and hard textures, doesn’t mean your décor has to be uncomfortable.

Mix up rustic furniture pieces with walls containing faux panels. Throw in some comfortable patterned quilts, subtle-toned pillows, and soft rugs to complete the ultimate comfort filled rustic charm.

Rustic Solid Wood Dinning Room Table

Affordable Rustic Home Decor – The Amalgamation of Rustic and Country

Rustic and country are two very similar themes that most people consider closely as one. They’re not to blame as a number of manifestations blend in with either of the two.

Country themes are very inviting yet casual and laid back too. So why not mingle the two to get a timeless combination.

Blend paneled walls with rugs containing stripes or make use of a wrought iron bed and a rustic barnyard star. We guarantee your bedroom décor will never be the same again.

Affordable rustic home décor is all about redefining style in a heartfelt and timeless manner. All it takes is a little effort and imagination to turn your home into a welcoming and versatile work of rustic design. You can add rustic vibes with color, accessories, refurbish, or by complete transformation. The choice is all yours!

Valentines Day Bra and Panties

Valentines Day Bra and Panties

Valentines Day Bra and Panties

Sexy Valentines Day bra and panties sets are a a perfect for the girls who want to wear something sexy on Valentines but not too sexy.

There’s nothing sexier for a woman than a garment that gives comfort, confidence and style. You guessed it, we’re talking lingerie!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, ladies it’s time to revamp that lingerie drawer like never before.

From intricate lace and the thrill of frill to racy mesh and sheer slips, we’ve got something in store for everyone. It’s all about picking what you feel comfortable in. Did we mention how you’d like to surprise your partner this Valentine’s?

From one woman to another, here are our picks for the hottest pair of Valentine’s Day bra and panties. Shop away ladies!

Sexy Black Lace Two Piece Valentine’s Day Bra And Panty Set

Slips are back in style

Just when you thought slips are the most underrated garment ever, we’ve got some great news for you. This Valentine’s is all about their comeback. You can opt for underwear or skip it altogether! The fiery backless sheer slip is made of silk, leaving you feeling smooth all night long.

Sheer Mesh Triangle Valentines Day Bra and Panties

Nothing says’ Be Mine’ like this sheet mesh triangular bra. The element of sheer in the bra adds a touch of sexy playfulness. The triangle shaped bra enhances your cups the right way. Pair it up with a matching thong for an added oomph!

Cotton Bralette Set

Cotton bras and underwear are given a major uplift this season. They’re the epitome of elegance mixed with comfort. You can wear them all year round, not just Valentines.

Red Lace Bralette Set

Lace gives lingerie a sexy look like no other. This red lace bralette set is sure to make temperatures rise in the bedroom and on the dance floor. You can get the perfect pair of knickers to match the top too.

Sheer Rose Floral Lace Lingerie Sets

Cotton Racerback Set

Who better to trust for undergarments than Calvin Klien? In case you happen to be celebrating the single life with the girls this year, this cotton racer-back set is sure to be your pick for the season. It comes as a simple cotton bra and matching underpants for that cute look.

Colette Teddy

Keep the mood naughty and nice with this see-through flattering lacey top and low lying honeycomb shorts. You can get it in red to stay in tune for Valentines.

Logo Mesh Bra Valentines Day Bra and Panties

Young girls will love this Tommy Hilfiger design. The matching bra and panties comprise of high waisted briefs and a mesh bra with the Tommy logo imprinted. It’s flirty and fun.

Red Push-Up Bra Set

Valentine’s Day is all about getting the right type of attention with the right type of cleavage. And who doesn’t love a little push up. This red net push up bra comes in a blood red hue with matching panties. Trust us when we say there’s nothing hotter than this!

Sheer Teddy

Who better to trust for lingerie than Victoria’s Secret?  This red translucent lace style baby doll is what male fantasies are made of. It’s the ultimate combo of sexy and sweet.

Sheer Pink Lace Bra And Panty Sets

Matching Red Valentines Day Bra and Panties

How about adding a cheeky spin to Valentines this year with matching fiery red balconette lingerie? The body hugging cheeky panties complement the sexy laced up unlined balconette bra.

Whether you’re on the hunt for something special or need a reason to restyle your inner wardrobe, these sexy lingerie ideas are sure to spice it up this Valentines.

You can turn up the heat or keep it simple. Whatever you do, we know you’ll surely be thanking us later.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Trends for 2018

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Trends for 2018

So it is that time of year where we need to find some new Valentine’s Day lingerie.

With February arrival, we all await the most coveted holiday of the month: Valentine’s Day. A day that celebrates love, Valentine’s Day embraces romance. A special day calls for special measures, perhaps a romantic night out. A romantic date night planned with a special someone calls for something more than just a dinner and a movie. Whether you are trying to rekindle an old flame or spark up a new romance, if there is one thing that will help you do that, it is some sultry lingerie.

Naughty and nice; lingerie is the perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom and get excited. If you are single and ready to mingle, Valentine’s Day may not be your favorite holiday but why make a holiday about anyone else when you can do so for yourself? Empower yourself and feel liberated in your own skin.

Enjoy your body in all its imperfections and flaws and learn to embrace it. Lingerie will only make you feel sexier. This Valentine’s Day, embrace your inner goddess. Treat yourself or your partner to some delicious eye candy with some of our favorite lingerie picks that are perfect for Valentine’s Day (and for basically any other special night). Keeping your personal style in mind, there is something for everyone. Let’s get started.

Layla Lace Bodysuit Sexy Little Black Lingerie

Next to Nothing Valentine’s Day Lingerie

For the risqué and bold, there is nothing sexier than a barely there 2 piece lingerie bikini that allows you to really flaunt your body. Ideally made with silk fabric, this bikini will hug your curvatures and accentuate your assets like nobody’s business. The best part about this piece is that it is incredibly versatile. You can even double duty this one by wearing this under a blazer and live out your runway model fantasies. The perfect mix of chic sophistication and sultry edginess, this style is not one for the faint of heart.

Keep Calm and Wear Silk

Silk is your day-saver fabric for any romantic occasion. When in doubt, a silk Carmeuse bra and panty set is the best to bring in the comfort and passion. You can play with the colors by choosing deep red to candy-colored set that’ll soothe the eyes on you.

Lace and Silk Slip Dress Valentine’s Day Lingerie

If there is a fabric that is almost always associated with sexiness and comfort, it is silk. Silk is a luxurious fabric that hugs your skin in a way that it flatters your curves in the best way possible. A silk charmeuse with lace or net borders complete with an elastic band for fit paired with complimenting underwear is as comfortable as it is appealing. Simple, comfortable and incredibly sexy; what more could a gal ask for?

A Victoria’s secret classic satin slip is impeccable to wear under your Valentine’s Day outfit. You can play safe by opting for the colors like powdered blush, to deep burgundy tones.

Romantic Scarlet Chemises

Your Valentine’s Day wardrobe calls out for the sizzling red hot hues, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Mostly, this is an all-day affair, so chemise is the perfect piece for pairing with your wardrobe. You can go with short silk robe in flirty blush shades or try a scarlet camisole to be included in your Valentine’s Day looks.

Babydoll White Lace Lingerie Sets

Simple and Basic Valentine’s Day Lingerie

This style is known for its “I do not care” vibe. This lingerie style is the cute basic staple item every girl must have. Not intended to please anyone but them, this design, a favorite amongst most ladies comprises of a strappy bra and briefs finished with fine detailing for some added glam. The bra is designed to provide your breast with the right amount of lift whilst being very comfortable and easy to wear.

Shapewear For That Matter

The shapewear is all back with a bang in 2018, this Valentine’s Day, shapewear pieces are better than ever with quixotic details like mesh inserts, lace paneling, and floral cuts. Plus size fashion is trendy since last few years, and it’s not going anywhere. You can get lots of fashionable shaping with sheer, lace, and silk.

Bodysuits for Versatility

This season, stand out with comfortable, easy to wear, and stylish bodysuits. You can wear them with embellished jeans, with skirts, and heels. This seamless, smoothing shapewear has been turned into exotic lingerie option as it can hide a multitude of faulty zones and bring up flawless look in no time.

Bodysuits have become an essential piece of your lingerie drawer and will prove useful under your Valentine’s Day outfit.

Embroidered Black Body Suit Valentine’s Day Lingerie

For a modern sizzling look, you can never go wrong with this beauty. A more genteel, delicate, and luxe Italian black lace body suit with embroidered details will flatter your body like no other. This sizzling version sucks your stomach in and contour your Valentine silhouette with lace paneling. Match it with winged liner, rose lips, and loose locks.

Laid Back Athleisure

Jazz up your everyday atheleisure by adding mesh panels, heart and floral prints, bold and brighter hues, and additional straps. Sporty luxe is the best if you’re into an all-day affair.

Be sporty chic in the most subtle way. Apart of feeling fresh, none can beat the comfort level of the sports bra and brief. Say yes to the 90’s by teaming the laid back set with a nude makeup and wavy locks to showcase your natural beauty.

Sheer and Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie

For those who truly wish to go all out, embrace your inner badass and go sheer. Sheer pieces leave almost nothing to the imagination. There is an explicable element of grace and elegance yet contrasting boldness that sheer fabric brings to the table that makes it stand out all the more. A sheer lace detailed bra paired with scanty panties and maybe a suspender belt set for a hint of naughty are the perfect lingerie set for you if you wish to rekindle the flame. This lingerie will make sure your partner cannot take his eyes off of you.

Sexy Valentines Day Lingerie

Pastel Blush

Keep it sweet and romantic with pinks, pastels and blush tones. Nothing screams feminine more than the trusty old pink hues. Net and lace pink and blush hued lingerie is comparable to frosting on cake. Add some detailing and you have your sprinkles. Look like the hottest birthday cake out there in some deliciously pink panties.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Retro Pin-Up Styles

Retro pin-up style lingerie is ideal for those who love the good old vintage ensemble of a classic satin balconette bra and high-waisted bottoms. Simple yet stark and edgy, pin-up lingerie is the perfect mix of conservative yet modern fashion. Luckily unlike olden times, the bras are not cone shaped but perfect fitting.

Romanticize with Lilac

Colors matter a lot. When everyone’s going red on Valentine, you can go with something different to stand out. Lilac set would give a ‘calm and soothing’ feel to your Valentine’s Day attire by eliciting romance.

Boudoir Ready Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Deep scarlet lace swirls your femininity with peek-a-boo paneling is just perfect to upscale your Valentine’s Day fashion game. Bring in the luscious lace style this Valentine to your boudoir session.

Alarmingly Sexy

Red, hot, and sexy –it’s all about Valentine’s Day; isn’t it? Add more drama with a sizzling fire-engine bra and panty set. Edging with pretty details, the tulle Balconette Bra set will set the fire on by flawlessly highlighting your curves.

Lace and Ribbon

If you love to play it safe, lace and ribbon are guaranteed winners. Some statement colors to play with a sultry black, a deep mysterious maroon, or the minimalist nude beige. Lace and ribbon might sound boring to some but they can go from basic and boring to sexy and exciting in no time by playing with just the simple details.

White Ivory Lace Bodysuit

Bows and Buttons For Your Valentine’s Day Lingerie

For the girl who loves a good bow every now and then, try to seal things in your lingerie with a bow once in a while. Lace is a delicious fabric on its own. If you wish to look like a present just waiting to get unwrapped, switch things up by getting a little bow detailing on your bra and underwear. Simple, elegant, and classy; this style is perfect for the reserved shy girl who is just waiting to bloom and blossom out of her comfort zone.

Playsuit Fun Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Two pieces can be quite intimidating for those who are a little shy. Playsuits are perfect for those who are first timers or just struggle with some body image issues or are simply shy. Playsuits are just as comfortable as they are sexy. They hug your torso in the most flattering way possible and look effortlessly chic on all body types. Playsuits are almost always a concoction of different fabrics; the most popular pairing is that of jersey with a sheer tulle or net bra with intricate detailing. Just the right amount of flirty and sexy; playsuits are the chic lingerie item every girl needs.

Traditionally Chic Valentine’s Day Lingerie

White lace is a hit or miss for many. Often compared to something that your grandmother would wear, traditional lace cuts are ignored by many when browsing through the racks. The trends however, suggest otherwise. White traditional crochet lace lingerie is just as sexy today as it was 50 years ago. Sweet, innocent and feminine, crochet and lace adds an element of concealed sexiness to your lingerie which makes it all the more exciting.

Sexy White Bra And Panty Sets For Valentines Day

Bare and Backless

Tired of the same boring two piece lingerie? Try to switch things up by going backless. Backless lingerie can be worn under your favorite backless top and manage to provide excellent support to your bust thanks to the high-waisted cut. The deep set back is ideal for showing off your sexy shoulder blades and getting things hot and heavy. Often paired with a lace or net bra that leaves almost nothing to imagination but is enough to make the peekaboo element stand out; backless numbers are a must have in every girl’s lingerie arsenal.

Valentine’s Day Lingerie For The Naughty and Wild

For the wild daredevil, there is no limit. Be as creative and your heart desires. Think: animal prints, faux fur detailing, cut out raunchiness, scanty straps, bondage cuts, and what not. If you are ready to let yourself go all out on Valentine’s Day then you do you. Let your inner sex goddess take over and reign supreme. Role play if you have to because it’s Valentine’s Day. Each of these wild and naughty styles is guaranteed to get your partner in the mood for a long night of fun.

Breathe life into your wildest fantasies and indulge into pleasure. Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates romance. Get with the trend.

Top 10 Little Red Dress Styles to Celebrate Romance this Valentine’s Day

Little Red Dress

Top 10 Little Red Dress Styles to Celebrate Romance this Valentine’s Day

An essential to any Valentine’s Day date is a little red dress.

It’s the season of love and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, ladies it’s time to up your style game with these sizzling little red Valentine dresses.

Whether you’re planning on cuddling up at home or dancing the night away at the club, we’ve got something in store for everyone.

You guessed it! We’ve searched left and right for the perfect blend of this season’s trendiest dresses. From slender and sexy to short and sweet, you’ll be slaying date night with these effortless looks.

Red Silk Stretch Cocktail Dress

Relentlessly Enduring Wrap Little Red Dress

For that fabulous date night look, why not turn things up with this body-hugging wrap style dress. Embellished with just the right amount of detail, this red satin dress says be mine like no other.

Floral Printed Red Dress

Date night is all about being flirty and fun. This red floral printed dress manages to do that in an effortless manner. The flounce sleeves with sash tie closing the waist give you the ideal bodice fit.

Wine Red Bodycon Dress

Every guy’s heart is sure to melt with this stunning bodycon dress. The wine red color is a graceful act. It’s cute and whimsical, bringing back retro vibes with all its embellishments.

High Fashion Little Red Dresses

Classic Red A-line Dress Little Red Dress

Nothing screams I love you better than this classic red hued dress. The A-line cut accentuates your curves the right way. You can play it fancy by pairing it with black stilettos and gold hoop earrings.

Ruffle Detailed Red Mini Dress

If you like doing things a little differently when it comes to fashion, this outfit is for you. It takes on a playful spin to the classic mini dress with its ruffle detailing.

Chic Satin Red Slip Dress

This chic satin red slip dress adds an aura of romance in the air. We’re talking sleek and sexy. You can pull the outfit together with a faux fur jacket and matching boots.

Off Shoulder Red Lace Mini Dress

For a trendy look on Valentine’s, this red lace dress is everything. Flared sleeves and delicate necklines add a special touch. You’ll be setting the dance floor on fire with this body-hugging fit.

2 Toned Wrap-Style Little Red Dress

If you can’t decide which shade of red looks best, why not incorporate both of them. Bright blood red contrasts with the maroon red well. Wrap design adds an element of sexy playfulness. We guarantee you’ll be getting the right kind of attention that night.

Mini Velvet Little Red Dress

Turn up the heat at dinner with this velvet mini dress. The apron neckline with scallop detailing gives an edge. Its slender touch is sure to pack a punch in the softest of hearts.

Little Red Sweetheart Cocktail Dresses

Cold Shoulder Red Tulip Dress

Steal the limelight on your romantic date for two using this gorgeous tulip little red dress. The cold shoulder top will work to flaunt that stunning shoulder line. Take your ensemble to a whole new level with the addition of faux fur and ankle strap sandals.

There’s no better way to begin Valentine’s Day this year than with a bang. And these blazing little red Valentine dresses will get you the affection and praise you deserve. Remember ladies, whatever you wear, wear it with sheer grace and confidence. After all, there’s no turning back on fashion and love.

12 Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses

 Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses

12 Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses; The Styles to fall in Love with This Year

We know how hard it is to find that perfect dress to wear on Valentine’s Day so we laid out some of our favorite trendy Valentine’s Day dresses perfect for that special date.

February is here and that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; a day that celebrates love and romance. If you are planning to spend a romantic evening with a special someone or simply going out to celebrate singlehood with your girl squad with a fun night out, it is okay to go that extra mile for the ultimate date night. While reds and pinks generally dominate the scene, deep sensual earthy toned hues or a clean and crisp black and white looks work just as well if not better.

If you are a gal who loves vibrant colors then wear color; nothing and no one is stopping you from being yourself. Regardless of what you have planned for the night, just make sure you do it in style. Whether it is red, pink, blush tones, or black, find your Valentine’s Day fashion inspiration by looking at some of our favorite picks this season.

Flirty and Floral Ruffle Dress

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, floral prints set just the right tone by being fun yet elegant and sophisticated. Ruffles add the perfect hint of flirty casual fun to your outlook. Pair your dress with a bag, a pair of ankle boots and minimal jewelry to let the dress speak for itself.

Red Valentine’s Day Open Maxi Dress

Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses – Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are just the right amount of sexy. They hug your curves in the best possible way and show just enough skin to look sexy but not raunchy. A deep maroon velvet wrap dress for instance, needs nothing more than a bold lip to complement the ensemble along with a pair of strappy sandals and simple stud or hoop earrings.

Leather Rebel

Ditch the dress and go for the ultimate badass look by putting on some leather. Denim is generally a little too casual for some people’s preference so your next best option is to switch it up with some badass leather. Try leather pants, a jacket, a top, or maybe even a dress. Incorporating leather in your ensemble is the rebellious move everyone must make at least once in their lifetime. Pair your leather component with something like lace or silk for that perfect contrasting look. Add on your favorite black accessories for that iconic sultry look.

Delve into Velvet

If there is one fabric that is a must on the list of sultriest and sexiest fabrics of all time, it has to be velvet. Soft, regal, and gorgeous; velvet is more than just a fabric that is pleasing to the eyes. If is just as comfortable as it is beautiful. Velvet hugs your curves in the best way possible when worn as a form fitting dress, a flowing dress, or a loose fitting top. Velvet creates the most gorgeous silhouette by draping down your shoulders with effortless ease that you cannot help but check yourself out every time you come face to face with a mirror.

Velvet does all the talking for itself so you really do not need much to pair with it in order to complete the look. A pair of statement earrings and some classic neutral hued heels are all that you will need and you are really to look like you are about to walk the red carpet.

Sexy Black Spaghetti Strap Little Black Dress

Lace Elegance

Lace has to be the most romantic of them all. It’s simple, classy, elegant, sweet, and subtle; just the kind of vibe you would want for a romantic Valentine’s Day look. Lace works wonderfully on just about every color but our personal favorite have to be blush toned hues. Together they make the perfect marriage of sweet and sexy.

Pick a fun and flirty cut with a bust hugging top and loose flowing knee length skirt underneath; or perhaps opt for something more conservative like a full sleeved number with a loose silhouette for the ultimate boho inspired look. All you need to complete your look is some minimalistic jewelry and a pair of your favorite strappy sandals.

Faux Fur Chic

Faux fur screams money and class. It’s sultry, elegant, sophisticated and slightly mysterious which adds a whole new element to the look. Faux fur coats are absolutely drool worthy and they alone can take your look from basic to badass in a moment’s notice. Drape your faux fur jacket over a plain black pair of pants and a plain black tank top. Finish the look with your favorite ankle boots and simple hoot earrings and you are ready.

Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses – Backless Sultry Glam

If you want to keep things simple and classy yet still incorporate a hint of sexy to your look, the best way to show off some skin is to go backless. It’s like they say, “business in the front, party at the back”. Backless dresses are versatile, effortless, and easy. You need nothing other than a pair of your favorite heels and some drop earrings to complete your ensemble. A backless cowl detail is also really chic and sexy.

Open Back Black Little Maxi Dress

Pants Over Dresses

Why wear a dress when you can wear pants. Dresses are beautiful but they can get boring and monotonous. Not to forget they are not the most comfortable either. You are already out on a date; the last thing you need to be nervous about is your dress and any wardrobe malfunction concerns. Pants are your best friend if you love to keep it clean, simple, and sophisticated yet super comfortable. Steer clear of your everyday boring work wear.

Play with a little color; perhaps red. Red pleated pants or a red tailored suit screams bold and badass. A suit screams power, independence, and class. You need nothing more to complete your look with a pair of red pants other than a clean bold lip color, minimalist stud earrings and some heels.

Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses – The Mix and Match of Color Play

If you cannot pick one color, play with two or three. Do not be afraid to be yourself. If you wish to wear something solemn and gothic such as black, by all means go ahead. If you wish to look like a walking talking rainbow, by all means go ahead. Just remember to never overdo it because all things work best in moderation.

Pair an all-black ensemble with a pop of color; a pair of colored heels, some statement earrings, or something even more subtle as your eyeshadow. Similarly, for a bright and vibrant colored outfit, you don’t need much to make it stand out. Let it do all the talking by pairing your dress with neutral or nude hued shoes and accessories.

Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses – Shirt Dress For Casual Fun

Shirt dresses are so underrated. Pair them with something simple like a chunky belt and you will see for yourself how they just stand out in a crowd. Wear your favorite ankle boots with them or strappy sandals; whichever one you prefer, and finish the look with some chandelier or drop earrings.

Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses – The Devil Is In The Details

Your dress does not always have to be extra from top to bottom. All you need is one component to make it all stand out. For instance, a statement neckline is enough to make an outfit memorable. Minimal embellishments, cowl necks, choker necklines or deep sultry V-necks, each of these looks speak for themselves.

Similarly, play with different types of sleeves. Keep them long, short, strapless, cold shoulder, off shoulder, cutout, bell shaped, and what not. Stick to one component and perfect that only to make the ultimate statement.

A Stunningly Strapped Olive Khaki Dress

Trendy Valentine’s Day Dresses – Casual Chic

There are some amongst us who are willing to go the extra mile. They love to dress up, try the most and look their absolute best. Some amongst us, however, would kill for a simple casual outfit and just call it a day. Comfort over everything. For the ultimate casual chic look, all you need is an oversize sweater. On oversize sweater is every lazy girl’s go-to. It can be worn over a pair of skinny jeans along with some ankle boots and simple jewelry or it can be worn as a dress.

Sweater dresses are all the rage this season. They are comfortable, simple, statement, and show just enough skin to look sultry and sexy. They key to nailing the casual chic look is to keep it basic. Allow yourself to be comfortable and you will look beautiful naturally.

Final Words

Embrace the spirit of romance in the air and tell the special someone how you feel. It does not have to be a significant other; it could be a friend or family member too. Just remember to remind them what they mean to you because life is short. This year, slay all your haters away by donning these head turning outfits. Hopefully these trendy Valentine’s day dresses have given you an answer to that age old question “What Should I Wear?!?!”.

Valentine’s Day is specifically lovebirds’ favorite holiday but it’s a holiday nonetheless and thus, a reason to be happy and celebrate. Whether you are single or taken, it is most important to love yourself the most. Make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet. Share your pick on trendy Valentine’s Day dress, we’d love to hear from you!

Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses

Here’s What You Could Do with Wrap Dresses in Your Life

Shopping for wrap dresses is one of the true joys in my life. An initial couple of winter weeks give an illusion of new boots and cozy knits in our minds. However, we assure you to keep the absolute most transitional dress in the continuous rotation before transforming your closet into heavier which is none other than the versatile wrap dress. In addition to this it is age-less and goes in all events, it is season-less and goes effectively from day to night and summer to fall.

Not a single dress can without much of a stretch achieve what the wrap dress has. Made by top fashion designer Diane Von Frutenburg around the 70s, the awesome wrap dress highlights a tie midriff, A-line skirt and v-neckline. That is why the wrap dresses are prominent and have the knack of being a most flattering-figure option.

Let’s discuss how and when to wear a wrap dress so that a fantastic figure may be achieved.

Elegant Light Pink Women’s Wrap Dress

Think in Layers

The most successful trick for properly translating this classic dress is by thinking in different layers. Try it with cropped jeans, slim bodysuit and silk kimono to blow a new life. The look may be elevated with a pair of great heels like strappy sandals and sturdy boots in challenging climate moods. For going into the cocktail territory, we advice to pair it with lacy slip and on top is shirted style.

With a Jacket

Layer your wrap dress in a jacket or cardigan to accomplish true fall look. The best part of the wrap dress is that it is wearable at almost anywhere. Style it on work, dress it down or up with accessories and wear it on a date. This versatile piece looks great even on your travel expedition. Moreover, it is easy to pack and extremely lightweight travel. The comfort of wrap dress is unquestionable as it is usually made out of rayon blend or jersey silk.

Best way to look classy and alluring

Chiffon Light Pink Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is the only dress on the planet that will give a flattering look to your figure even if you carry some extra pounds. The stylish drapes of it will provide you with a sculpted look and make you appear 10 pounds lighter. If you wish to look extra sleek and slim, go for a solid color dress in dark shades like black.

With Jewelry

You will get compliments while wearing wrap dress but if you want to gains some more, flash some jewelry with it. A short necklace or a long works perfectly with it. The v-neckline of the wrap dress elongates your neck and magically works with both large and small bust sizes. Wear glittering cuffs or bracelets especially when your sleeve length is ¾. Wear this look in dine outs and cocktail parties.

Boho Look

To achieve a boho look in a wrap dress style it with a hat and knit cross-body bag. A big hat looks great on a solid color wrap dress. Booties also play a vital role, and a slight heel makes it all more boho-ish. Couple it with flashy little jewelry and your wrap dress boho look is done. You can carry this look while travelling, friend’s day out and also in themed parties.

Stunning Black Maxi Dresses

Bottom Line

The best advice from our side is: when in doubt go for a wrap dress. That true! Nothing in the universe flatters you like a wrap dress.

Decorating with Rustic Country Home Decor

Decorating with Rustic Country Home Decor

Decorating with Rustic Country Home Decor

There’s just something heartwarming and charming about the idea of rustic country home decor. It’s no surprise that many interior design concepts of today are slowly bringing back the charm of the good old world and blending them beautifully with modern design.

If you’re tired of the simple contemporary look and are part of those who prefer their homes to have a dash of country and a dash of chic, we’ve got some great news for you.

Our list of décor inspiration will surely give you the perfect modern rustic touch to your living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and outdoors. Here are few awesome rustic country decor ideas for your love nest.

Rustic Country Home Decor For The Living Room

Burlap Window Treatments, Curtains, living room decor, bedroom curtains, burlap

With rustic styles getting trendier by the day, why not incorporate some rustic country vibes into your living room. We’ve gathered some of the best ideas that are sure to bring that inviting feel to your home.

  1. Texture makes all the difference- A great way to begin is by mixing and matching different textures. Be it the incorporation of bricks on the wall, a wooden floor or a natural stone fire place; make sure the contrast blends well together.
  2. Soft sectional sofa- To help make your living room more cozy and comforting, why not get the perfect soft sectional sofa. It acts as a wonderful spot for relaxing and the presence of numerous pillows allows family members or guests to lie around or sit with ease.
  3. Light it up- Every living room desires for a center piece and the perfect homey yet modern rustic vibe can be gathered via a pendant light, rustic curtains or windows that allow light to peak in.
  4. Rustic tables- Another wonderful centerpiece for a rustic living room could be pairing two unique tables together. One could be made of industrial metal while the other could be of log or old wood. Guests will surely be intrigued.
  5. Accessorize the rustic way- Whether it’s a soft rug, handmade pottery pieces, woodland themed pillows or woolen throws, you can accessorize just the way you like it.

Rustic Country Home Decor For The Dining Room

Live Edge Table, Live Edge Dining Table, Wood Slab Boardroom Tables, Conference Tables

If you prefer the winning combination of vintage, industrial and a touch of modern rustic feels, our stunning dining room ideas will leave you in awe. It’s all about simplicity with classic country design and you can add the right amount of warmth to your dining space.

  1. Statement is the way to go- The first thing that comes to mind when you thing of the dining room is obviously the dining table with all its chairs. Go the classic way. You should think along the lines of clean cut farm tables or up-cycled pieces made from wood that has been re-crafted. Once your table is ready, why not replace chairs with some wooden benches or add a dash of color with blue armchairs.
  2. Everything natural- The rustic approach is all about being natural. From wooden surface to the use of bamboo and wicker, you choose what you love most. Did we mention the use of a farmhouse inspired wooden fire place is so inviting.
  3. Think out of the box- Learn to add center pieces, decorations and accessories that go in line with your room’s theme. Homemade artwork, woven baskets, antique mirrors and even old school stoneware items will lift your dining room with a personality of its own.
  4. Simple lighting- A room’s lighting is known to lift its atmosphere like no other. Keep a balance between artificial and natural light. Don’t forget to add aura to the dining room with glass windows, center piece light fixtures and high ceilings.
  5. Timeless doorways- The use of barn doors, whether they’re fixed or sliding, have become popular in many modern day dining room designs of today. Shape your room’s entrance with this wooden door and watch your dining room transform into a timeless classic.

Rustic Country Home Decor For The Bathroom

Vintage Soap & Water Sign/Shabby Chic/Home Decor/Rustic Sign/Bathroom Decor/Wall Art/Wooden Sign/Hand painted/Gift for Her/Christmas Gift

In case you’re on the lookout for some cottage style rustic décor ideas for your bathroom, these country inspired combos are sure to do the trick.

  1. Get into the valley spirit- Take your vanity to a whole new level by getting it designed in new oak wood with metal brush scrapings for those rustic vibes. With dark colored wood cabinets, countertops made of soapstone and beige tiles everywhere, that mountain side appeal is sure to come.
  2. Aged beauty- Turn your years old antique cabinet into a rustic themed vanity for the perfect bathroom center piece. Use pendant lights to illuminate the room alongside darkly stained countertops made of concrete. For the ultimate cottage like atmosphere, don’t forget to add lots of white touches and subway tiles to the room.
  3. Vintage reflection- Sunny yellow colored walls scream for attention but when they’re paired alongside a classic looking pedestal tub and beautiful artwork, the view is serene. A dash of wood flooring with tall baseboards adds a unique touch and so does a country inspired stool with antique rug.
  4. Rural Illusion- When you’ve got a mix of country and cottage, you know you’re in for a treat. Give cottage style a modern twist with black colored wainscoting and tiled floor. The rural rendering add something special and so does the antique chair with a collection of canning jar.
  5. Ski slope inspiration- The pebble tiled floor screams Sacramento with its alcove shower head and mild toned wooden cabinets. Keeping the walls beige and playing along the nude toned color scheme adds a relaxing feel to this bathroom. Did we mention the wonder shaker cabinets with the under-mount located sink?

Rustic Country Home Decor For The Kitchen

Wooden ladle, kitchen utensil, kitchen, gift for her, gift for him, wedding gift

There are no limits to decorating ideas for a cozy kitchen. From painted cabinets to rustic stoned floors, you can give your kitchen the ultimate mix of countryside and chic.

  1. Ranch like feels- Addition of a farmhouse sink will add a unique feel to the kitchen’s interior. Dark brown colored kitchen cabinets with a rustic brown colored floor blend beautifully together. The paneled appliances are another great addition to this modern kitchen with a hint of gray colored backsplash.
  2. Let the light in- There’s nothing more homely than a kitchen with lots of natural light entering. Allow sunlight to enter in through a pair of clerestory windows. Don’t forget to add extra light via the backless glass cabinets standing in front of the windows. Add some extra finesse using hanging country inspired pendant lamps.
  3. Breath of solitude- Open style cabinets screams countryside all the way. Add a customized wooden hood with some open style shelves to blend in with the kitchen’s theme. Turn a traditional antique table into your kitchen island and arrange kitchen stools around it for that modern feel. The farm sink is again another great feature.
  4. Eclectic kitchen vibes- This is all about rustic beams with a vibrant kitchen island. The floor can be made using concrete with chips of glass, shell and abalone being embedded. Stainless steel appliances add a Vikings approach and the antique chandelier ties everything so well together.
  5. Inversion at its best- The concept of inverted lampshades hanging from the ceiling and a dramatic kitchen hood is something we’re sure you’ve never seen. The uniquely angled ceiling fixtures work to liven up the kitchen like no other. To complete the cottage appeal, a lot of white has been utilized.

Rustic Country Home Decor For The Outdoors

Porch Swing Chair Or Porch Swing Bed

Everyone loves to stay outdoors no matter what season it may be. For this reason, decorating your porch, patio or garden with a rustic yet luxurious approach is what many consider appealing.

  1. Heartwarming farmhouse appeal- Turn the outdoors into a room filled with vibrant flowers in nude containers, hand woven rugs, sofas, antique furniture and some lamps. Don’t forget the coral adorned pillows for that comfort filled feeling.
  2. Open air dining room- If you love the outdoors, you’ll love this setting. Set up the perfect candle light meal in an outdoor setting with chairs made of shapely wicker. Guests will find the utmost comfort. Surround the table with handmade pottery containing fresh green plants.
  3. A little bit of Southern style inspiration- Outdoor ceiling fans on your porch are a tradition borrowed from the Southern side. The grand porch area is spacious with lots of whites here and there. The vibrant blue ceiling helps to blend all the white well together. With wicker chairs remotely scattered, guests will love hanging out in your Southern style outdoor area.
  4. Stunning patio- Wouldn’t it be a dream to have the ultimate breakfast patio? All you need are some French café inspired chairs, a table composed of stone and some antique style dishes. The pebbled floor adds that rustic touch and boy is it beautiful.
  5. Rustic themed accessories- The greatest way to give your outdoor that cozy rustic atmosphere is by making use of some fabulous accessories. Examples include an ancient inspired teak table, bamboo chairs and an adjustable chandelier. Since getting a fireplace to the outdoors isn’t convenient for most people, how about adding a fire bowl or fire pit so guests can enjoy those cold winter nights.

Turn your house into a beautiful marriage of rustic country home decor yet use chic and cozy influences that give your house a feeling that it is truly a home. There’s nothing more inviting than utilizing your space to the best of your ability.

Cold Shoulder Dress

Cold Shoulder Dress

Cold Shoulder Dress: The Trending Outfit for Modern Women

Cold shoulder dress are hot and last year was all about the cold shoulder; not literally. The cold shoulder top trend swept everyone off their feet with its risqué yet charming outlook. But what is all the hype about? How is this trend any different than that of the regular off-the-shoulder top?

Well, this one gives you more support and thus more comfort and ease. With cold shoulder tops, there are no chances of wardrobe malfunction. It the perfect way to show off your arms without revealing too much, thus making it just right. It is the perfect blend of flirtatious femininity and bold edgy glam. What’s not to love about it?

Let’s walk you through some of this season’s top cold shoulder top designs that can be rocked anywhere at any time.

Evening Gown / Formal Dress / Prom Dress / Chic Dress / Black Dress / Maxi Dresses / Unique Dress / Marcellamoda


The biggest trend of 2017; cutouts dominated on and off the runways because it is universally flattering, incredibly versatile, flirty, fun, and ridiculously comfortable to carry. It is the best way to show some skin without making it look even the slightest bit trashy. A cutout cold shoulder top or dress can be paired with just about anything.

A casual cutout tee can be worn with a cute pair of embroidered denim shorts or jeans and a pair of sneakers. Similarly, a cutout shoulder dress makes a statement of its own. All you need to complete the look is a jacket in case it gets drafty and a pair of cute strappy sandals or heels.

White Off the Shoulder with Flared Sleeves, Tie and Trim Detail


A little more risqué than the afore-mentioned cutout cold shoulder top trend, the off-shoulder top trend is a stranger to no one. Edgy and statement yet fun and flirty, off-shoulder tops are real head turners. The perfect way to make your collar bones, neck and shoulder snag all the attention, the off-shoulder top creates a silhouette that highlights your bone structure like no other.

A statement on its own, there is really nothing that you need to make an off-shoulder top stand out more than it already does. For an off-shoulder dress, just put on your favorite strappy sandals, ankle boots or stilettos for formal picks. All an off shoulder top needs is a cute pair of jeans and some sneakers or sandals and you are ready to take on the world.

Off Shoulder/Trendy Summer dress/Resort wear/Beach wear/Short Fashion dress

Barely There Strap

Barely there spaghetti straps are the definition of sweet and sexy. Inspired by bohemian style, these tops are very relaxed and free flowing. They drape the shoulders in the most effortless manner casually highlighting your décolletage area whilst being very feminine and sophisticated. Barely there spaghetti strap dresses work best on their own when simply paired with a pair of heels.

As for the tops, pair them with anything ranging from a colorful floral maxi skirt, some embroidered denims, or a funky pair of shorts along with some sandals and you are ready to look like a bohemian princess.

Off Shoulder,Off Shoulder Midi,Ruffle Off Shoulder,Bare Shoulder Midi,Pink Floral Midi,Blue Midi,Bodycon Floral Midi,Knee Length Dress

Final Words

Cold shoulder tops is not a trend for the week but all that matters is that you let your personal style reflect through it. What’s your take on cold shoulder dress? Pour in your ideas through comments.